JUDGEMENT (for Atmosfear #26) english version

Atmosfear 26  

Neophyte (Atmosfear #26)


I would like to welcome the Serbs from JUDGEMENT to the ATMOSFEAR pages. What's going on in the band now? After your EP in 2018, I expected to hear a full-length album, but nothing comes out yet.
We already have the material for a full-length album but at the moment we are unable to record the songs for many reasons.

Let's go back a little and remember the early days of JUDGEMENT. Why was the band created?
Our idea from the beginning was to create powerful songs with interesting and unusual lyrics.

The name is a little surprising. As far as I know, there were quite a few bands with this name in the world, and probably some of them are still alive. Do you have to change the name? Why is this name so important to the band?
We think Judgement is the perfect name for the band because it represents the concepts of our songs and the style of the music we play.

Listening to your music it is easy to understand that Heavy and Thrash Metal are your favorite styles. Name the bands that have influenced JUDGEMENT most musically.
Our biggest musical influences are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth and King Diamond.


The EP 2018 was released digitally. Do you plan to publish it in physical media?
We are not planning to publish the EP in physical media.

The Serbian scene is not well known to our Metalheads. Tell us a little about the Metal life in Serbia and name the most interesting bands from Serbia.
There are lot of great metal bands in Serbia such as The Stone, Alogia, Infest, Rapid Force, Alister and many more.

What do you know about the Ukrainian Metal scene?
We really like Ukrainian metal band Jinjer, they are awesome!

Let's say goodbye. Tell us about your immediate plans and here you can say whatever you want.
We don't have immediate plans but we always compose new music, so we can surprise our fans any moment.


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