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It’s time for reissues for Necronomicon, the German thrash cult band that, while waiting for the next album, released a new version of the 2012 album, “Invictus”, on Metal Scrap Records.


Welcome, Freddy. How is born the idea of this new edition of “Invictus”, your album dated 2012?
Hi guys! Thanks for your interest in Necronomicon. The idea came from Metal Scrap Records. Anatoliy asked me if that would be interesting and I thought it was a great idea to promote this great album again.

The original tracklist included “Possessed by Evil”, song that appeared on the 1986 self-titled debut: why did you add this song?
I love this old stuff and it’s one of the most famous songs of Necronomicon.

In the 2020 edition there’s “Possessed Again (acoustic version)”, how is born this new tribute to your past?
On our first tour through Russia, we played an acoustic concert on a radio station and the guys where totally flashed about it. So we decided to published one or two songs in an album.

Your first album was released in 1986, what do you remember about that times?
We were totally excited to get a record deal and felt great. Even though we were all still very young and couldn’t really realize it yet, we decided to only make music. We really wanted to do that and I think we succeeded quite well. Maybe with a few teething problems and a little more time than other well-known bands, but in the end we went our way and we still go it…. and more successful than ever before.

After that “Necronomicon” caught the attention of the thrash metal scene and garnered praise for the band, did you feel under pressure during the second album, “Apocalyptic Nightmare”, songwriting phase?
Yeah, that’s right. And we certainly made a mistake to deviate a little from our musical path. The first album was just pure punk and thrash metal. Fully forward and without compromise. With the 2nd album we wanted too much; we weren’t ready for it yet. With the 3rd album (“Escalation”) we did everything right. The success shows it also.

The classic era of Necronomicon ended with the third album, “Escalation”, maybe your successful release?
Absolutely! We have been voted on place 20 of the best thrash metal albums… worldwide. I´m proud of it, really.

A long stop occurred between “Escalation” (1988) and “Scream” (1994). Why?
I think almost everyone knows our story. It is full of blows of fate, fraud from our record label, legal and judicial disputes and a lot of pain… but we never stopped believing in ourselves and we are stronger and better than ever. Our new album, “The Last Chapter”, will be released in 2021 and I guarantee you – it will blow everything away!

Your comeback is dated 2004 with “Construction of Evil” album, and after four years is out “Revenge Of The Beast”. Are you still satisfied of this couple of release?
Yes. “Revenge Of The Beast” placed on 6 in South America and 10th place in the Rock charts of Germany.

After “Invictus” (2012), “Pathfinder… Between Heaven And Hell” (2015) and “Unleashed Bastards Of The Beast” (2018), how is changed your sound with these two last albums and after 30 year of career?
Of course, the sound changes over the years. Since “Construction Of Evil”, I work together with Achim Köhler and he is also responsible for the development of our sound. For me, one of the best sound engineers. I love his work and he is a good friend of mine.

When people talk about German thrash metal, the names are always Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. But, there are others good bands like Necronomicon, Iron Angel, Accuser, Poltergeist… are you sad about this?
No. The guys have and do a good job. But we don’t have to hide from anybody. Ok, maybe we had some bad luck in the beginning, but after the “Construction Of Evil” we only went up steeply. I don’t think that we have to queue up at the back of the line.

What’s about the new record?
It will be a killer….believe me. A work of pure fucking Thrash and Speed Metal with a fulminant sound. Beware of “The Last Chapter”!


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