SUNLIGHT (for Rock And Wrestling)

(Rock And Wrestling)

- Tell us about the origin of the band.
- Reasons to create the band, inspiration and influences.
- Style description and musical attitude.
- Tell us about the origin of the name’s band.
Sunlight started in 2009 as a purely hard rock project, acting mostly in Athens, Greece. However, after some short period of successive line-up changes, the band shifted to a more Melodic Heavy Metal style, often incorporating elements of typical power metal. At present, the line-up consists of Dimitris Giannakopoulos (vocals), Makis Kaponis (guitars and backing vocals), Panos Anastopoulos (keyboards), Dimitris Kapoukakis (drums) and Panos Mourtzinos (bass guitar and backing vocals). With all the original bandmates being residents of Ilioupoli (which in Greek means “the city of sun”), the name “Sunlight” was proposed by our former bass player (Nikolas Argyridis) to remind the origins of the band.

-For those who are starting rocking
Which band and / or classic rock band’s song recommend and why?
This is a difficult question since there are so many great bands to be inspired by and songs to listen to! Undoubtedly, classic rock & metal history was written by groups like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Their compositions were not only full of energy and passion but also rich in stimulating ideas so as to practice an instrument on your own. Such an example is Deep Purple's "Burn", considering that it incorporates difficult drum beats, demanding guitar & keyboard solos and high pitch vocals.

-For those who are starting rocking and begin to be known as a band
What song of yours you recommend and why?
This is really a matter of taste! For example, for a more Heavy/Power Metal-oriented audience we think that “Back to Life” and “Struggle for deliverance” are good choices. In the case of 80’s Hard Rock fans, “Follow Your Heart” is more appropriate. On the other hand, Deep Purple maniacs would love the “Eastern Train” or if you love power ballads, “My Own Truth” should be in your list! In our first album you will find at least one song that matches your Hard Rock or Heavy Metal taste! All you have to do is just to give a listen to “My Own Truth”!

-Which one was or has been the most important moment in your career?
We would probably choose our participation in the "Total Metal Domination tour" last year in Ukraine. It was an amazing experience! A dream that came true! We visited different cities and met new people that showed us their love. We shared our music with them and made new friends and fans.

-Tell us about your achievements, future goals and what are you doing right now?
So far, the band have released one full-length album (“My Own Truth”), one EP (“Rockin’ All Around”) and two official music videos (for the songs “My Own Truth” and “Struggle for Deliverance”). Moreover, the band’s activity has been rich over the last years, including live performances in well-known rock clubs of Greece & Ukraine and open-air annual festivals. Currently we are preparing for our European tour in 6 different countries in November (Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Belgium). At the same time we are working hard so as to release our second full length album in 2017.

-As wrestling media, do you know wrestling, right?, What do you want to comment or add about this topic?
Yes, we know wrestling even if it's not so popular in Greece. Only some years ago we used to watch WWE. Of course you can combine Rock & Wrestling, because many wrestlers have their own rock and metal "entrance songs". For example Triple H's song was written by Motorhead.

-Greetings and message for rock fans and visitors of Rock and Wrestling website
We have heard so many things about the enthusiastic Chilean fans! You are amazing! We hope to play in Chile someday! Thanks for the support! Keep rocking \m/


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