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Michal Saburov (Metalmania-Magazin)

Nemecká thrash metalová formácia Necronomicon koncom marca vydá nový album s názvom The Final Chapter, čo je vlastne debut novej zostavy. Okrem iného ním reaguje na súčasnú neutešenú situáciu vo svete. O jeho vzniku, o koncertoch na Slovensku a iných veciach porozprával frontman kapely – Freddy.


Your new album named "The Final Chapter". Is it the end of the band?

Hi! First of all, thanks for the interest in the new album.
To be honest, last year I had the thought of quitting. One more disc and then it's over.... I just couldn't motivate myself anymore.
We'll see what the new album brings. I hope there also very strongly, on the support of the label. The canceled European tour will be made up as soon as the situation out there improves, and then we'll see. I can't stop completely anyway, I'm too much of a musician and I love this kind of music too much. We will see what comes in 2021.

What are your lyrics about?

The lyrics on the new album are darker than usual. Since I often use metaphors in the lyrics or work with metaphors, I have this time the theme of "death" very strongly focused. This is certainly also a certain processing of the events of last year. This album is a kind of reappraisal of what happened to me and what happened in all over the world last year.
Of course, there is also the theme "Corona" processed or rulers such as Putin, Trump and other criminals who mercilessly exploit their power and the population lives in a mess. Basically, I write "horror children's books" for adults and pack it into stories.

Could you introduce us new band members? We only know Rik Charron (ex-Exciter). How did you meet him?

I met Rik in 2017 on our European tour. He supported us with his band Dark Ministry and somehow the spark between him and me jumped right away. After Chris had to confess to us on the last tour that he just can't do it anymore (health problems) I asked Rik without further ado, who immediately agreed and also got Glen on board. Rik joining us is a win-win situation. He really wanted to make music again and we (me) are completely fascinated by his drum style. In addition, he is a really sympathetic and honest person, who fits especially humanly to us. Glenn, too, by the way.

You played in Slovakia already. You even played in our city Košice in 2016. How many times did you played in Slovakia? How do you remember that?

We have played some concerts in Slovakia. Among others also in Bratislava. I love this city, and have also visited it privately and enjoyed the great pubs and bars.

Is it true that you toured the Eastern Block in 1987, and you also visited the former Czechoslovakia?

That was our big Eastern Europe tour after the "Escalation" album; and it was great. Yes, we visited, among others, today's Czech Republic, Hungary and today's Slovakia. And all that still under the "iron curtain", as it was called in our country. For us as a "western band" it was incredibly exciting and thrilling.... and very impressive, because the people and fans were indescribably friendly and enthusiastic.

What was your beginning?

The first band I formed was called Total Rejection; a Punk band. We made the demo tape at that time and then applied to different commercial Punk labels. Curiously, almost all of them told us that the music was too heavy and that we should look for a Metal label. One label asked us to give us a deal, if we rewrote the songs again, more Punk, but I didn't want that... I still wonder what would have happened to us if we had accepted that proposal back then… Then I founded NECRONOMICON with Jogi, Axel and Lala, and we recorded our first demo tape to end up (unfortunately) at Gama Records. Everyone knows the (tragic) development in the early days until the end of the 90s.

Are you in contact with former members?

With Jogi I still have a friendship and also very close contact. Just like with Andi, who played with Necronomicon for 13 years. Unfortunately, there is no contact with the other guys anymore. Unfortunately!

How do you survive these dark corona times?

I had the most horrible year of my life. Within 2 days, I lost my parents to Corona and I had to struggle with that too. That paralyzes you for the time being; also concerning the planned recordings of the new album. We had fortunately recorded the drums in December 2019, and so we could then, after I had digested the shock to some extent (although that will probably never really go) in August then finally continue. Originally, we wanted to have the album ready in April 2020; to the European tour start. But there it went to us like all the others. Nothing went more. I don't think we've had a crisis like this in the world since the Spanish flu. Especially the music & event industry are totally down. We are fighting for survival. It's really hard.

If you met God and Satan, what would you ask them?

I would like to have to ask both if the Corona crisis is a battle between good and evil.

Thank you for the interview and give some message for our readers.

I have to thank you; it was a pleasure for me!
I would like to make it short and yet it is immensely important for me: Stay healthy out there and look after yourself!! Beware the beast!!!


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