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Technological nightmares and thrash in the past have given great records, for example, by Voivod and, more recently, Vekotr. To revive this trend, 3000AD of Sam Pryor, with the debut album “The Void” (Metal Scrap Records). 


Welcome Sam! Could you introduce your band to our readers?
Thank you! We are 3000AD, a sci-fi influenced thrash metal / punk group from Christchurch, New Zealand

Could you explain the meaning of the band name?
As mentioned there is a sci-fi theme to the band branding and in the lyrics and art of our debut album “The Void” so 3000AD is appropriate in that sense. We are looking at a dark vision of what the world will be like in that time period.

“The Void” is your first full length, your thrash is more ’90 oriented then ’80: are you agree?
Maybe! I will let you decide! We didn’t actually aim to make it sound like anything in particular. Most of my influences are from the 80’s, but we try to put a modern spin on things and not just churn out the same types of riffs that are typical of that era or the new retro thrash type bands.

How “The Void” is born? Were all the tracks written for this album or there are some songs from your demos or your previous bands releases?
They were written over a very long period and endlessly refined. A couple of the newer tracks we were going to hold back for the next album, but then we figured we may as well make our debut as strong as it possibly can be!

I can’t read the lyrics, is “The Void” a concept album?
It was an unintentional concept album! Because usually with a concept album you come up with the concept first and then go about writing songs around that concept. For this album, it was the total reverse! We wrote a bunch of songs without anything really in mind, and then discovered they were all related and almost told a type of story. So, with that in mind we put the songs in the correct order to tell that story.

The cover artwork, by Eliran Kantor, is strictly connect to the band concept?
Absolutely, I gave him a lot of details around the album concept and that art was his genius interpretation of it. I think it’s one of his best works but I’m probably biased! Ha-ha.

Is difficult for you to promote your band from New Zealand?
Yes, it is quite hard, New Zealand is in the middle of nowhere of course and the population is very small. We are looking forward to a time when we can tour again to get the word out. We have our Europe tour with Necronomicon scheduled for next year so hopefully it works out this time!

How much important is for you to have a label, Metal Scrap Records, in Europe?
It’s really a great thing for us, having that expertise in a Metal hub like Europe. It’s the perfect way to help us overcome the limitations of New Zealand and they are a great label to work with.

What’s about the metal underground scene in New Zealand?
The scene is starting to come back again I think. We have a few gigs to play which is nice for a change after all the lockdowns. Hopefully, people now will appreciate live music more!


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