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Atmosfear #25

Atmosfear 25  


I welcome 3000AD on the pages of ATMOSFEAR. Bands from New Zealand do not often visit us. Let's get acquainted. Introduce your band. Where are you based, who plays in the band and when did you from?

Thank you for featuring us! We are from Christchurch, New Zealand which is also where we are primarily based. The band members are Hellmore Bones (drums/ lead vocals) Sam Pryor (Guitar and backing vocals) and Scott Austin (Bass and backing vocals). This reinvented version of the band has only been around for about 5 years but the members have been playing together in various bands since high school.

Did you play somewhere before 3000AD?

As mentioned we were in some other bands but they were more experiments than serious projects.

With a name like 3000AD, the group is definitely will not be lost in the crowd, but what is the meaning of this name?

That’s right, part of the reason we choose 3000AD as the band name was that it was quite different. We actually first wrote a song called 3000AD and eventually decided it was a good representation for the bands music as a whole. Our music is mostly set in a bleak dystopian future so the name fits that vibe quite well.

What are the five bands that most influenced the work of 3000AD?

I would say early Metallica, Slayer and Sepultura fused with The Misfits and Bad Religion.

What problems did you face while recording your debut album “The Void”?

It took a very long time to complete, the song development process was very lengthy. The recording was also quite drawn out so the biggest challenge was to keep focus over this long time period. I also broke my hand very badly at one point and was not sure if I would be able to play guitar again. But we got there in the end!

How satisfied are you with the result? Did it work out as planned?

Our mission objective from the start was ‘no compromise’ and that served us well I think because it turned out exactly as we wanted it to, even though it took some extra time to get there. We also had a lot of very talented people working on it at the mixing and mastering stage. Clint Murphy who produced some of my favorite metal albums and Sterling Sound who are pretty much the gold standard for mastering. The art by Eliran Kantor (Testament / Soulfly artist) is exceptional too, which competes the package.

What is your lyrics about? What is music or lyrics primary for you?


The album became a sort of unintentional concept album actually. We had all these songs with this bleak dystopian theme as I previously mentioned. Then when we were deciding on the song order it all just seemed to fall in place, there was even a logical order to them that made sense in terms of the lyrical themes. For example, the start of the album paints the picture of this almost uninhabitable future earth and by the end, the planet is abandoned entirely.
Regarding what is primary, I think a good metal song always needs that strong riff or musical idea that everything else fits around. The lyrics of course are very important and we pride ourselves in being less generic in that domain. But realistically we spend 98% of our time on the music so I would say that is primary.

You found the publisher in the face of the powerful Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records, but are there any New Zealand labels?

Yes are a few small local labels here, but for us it was all about pushing our music forward past the limited New Zealand scene. So Europe was a logical place to expand into and Metal Scrap Records have a wealth of experience in this market which was exactly what we were looking for.

Let's talk about the New Zealand scene. What bands from your places can you advise our readers and how often do you have concerts?

There’s a very underrated band here called Cobra Khan which I would say is a bit of a crossover band too. In my mind they are world class but metal does not get a lot of exposure in New Zealand. Check out the song ‘Graze the Earth’. We used to have quite a good local scene in Christchurch but the earthquake in 2011 destroyed most of the venues and a lot of the bands that were active at the time moved or disappeared.

Geographically, New Zealand is located very far from world music centers. Are you planning any concerts in support of your album in New Zealand itself and beyond?

We have played in New Zealand for many years so for now we are more interested in expanding out to new places. As you have alluded to it’s not exactly the place to be for metal.

The final question. What are you planning to do next?

Well we will be on tour in Eastern Europe this March / April supporting Necronomicon so it will be great to see how the new album goes down with a totally new audience. Also we have our album release on March 27 so look out for that!


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