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Thank you very much for this interview, how and when all began? Who are Necronomicon, and where you come from?

Freddy: 1984; with Lala, Jogi, Axel and me.
We come from the southwest corner of Germany, near the French and Swiss border. We would all be 17 and 18 years old and wanted only one thing: to make music. Hard, uncompromising music with a good touch of Punk Rock. Unfortunately, due to our euphoria we also made the biggest mistake signed with Gama Records.

What influences your music?

Freddy: Discharge, GBH and of course the legendary Slayer. But the first record is certainly very influenced by British Punk.

Consider yourself what type of Metal?

Freddy: Necronomicon has certainly developed its own style over the years. We are not the typical Teutonic Thrash Metal band, because besides the Punk influences, there are also many melodic or even Rock influences to be heard, which surely make us unique in Germany.

Please, tell us more about your album “Unleashed Bastards”…

Freddy: “Unleashed Bastards” is a homage to our founding days and is certainly by far the hardest production in recent years. Again with some old school Thrash Metal and Punk Rock influences.

What are your plans for the future?

Freddy: At first, to release the new album “The Final Chapter” and then to start our European tour in April- May next year again.

Anything you would like to say it wasn’t asked?

Freddy: The Corona crisis has demanded a lot from all of us. Especially for me: I lost my parents and we were practically doomed to watch the virus raging all over the world. A condition I never want to experience again and I hope that everything will soon return to normal. I also hope that all musicians will soon have the chance to be active again, to go on tour and follow their passion for making music. I hope that.
Thanxx for your interest in NECRONOMICON and stay tuned!


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