DESERT NEAR THE END (for Terroraiser 60/2014)

terroraiser 4 2014Группы из Греции всегда выделялись своим нестандартным подходом, хотя в большей степени это касается групп, так или иначе связанных с black metal. Однако и в других металлических стилях есть интересные коллективы. В более классическом power metal с некоторой долей трэша стоит, например, обратить внимание на DESERT NEAR THE END, чей новый альбом наверняка порадует фэнов такой музыки. Поэтому и мы не стали игнорировать эту команду.

Interview was prepared by Thrasnmentor (for Terroraiser 60/2014)


I think it would be good if you would sum up your band's biography and line-up. In what bands did you play before starting DESERT NEAR THE END?
Alexandros and me started the the band back in 1998 under the name Eventide and we pushed mostly as a studio band for several years. After the completion of our first (and still un-releashed) album we decided that a change was needed both in name and in musical direction. We choose the name Desert Near The End because it symbolizes our vision in both music and lyrics and we began slowly to built the song that would form our debut “A Crimson Dawn” which we issued as a self-financed release in 2011. Then we felt ready to hit the stage again so a complete line-up was needed, Thanos(guitar) joined the band in 2012 and since then we’ve played many shows inside Greece and abroad. As in the same time “Hunt For The Sun” was completed.

Hellenic Metal scene has a load of strong bands, but a lot tend to do dark metal music like Rotting Christ or Septicflesh. What is it so attractive for you in Power/Thrash Metal that made you play this type of music? . What do you think were the most important bands or albums that influenced you in the very beginning?
Yes we have many great bands and I personally consider Rotting Christ as a big influence and one of my favourite bands but let’s face it nowdays the thing that seperates the bands we call dark or “extreme” from others is mostly the vocals. We consider our music to be heavy and dark but we insist on using clean vocals, aggressive but clean! And when we speak about darkness in metal music I personally can’t think many thinks darker than “Burnt Offerings” for example. And to answer the last part of your question we grew up with bands like Iced Earth and Blind Guardian in the mid90’s and when you built your core around some things you cannot left them behind no matter how far your music path will take you.

Congratulations of the new DESERT NEAR THE END album, "Hunt For The Sun". Did this release fullfill your expectations?
Thank you! Yes I think that “Hunt for the Sun” is perfect for what it is : the second chapter in our path across the desert as we like to call it and it summarize everything we stood for at the moment of it’s birth. There are always things you’d like to change when you look back but it was the best we could afford production-wise and it’s a step further from our debut and a doorway for the next chapter in our journey.

"Hunt For The Sun" came up with a lyrical concept, right? Would you mind telling us about it in a few words?
“Hunt For The Sun” cannot stand alone it’s the second part of a story that will be concluded in our third album. In a very few words it’s the symbolic story of a man who tries to find himself in the face of the sun. So he renounces the burning star in the sky as not his sun and embarks on a quest to find the real sun the one who guides and not only blinds. We follow him on his journey from the shores of the sea to the deepest desert under a sun that never sets and from there through a passage of time in the heart of the sun where in flames as a burning star himself he is lost. But his trail remains as guide and promise for every man... And there “Hunt For The Sun” ends with a promise of return because all story moves around of the idea that if something is held deep in your heart may be forgotten but not lost and may rise again.

Your previous album “A Crimson Dawn” was released in 2011. How do you look back on " A Crimson Dawn "? How would you summarize your development as a band from that album up to now? What has improved, changed?
“A Crimson Dawn” was a big success for us, not commercially of course but on an artistic level. We managed to have the exact sound that we wanted and we were able to give this earthly feel to the songs, to make them smell soil if we can say this for music. We used three bass guitars on the album two distorted and one clean along with the rythm guitars and it was very difficult to find the correct balance but we succeed and I really love the sound of this album. As for the “Hunt for the Sun” it’s a big step forward we were more focused on the songwriting and we wanted to lead the music in a certain place. Where in “A Crimson Dawn” we followed the music now it’s the other way around. That’s why the album sounds more determined and more driven, we knew exactly where we wanted to go. I can’t say we’ve found our sound on this album because every album has it’s unique sound and feel but certainly we have the correct direction.

As I know you shared the stage with many bands in 2013 and 2014 promoting ‘’A Crimson Dawn’’. With what bands did you play? Since you toured so much last year and this year, are there any cool stories that happened and that you’d like to tell about?
It was a great period and every show was special, especially for me and Alexandros because we were so many years buried in the studio and the opportunity to communicate our songs was a dream come true. We played with many bands all these months, and just to mention a few we played with a great band from Cyprus BLYND with WOLFHEART from Finland and we also made our first tour with MEMORAIN and INSIDEAD in Russia. We also had the chance to play with PRIMORDIAL in Athens one of our favorite bands and another dream come true. As long for cool stories the most memorable but not very cool at the time was when we lost passports and visas in Moscow on the last day of the tour and stack there but we survived somehow.

What are your concrete plans for the near future?
First of all we want to complete our first video clip for the opener track of the album: the song “Storm on my side” . Then the ongoing and constant plan is to play as many shows as possible and of course always creating new music, new paths across the desert.


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