DESERT NEAR THE END (for Atmosfear #20)

Atmosfear 20(for Atmosfear #20)


Welcome to the ATMOSFEAR pages! What's going on in your band these days? What you're working on now and as soon you're planning to present your new stuff to the public?
Hello and thank you for having us. At the moment we are preparing for the recordings of our next album which are scheduled to start in October. So the plan is to have the album ready in the first quarter of 2018. At least that's what we hope!

Since the release of your album "Theater of War" one year has passed. What feedback have you got? What's fans' reactions on it? What's the most untypical have you heard about your album?
Indeed it's already a year! In some ways we have been working on this album since the beginning of the band. Our first three albums form a trilogy and "Theater of War" was meant to be the conclusion from the start. So all roads led to this album. As for the feedback it's almost only positive, both from the press and the fans. Most people seem to understand our multigenre vision for this album. And that really makes us happy because we really worked very hard! As for the most un-typical comment, I don't know... many have a problem when they try to categorise us, so in our last show in Athens, where we mostly played songs from the last album, one guy who wrote a review described us as a death, thrash, power band!!.

What's the main difference between "Theater of War" and "Hunt for the Sun" in your opinion?
The main difference is the production. Theater of War sounds way better than our previews albums. It was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at antfarm studio and he did an amazing job! He made the album sound exactly as we imagined! On a second level the songs are more aggresive and that is something we intended to because it is the final part of the story and we wanted it to be more intense! So if I sum it all up Theater of War is and sounds heavier than anything we have done so far.

Let's talk about your band's beginning. The info in internet tells that you began to play about 20 years ago under another name. And during the 2000's you called "THE EVENTIDE" and even recorded the album. What's that album's fate and how strong that music differs from your nowadays sound?
Yes, the band was original formed by me and Alexandros (vocals) back in 1998 during our final school year. We changed line-up and name numerous times and indeed we stuck with "The Eventide" for some years. During this period we recorded several demos and finally an album in 2005 but we weren't happy with the final result because of the poor sound and the drums performance. So we decided not to release it in any way and in fact we put the band on ice for some time. When we restarted in 2009 as "Desert Near The End" we wanted a fresh start with new songs, so we let this album to rest. I still like the songs of that album very much but the overall sound and the drums didn't do them justice. As for the differences with our sound nowadays.. in my ears there're not so many.. Yes we play a lot faster now and we are better musicians but the heart of the music and the identity of a band is always the melody and that hasn't changed or our influences! So if you hear these songs now they sound like a "Desert Near The End" demo! In fact two reworked songs from this album will appear in our next work!

"Theater of War" is already third album under the banner of "DESERT NEAR THE END", but there was a debut album "A Crimson Dawn" earlier, which I haven't heard. Are there any plans to rerelease it in any future?
I know, we self-released this album in 2011 and it's difficult to find it in physical format. Actually we've discussed the idea of rereleasing it or the possibility of re-record the whole album in the future but we actually like the vibe of this recording and we don't want to lose that. Also we have an new album coming out next year and we've some plans for after that already! So we want to focus on new material, at the moment at least. If someone wants the album he can get it by contacting us directly and I know for a fact that you can find it online! And not only in YouTube!

You're releasing the second album already via ukrainian label "Total Metal Records", that actually is a sub label of "Metal Scrap Records". As I understand, you're glad by the label work? Have you looked for another offers?
We don't have any complaints from Total Metal Records. Everything went very smooth from the start. That's why we worked together again for "Theater of War". As for other labels, we discussed our options prior to the release and theirs was the best and most balanced offer that we had, and since there was no problem with our collaboration we gladly repeated it.

There's not really lot of the videos from your shows in the web. How often do you play, what show you remember the most?
Let's talk about "ICED EARTH" band, as with this band you are constantly compared in the press. How true are these comparisons? Do you like the music of these americans, and which album do you like the most?
Big question!! Ok obviously we don't play as often as we would like because too many things get in the way, like jobs, kids, families. And since we don't do this for a living unfortunately, we have to put a limit to our shows because how many times can a band play in it's hometown? And the cost of playing in other cities and other countries force the number of our shows to a minimum. But we try to take every given chance to travel and play. Also I know that there are not many live videos in YouTube but that doesn't represent the number of our shows. For example we have played more than 20 shows since the release of Theater of War and none of them are online. As for Iced Earth, first of all it's one of my favourite bands especially in their 90's era (not a big fan of their last 3 albums) and it's an honour to be compared with them. My favourite album is Burnt Offerings and I consider it one of the best metal albums ever!! It's one of the reasons I became a metal fan and a musician. Iced Earth was, and still are, one of my biggest influences alongside with Blind Guardian, Kreator and Rotting christ and ofcourse there are similarities but not as many as they say. Its propably the easiest way to describe us because, yes the foundation of our music is 90's Power/Thrash and we still insist on having clean vocals, (agressive but clean) and all these are ofcourse part of our identity but not the whole picture. So it's somehow misleading to mention only them, because you are leaving outside a big portion of our sound.

What's happening to the Metal scene in Greece these days, how strong financial crisis in the country does affect ot it? Has the number of bands and concerts decreased?
Quite the opposite! We have more bands than ever and there are concerts with greek bands almost every day. Financial crisis in my opinion can't affect the creativity and the music itself. What suffers from it is the amount of money and time that people and bands can spend in themselves. You know, hunt for shows, tours, bigger production, videos, better deals with labels, staff like that. So the Greek metal scene is at it's best when it comes to music and the albums coming from it. The wounded part is reaching bigger audience.

Final chord. Here you can say what you wish!
First of all thanks very much for the interview. Also I want to thank everyone who spend time listening to our music! And to invite all that doesn't know us to check "Theater of War" it might surprise you!


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