DESERT NEAR THE END (for Hijos del Metal Magazine #20)

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Interview was prepared by Raúl Sújar Pozo (Hijos del Metal Magazine)hijos del metal magazine 20

1) Tell us how the band formed and the changes that have been to this day.
The band was originally formed in 1998, under a different name, during our last school year. Since then only Alexandros and me (Akis) are still in the band. We kept the band alive even when it was just the two of us. We were still making music for ourselves and we have even recorded a full length album in 2005 under the name Eventide. At some point we decided that we wanted something more and changing our name into Desert Near The End during the recordings of our debut album “A Crimson Dawn” felt like the natural thing to do since we needed something more personal to symbolize our progress in music and lyrics. Then we started looking for other people to form a full live band.  And since 2012 the line-up of Desert Near The End is: Alexandros in vocals, Akis in bass and Thanos in guitars and George Tzitzifas in drums who is not a full member but a constant help in our concerts.
How would you describe the musical style of your band? What bands have influenced your music?
We play a kind of modern power-thrash metal with direct influences from the mid 90’s era but our goal is to bring this sound in 2015 because our influences may come from the 90’s and from bands like early Iced Earth and Blind Guardian but we didn’t stop listening to metal music back then, we are still active metal fans first of all and our influences become richer with every album we hear.   

2) What have you published so far? What feedback have you received from the public and the media?
Our first album “A Crimson Dawn”  was self financed so it didn’t have any worldwide distribution and one could find it only through us or downloaded from the internet but we received very good feedback but on a mostly local scale. Our second album “Hunt For The Sun” was released from Metal Scrap Records and with their help we reached a bigger audience and the feedback was very positive and the reviews where very good and also the reaction to our first video for the opening track from “Hunt For The Sun” which is called “Storm On My Side” was very good.

3) Why should a metalhead should buy your demos/albums? What do you think that unlike other bands?
If someone likes epic, heavy and aggresive metal with aggresive but clean vocals should give us a chance. Also our albums are concept, they are telling the story of one man and his hunt for the “real” sun (in very few words!!) in three parts which is going to be concluded in our next album. And I know that there are many people who finds the story driven albums more interesting because I am one of them. As far as what seperates us from other bands I really don’t know, maybe it’s that our roots are on a somehow forgotten period like the 90’s but this is only one aspect of our music. I really think that every musician owes himself to at least try to make his music sounds personal and tell “his story” and leave other people to decide if he was succesfull. So that’s what I’m going to do. I can only assure you that I did my best at that given moment.

desert near the end band4) Why Label/Magazines/Promoters ... should be interested in your band?
Again I can’t really answer that. I know that we are doing it first of all because we love metal and our band and we were doing it before any label or magazine knew of our existence and we will continue regardless any interest from outside the band. We love our music and we want to be honest in albums and on stage. I believe that all of these mean something, so that’s the the best answer I can give on that question.

5) What's your live activity so far? What has been your most significant concert?
Since the completion of our line up we try to play live as often as we can so we had a very busy 2013 and 2014. Our most significant live moment was when we had the chance to open for Primordial which is one of our favorite bands! And I have to mention our first tour in Russia along with Memorain and Insidead.

6) Have you any audiovisual material of the band?
Yes we have shot our first video-clip for the track “Storm on my side” from our second album and also there are many lyrics videos and live clips from our both albums on our youtube channel.

7) What are the immediate plans of the band?
At this moment we are in the middle of the recordings of our next album which going to bring the story we started in “A Crimson Dawn” to it’s conclusion. And always as many lives as possible.

8) Where can we listen to or buy stuff from the band?
You can hear a lot of our music on youtube on our channel and you can buy “Hunt for the Sun” from all the big internet stores and of course directly from Metal Scrap Records store. Also for our first album “A Crimson Dawn” or t-shirts you can contact us with an email or on our facebook page.

9) One hundred, thousand, million readers are awaiting your last words right now What would you say?
Thanks for the interview and I want to thank everyone who will spend moments and thoughts over our music and always... follow the Path across the Desert...whatever this desert might be.


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