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Tell me something about the evolution of the band from the rehearsal room via Sounds Of Vengeance until now.
We have known each other since high school and we are all in our 30’s now, so it’s been a while! Sounds Of Vengeance was one of many different projects that were involved in together, all with slightly different line ups. I would say Sounds Of Vengeance was very raw Thrash Metal, where as 3000AD is more refined and has more elements from other styles.

What about the name of the band? Why, meaning, etc.
Well the lyrical themes had a common thread of this dystopian future vision of Earth, so the name 3000AD first came about as a song title and later evolved into the band name itself. I think if you take a look at Eliran Kantor’s epic artwork for ‘The Void’ you will definitely see how that title fits into the atmosphere and vibe we were aiming for.

What about the recordings? Where, how long, partners, incidents, problems, anecdotes....
It was a very long process indeed, maybe 5 years?! We had a lot of challenges, drums were re-recorded in different studios, I broke my wrist badly which delayed the guitar tracking process. In fact, for a while I was unsure if I would ever be able to play guitar again, which was about the scariest thing I could imagine. We spent a long time tweaking the arrangements and getting everything sounding as good as it possibly could. In fact, we are still adjusting things a bit post recording, even after all those years of development! But that will have to be just for the live performances.

Try to introduce the guys of your band, please.
Hellmore Bones is the lead vocals, the lyric man and the drummer, so he’s got a fairly unique collection of roles. I (Sam Pryor) as the guitarist come up with a lot of the musical ideas that then go through a group development process of sorts. Scott Austin is in charge of backing vocals and bass.

Try to describe the music on the new CD in your own words. And what about your musically evolution in all those years, from the beginning in 2013 up to now? The style is something like Old School Thrash Metal in a modern “dress”.
I would say that’s a pretty accurate description. We took the heavy Old School Thrash Metal influence and then tried to throw in some new elements. Add some more catchy hooks in the vocals, give the bass a more prominent role and just create something that’s not directly emulating any one band while still taking influences from many of the legendary acts. As for development over time, it’s just a very prolonged refining process that moves so slowly you don’t even notice it often. I think only now we are sounding like what we have been aiming for many years.

Lyrics – give me some examples for main themes, meanings and so on.
All the songs are addressing different elements of a future vision of Earth that is almost inhabitable. The environment is destroyed, the government is authoritarian and out of control, plagues are common place, fires are raging, people are desperate. It’s raising the question of how bad do things need to get before we write off the planet initiate some sort of mass exodus.

What about your label? What about your future with this label? A sophisticated label but hard times, isn’t it? And why are you so immense international? You are from NZ, artwork is German, label Ukrainian, mastering/producing in the US… I forget something? ;-)
Well, our label has been very helpful because we know that Europe is a Metal stronghold, so it makes sense to partner with people that have a wealth of experience in that location. New Zealand is also a very small country, so it makes sense to think more globally when it comes to producing an album, especially in a niche genre like Thrash Metal. We wanted to make a world class album so that meant hiring the best people to contribute to it from around the world.

Live and future plans? Nice stories from former tour activities? The Necronomicon Tour is postponed I suppose?
Soon we will do the European tour with Necronomicon, at the moment we are looking at late August but realistically it may be delayed again, it will happen though! Our touring has been limited to New Zealand previously, so we are looking forward to expanding a lot further!

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By the way, some words about Corona?
It’s obviously a tragedy and a massive pain in the ass on multiple levels. At least things seem to be settling down now. It could have been a lot worse I think. Hopefully, we will be better prepared if something with a high morbidity rate comes along now.

What about yours and the members’ profession, hobbies?
Well, my day job is a web designer. It’s funny, because I got interested in that a long time ago, when I needed websites for my bands and did not want to pay for it, haha. Hellmore now works in a recording studio, which was a direct result of him learning recording skills from the bands we were in. So, bands and music have pretty much shaped our whole lives, even our day jobs. I don’t have a lot of hobbies beyond music, because I don’t have the time, maybe cars would be the closest. I like old Japanese sports cars.

What about NZ? You do every morning a haka, when you get up in the morning? Do you like rugby extremely and always wear all the time all black shirts? You’re like kiwis? And you don’t like Aussies? What I know about, is rugby, commonwealth with Great Britain and dreamland of backpackers… I of course, I know something about earthquakes; I hope you are not so affected….
What else, how do you like living there?
Haha, oh yeah every morning we haka then it’s fish and chips for breakfast… not quite! But we do all (in the band) like rugby, we all played it in school, so it’s pretty drilled into you. Plenty of people in New Zealand hate rugby though, so it’s not a given that a New Zealander will be interested in it. I’m surprised how much you know about these things! Yeah, Aussies are dickheads obviously 
We do get a lot of German backpackers here. Scott, our bass player, ended up meeting one and moved to Cologne with her!
As for the earthquakes, 2 of the 3 members lost their family homes, but thankfully that was all we lost. I had to rescue my dog from my house, the chimneys collapsed on the inside and she got trapped. Christchurch has still not been rebuilt fully, but it’s getting better slowly.

What about clubs and music in Christchurch and nearby. Any tips and hints on clubs or bands?
A lot of the venues were wiped out by the earthquakes, so there is not really a go to Metal venue anymore, unfortunately. As far as bands go, Fall Of Them are a badass Melodic Death Metal band, check them out! Also, Extorted are great, have a really nice Old School Death Metal influence.

Please, give us your Top-Five CDs at the moment.
In no particular order (!):
Children of Bodom “Hexed”
Fear Factory “Demanufacture”
Sylosis “Cycle Of Suffering”
Necronomicon “Invictus”
Deadcross “Deadcross”.

Okay, that’s it. Thanks for interview!


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