DIVINE WEEP (for Necromance #1/2017)

necromance117DIVINE WEEP son una formación que nos llega desde tierras polacas y que nos trae un sonido en el que podemos apreciar influencias de bandas como HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST… El año pasado editaron “Tears of the ages” y ahora los tenemos en Necromance para que nos hablen de dicho trabajo.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz (for Necromance Digital Magazine)


Hello and welcome to Necromance Digital Magazine pages; Could you present the band to the readers?
Divine Weep is a Polish heavy metal band formed in 1995 and created originally as a black metal band. We have been playing heavy metal since 2005. In 2015 we relased a new album "Tears of the Ages".

The signature of DIVINE WEEP is a mixture of Heavy metal and power metal in the vein of IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN, JUDAS PRIEST…. Tell us a little bit about how the band has developed this identity.
The only members of the original Divine Weep line up are the leading guitarist and the drummer. Due to the shift in their music interests and greater maturity, when reactivating the band, they decided to follow the heavy metal genre in their new creations. They were also influenced by their interest in the fantasy genre, especially RPG games and films. These days there are also TV series.

Your last album has been "Tears of the ages", how has it worked and what have been the response of the fans and the specialized press?
We knew we were working on a good album but the media ratings were above our expectations. For now, we have only had positive feedback and the average ratings are around 8/10. The fans' response was also very positive. We are very proud of that. It encourages us to work more and set our standards even higher. At the moment we are beginning to prepare for a new album. In spring 2017 we are going to present our new single.

What can fans expect that they have not checked it yet?
„Tears of the Ages” contains music that had grown on us for several years. It comprises a lot of traditional heavy metal pieces and some subtle power metal tunes. All metal fans can expect some high quality heavy metal, both on our album as well as during our live performances.

Is there any concept behind "Tears of the ages"?
The music and lyrics on '”Tears of the Ages” are connected with our interest in fantasy. That is where the power metal tunes come from as well. The album is not fully a concept one but it composes one coherent unity.

How would you describe the cover regarding the content of the album?
The cover has been created by a famous Polish designer ,Piotr Szafraniec. He managed to achieve exactly what we wanted and dreamed of in one go, basing on our descriptions. The project is really detailed and colourful. It's made a great impression on us and the fans seem to like it as well.

What is the song you like most on “Tears of the ages”? What was the most complicated to record in the studio?
Each of us probably has his favorites, but there are a few leading songs, especially The Mentor. Personally, I really like Imperious Blade because it is the first piece I learnt when I joined the band. A lot of people seem to like Never ending path and Day of revenge. One of the frequently mentioned pieces in also Fading Glow. Our recording work ran really smoothly with no complications so it is hard to say which parts were most complicated. We worked with the people who knew us well and realized what we expected. There are probably some single elements that could have been done a bit better but generally, I think we did really well.

How was the composition process of the album? Who is mainly responsible for composing the songs?
Half of the pieces come from demo 2010 and EP "Age of the Immortal". Those songs had been ready before our current line up was formed. Then there were some minor changes as the songs grew on us. The other pieces were composed during rehearsals in the most traditional way – basing on motifs. The main composer in our band is Bartek Kosacki, which we are really happy about as we think he has a great gift for that. We usually add some ideas to his base structures during the rehearsals and this way we compose the whole piece.divineweepnecromance

If you could choose 3 bands to go on tour, what would they be?
We really wanted to play with Hammerfall this year. Unfortunately, in Poland there is rarely place for domestic supports. We don't have our favorites but it is always extremely nice to play with great names. We hope you are going to see us playing with many more.

How do you see the current metal scene and where do you think it is headed?
The metal scene is, in my opinion, in great condition. There are plenty of bands – young ones as well - presenting really good standards. Probably, there won't be many cult names like Metallica or Iron Maiden anymore, but we will probably see a comeback of many genres. I think heavy metal or trash metal are a good example here. The market return of vinyls is also something I feel positive about. Music is not only listened to in digital formats and downloaded from the Net, but more and more people decide to experience greater quality by means of CDs and vinyls.

Any bands or releases that caught your attention lately?
In our band we recently observe the return to traditional thrash metal, we tend to listen to old classics, like Death, Sepultura or Testament. Personally, I'm deeply impressed with Testament's music and Bartek Kosacki with Death's. I'm generally really happy that all of us listen a lot to music because not only metal music influences composion. Many renowned metal musicians were inspired by classical music, so I also recommend getting to know some Bach's or Beethoven's pieces.

Anything you would like to add to end the interview?
You are very welcome to get to know and to listen to our music. Fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Helloween should enjoy our album “Tears of the Ages”. Do like our fb page (facebook.com/divineweep) and get ready for our new single and video which are going to appear in the Net in spring. In March we begin our concert tour and we intend to play in 12 big cities in Poland. All Polish – and not only - fans are invited! In summer we hope to play at some foreign festivals so keep following our news! Thank you for the interview.



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