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Thank you very much for this interview, can please explain how all began?

Three angry, bored teenagers start band. That could’ve been the headline. Growing up in a small place like New Zealand there was never a lot to do. We all knew each other, all loved heavy music and it just seemed to come together. And we’ve just kept doing it. We never got bored or felt like there was anything better to do. And so here we are. We released our first album this year and I don’t think we’ll stop anytime soon.

3000AD what does it means?

3000AD came from one of our songs. It’s set in a future where all the institutions that we had faith in have collapsed. People live amongst the debris of a vanished golden age. Everything is destroyed and all that’s left is a wasteland. I think we gravitated towards that as a general statement about how fragile, everything is and how quickly things can change. It spoke to our pessimistic and cynical side and summed up our attitude towards the world. So we went with it.

Many line up changes?

It started with just Sam and myself. Drums and guitar. But pretty quickly I think we realized that we needed some low end if we really wanted to pummel the living Hell out of people. Scott had played in bands with both of us before and I don’t think he would’ve given us any choice other than to have him join in. As soon as that happened, we really had the sound we needed. Who woulda thought? Since then it’s really just been the three of us. Even when we’ve found ourselves living in separate countries we’ve still stuck together and made it work. Occasionally our friend Steve has joined us on guitar but he lives in Chile now and his Metal days are sadly behind him.

What influences your music and lyrics?

All the terrifying Shit that goes down. Loud, aggressive music and loud, aggressive world events. We’re a loud aggressive band. Classic Thrash bands like Slayer or Punk bands like The Misfits or bands like the Beastie Boys. We love that stuff. Anything with a lot of attitude. When the music sounds the way it does when we play it, you can’t really sing about peace and love. So, the music basically influences the words. The stakes are high so anything less than the end of the world or the chaos we find ourselves in and where that will lead are the kind of lyrical concepts that seem to fit best.

You guys define yourself as a Modern Thrash Metal band, why?

It’s really hard to define yourself. In some ways there isn’t really much point as it’s not a particularly fruitful thing to do. We definitely see ourselves in the thrash mould however. Especially in our approach to guitar. We are a part of that lineage. But, at the same time we’ve never liked to simply copy one thing or ape a particular style. I think we’ve added our own sensibilities into the mix as well. So it’s Thrash, but hopefully with our own stamp on it with a few other twists thrown in.

How it is to have a Metal band in New Zealand?

We’ve always seen ourselves as a little group of outsiders. As a band we just kinda do our own thing. New Zealand is such a small place and it’s so far away from everything. I think that’s one of the reasons we love it, but we’re much more interested in playing in places outside the borders of our homeland, on the other side of the world, where the action seemingly is. We have some great friends playing in some great bands over here, but there are only so many places you can play…

What are your plans for the future?

Soon enough we’ll be touring in Europe. We were set to tour for the release of our album but that was right when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. So now we are waiting for the dust to settle and as soon as it does we will be over there. We’re also always working on new music and have luckily been able to continue to get together over here in New Zealand and keep writing, jamming and preparing ourselves for what's next.

What is your opinion about Portugal?

I don’t think any of us have been to Portugal and that’s an absolute travesty. Hopefully that can change very soon. I’ve known some great people from that part of the world. I know we’re all looking forward to travelling through Europe and we’d love to see Portugal for ourselves. Some great music has come from there. If you guys would have us, we’d love to come and play.

Imagine you could be an animal, which one you would choose?

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a very Lazy person. I don’t really like doing a hell of a lot. And so observing my cat, I’ve often thought it would be a much more preferable life. Just laying around the place, doing whatever you feel like, Eating food out of a can. It all seems great. No downside. If you could make that happen, I’m in.

Anything you would like to say it wasn’t asked?

Thank you so much for you questions and hopefully we will see you out there in the world sometime very soon.


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