RED HILLS (for Rock And Wrestling)

(Rock And Wrestling)

- Tell us about the origin of the band.
- Reasons to create the band, inspiration and influences.
- Style description and musical attitude.
- Tell us about the origin of the name’s band.
History of the group dates back as far back as 2009. But the full composition was formed in 2013. All these long 4 years, the group was looking for a musical genre,creating material, gave concerts, and overcome obstacles with no constant composition. When to the group joined the last member of our musical family. We realized that it was time to start a serious decision, it's time to record their debut album.
It's time to tell the world that we have. Like all ambitious and young musicians, names and ideas for creativity has been very lot, but for the time we found, what you were looking for. And the decision was unanimous.

-For those who are starting rocking
Which band and / or classic rock band’s song recommend and why?
Today, just a mass of bands, there are promising young guys, but also do not forget about the older generation. The generation that created this music. First of all, we recommend it to listen to them. In their music little commerce and a lot of emotion, as well as in their music there is a soul. Soul that makes this music such an impressive and grand.

-For those who are starting rocking and begin to be known as a band
What song of yours you recommend and why?
That's a very difficult question. Each of us has different tastes in metal music. The only thing we agree is that the music must be with soul. Each group of the world have their own style and way of playing. So if you want to become a master of the guitar or any other instrument, you need learn at least one song of the world groups of various genres. It is will develop in you technical skills, and you will not be limited to any one genre of metal.

-Which one was or has been the most important moment in your career?
The moments were many. It is first concert, a change of the composition, first record, the first contract with the label. But the most important moments in our musical career was recording their debut album and signing a contract with Metal Scrap Records label.

-Tell us about your achievements, future goals and what are you doing right now?
The most important achievement is perhaps the point that we are still gathered in one group with a common goal.
The group is now experiencing regular problems on the road to glory, but it is only tempers we. And no matter, we are preparing material for a second album. And this time, we plan to give a small mini-tour in support of it.

-As wrestling media, do you know wrestling, right?, What do you want to comment or add about this topic?
At the moment, the media is a very powerful political tool. With each passing day more and more difficult to filter news. For most of the media should be treated with a little skeptical. It is best not to include TV and only look at the world of music, sports and science, there is practically no lie.

-Greetings and message for rock fans and visitors of Rock and Wrestling website
-Hi all metal fans. Hi all fans team Rock&Wrestling.
-We are Red Hills. Melodic death metal band from in Ukraine.
-We create music for you, and We are grateful to all of you for your support
-Stay Metal and listen good Music \m/


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