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Welcome to Necromance Digital Magazine. Since it's your first time on our webzine, let's start by introducing the band and its members to our readers.
Andriy “Andrik” Yaremenko: Hello! We are Hesperion band from Ukraine. Our history started in Irpin (Kyiv suburb). I don’t want to overload readers with tons of boring information, so, will tell a short story. Alhough the band exists more than 10 years, we decided to specify a band’s birth year in 2014, when we changed a genre and name. Currently our line up is:
Gulnara Asanova - keyboards
Oleg “Gera” Gerasko - bass, back-vocal, vocals (earlier)
Vitaliy Kozubov - vocals
Denis “Den” Buslenko - guitars
Yurii Petrishe - drums
and me - Andriy “Andrik” Yaremenkp - guitars.
Also we have a band manager - Dmytro Korniienko, who became a full member of our band.
We are not professional musicians, we just like to create and play music together.

What’s your best and worst habit as a band?
Andrik: Interesting question… Let me start from the worst one.
It is, indeed, a massive celebration [with alcohol, of course - Dmytro’s comment :)] after performing any quite big (in our opinion) gig. Usually it is hard to gather everyone after such celebration on rehearsals as well as ask others to work on a new material for weeks. We are relaxing instead or working on mistakes and wasting too much time.
The best habit… I think it is to be on non-music related activities together too :)
Denis “Den” Buslenko: The coolest thing is that we like to play together. Can’t say about bad habits.

What can you tell us about HESPERION's creative process: how do you come up with your songs?
Andrik: It varies. Sometimes a sing starts from lyrics, sometimes from a melody, sometimes from an idea.
Overall, Gera or I create a part of a song or a “raw” composition (with or without lyrics). Then joins the rest of the band members and we starting to impove it.
Den: Usually it is a long process. We have a few new compositions in a parallel which we are working on simultaneously. Everything starts with music, somebody comes to a rehearsal and says “guys! I have a new idea” or “Listen that!” and starts playing some parts. Then we discuss it together and think whether it is good or not.
If majority thanks that this them is worth to born, we continue working on it, adding more and more pieces. Sometimes everything goes pretty smooth but then we don’t have more ideas how to finish it and we put that song in a box till better times.
Writing text is a bit more complex, before Vitaliy joined the band, we asked about writing lyrics from our friends or adapted some historic poems. As an example “Lenore” is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, and “Angelica” is our variation of an old french song.

Tell us about the choice of theme for your songs…
Andrik: Previously we didn’t have any specific principle how to choose music themes. Although currently we are working on a conceptual album.
If question was related to “Whom Alive…” album, I would say that we chosen compositions written in a period between 2009 and 2016. It is some kind of a report of everything we wanted to present to listeners. So themes are very different, sometimes we wrote music first, sometimes - created lyrics first.
Den: This is a difficult question. As I said some of our songs were written by our friends or relatives. Somebody listened to music and suggested lyrics for these songs.
Now we are working on the second album, I don’t want to tell about its idea right now, but would say that it is about representing a human’s life path in songs.

"Who alive…", why did you choose this title?
Andrik: We gathered together and decided that the album should have this name. Probably it is not the best translation from ukrainian, as more correct version should be “For those who are alive”, however it is too long.
Den: Album name is a one of songs titles. That composition was written on a wave of events which happened and continue happening in our country last few years.
Many peoples were killed in a Revolution period and many more on the war, happening on the east of our country. Nobody can’t return people, who died… “Who alive...” is about people who are still alive in a cost of lives of dead ones. And whom need to finish all the things were started. We want to say our position about that and it shall be very clear message.

What can fans that didn’t still listen your album expect when listening it?
Andrik: And what heard those who listened? Perhaps a music… Bit I’m not sure. Some power metal, some progressive metal, maybe something else. Everyone may hear different things - somebody will like it, somebody - not. Personally I’m sad a little that we hurried a lot (we hurried too much because it took almost 2 years to record and edit all the songs) and we were not able to write english version of the album. I guess it would be more interesting and meaningful.
Den: They will get a non-standard approach in performing and very long songs (so someone may even fall asleep in the middle of listening :))

Your recent release “Who alive…” was put out on Total Metal Records. How did that come about and what can you tell us about the experience into this label?
Dmytro Korniienko: Once we started thinking about publishing I contacted with other ukrainian bands and called to other labels. Some of them rejected the proposal, some even didn’t reply. One of our friend bands recommended Total Metal Records, as they already published there and gave a very positive feedback. I contacted with Total Metal and send a digital version of the future album. Soon we got an agreement and started to discuss some technical details. Just because I’ve never had such experience, the whole signing process took more time that I expected (we were planning to release at the end of 2016!) but thanks to Anatoliy Konduk (the owner of the label) as he helped us a lot with different stuff in the publishing area I didn’t know about.
I like working with that label and I think we will continue publishing new albums there.IMG 73154

If people were to listen to just one of your songs, which one would you hope it was?
Andrik: Obviously it is “Lenore”! By the way, the original english lyrics perfectly fits the music we wrote.
Den: I think it should be “Who alive…” or “Dance over the abyss”.

How is the promotion of the album going? Have you already made gigs and is there a supporting tour?
Andrik: It is quite painful question. At least for a “young” band which is not familiar even in our country. Especially when we don’t have financial possibilities.
Dmytro: The label made a lot of work. As you this text - it works :). We are trying to promote ourselves locally and Total Metal Records promoting us outside the country.
Regarding the tour - nope, we didn’t have it. Not sure we could gather enough people on tours and it is quite expensive. We did have some tours (3 quite big festivals in 2 weeks!) in May, right after releasing the album, even sold some CDs and other merch and got followers on social networks during that period.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2017?
Andrik: We are working on songs for a new album, preparing for gigs with a new program and for recording. Maybe will release a single soon.
Den: At the end of may our previous drummer has left the band so we have been finding a new one. Currently we working on old and new songs with a new drummer, so I have no idea when we will return to stages.
Dmytro: As guys said, we are working on new compositions, learning songs with a new drummer. I also looking for new possible festivals and gigs where we can play starting from end of September.

Anything you would like to add to end the interview?
Andrik: Honestly, it is very cool feeling when somebody mentioned your band in a famous magazine! many thanks for questions. I hope we will release our album with new and interesting compositions!
Den: Stay metal!!!


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