NEURONIA (for Necromance Web Magazine #9, 2015)

NEURONIA son un quinteto que nos llega desde Polonia y que nos traen una propuesta musical marcada por el doom / death donde encontraremos influencias de bandas como CATHEDRAL, PUNGENT STENCH, PYOGENESIS… Contactamos con la banda para averiguar más cosas sobre ellos y esto es lo que dio de si esta entrevista.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza(Necromance)necromance 09
Answering Lukas (drums), Tektur (vocals)

1) How did you guys hook up and form NEURONIA?
Lukas (drums): The band was formed by the end of 2003 by Misiek who till this day remains as a sole funding member. The band recorded two EP’s and one LP called “Winter of My Heart”. Then, after couple of line-up changes, Tektur joined the band – actually he was supposed to be the 2nd guitarist, but it turned out he was a much better vocalist than the Neuronia’s then-singer so he eventually took over the vocals.
With this line-up, the band recorded 2nd LP “Follow the white mouse” and shortly after, lead guitarist Lewy joined.  Then, in 2011 when the previous bassist left the band, the guys contacted Beton who shortly after became a member of Neuronia. Beton was actually the one who called me about joining Neuronia in 2012, because we knew each other – we shared rehearsal space with our other bands – Mesmerized and Whichheaven. And thus the present incarnation of Neuronia was born :)

2) For those who haven't listened to NEURONIA yet, how would you describe your sound?
Lukas: Well, it’s metal and as the great Chuck Schuldiner said “metal is metal”, so that would be my first answer. But there are so many different subgenres within metal that inspire us that it is really difficult to pinpoint the exact type. The sound is just a mixture of our influences, ranging from classic heavy metal, through death metal, melodic metal to hard rock. Like I said – it’s a weird mixture, but I guess it works!
Tektur (vocals): Misiek once said that we play “neurometal”, that our band has a sound of its own. Weirdly enough, when I listen to our recordings, this seems to be true. The band has mixed up a lot of influences since the beginning. That’s why reviewers sometimes have issues with our music, it defies labels and I’m proud of that  For me the most important elements of our sound is a thrashy edge combined with melodies.

3) How do you usually approach the songwriting process?
Lukas: The process is pretty standard. We always start with a riff. Whether it would be a guitar or a bass riff. Then we add another layers and textures, try different stuff out – rhythms or harmonies and melodies. When we agree upon the structure of the song, we start to rehearse it and see if everything works. Usually the vocals come last and they fill the whole greater picture.
Tektur: You forgot to tell about the part where we yell at each other in the rehearsal space. “That’s too loud! That won’t fit here! That’s too slow! What kind of a riff is that!” Yes, the arrangement process comes with lots of fun  But I guess that if you’re passionate about the music, it has to be this way. We have worked our asses off in the rehearsal room for the last three years and we’re very proud of the upcoming album.

4) After releasing some cool records, you have released the latest DIGITAL EP "Insanity relapse" in 2012, how was the whole process of making it?
Lukas: The whole process of making Insanity Relapse was pretty fast. After I joined, guys had some basic structures for 2 songs that needed working on. We did that and came up with two brand new songs and just as we finished that we had the studio booked. The recording process went pretty smoothly, we did the whole EP in a couple of days at the Progresja Studio. Started with drums, then recorded bass and guitars and vocals – everything done by the book
Tektur: That was a quick recording session indeed  I was coming down from a flu and, as it was spring, my allergies started to flare up. One of the two most difficult days in the band, I have to say.

neuronia band5) Three years have passed since this release, what about a new one?
Lukas: Glad that you’ve asked! We’ve just completed the recording and mixing our latest LP “Under the Same Sky”. It contains 11 tracks of our speciality – a mixture of fast, heavy and melodic metal. We have just put a trailer up on our YouTube channel ( and in a couple of days we’re gonna put two new songs up for everyone to listen. So check it out – if you liked “Insanity Relapse”, you will surely love this one.
Tektur: Like I said above – we’ve worked very hard on our new album and we’ve had great help from our producer – Heinrich. You might know him, as when he’s not in the studio, he plays bass in two quite well-known Polish bands – Vesania and Masachist. The sound of the new album is killer – watch out, it will kick your ass!

6) Are you guys currently working on a new material?
Lukas: As I mentioned above, the material is ready for release. We’re looking for a dependable label and are ready to start promoting it!
Tektur: Yeah, give us a break, we’ve barely left the studio from recording our last one!

7) What are your three favorite songs from NEURONIA and why?
Lukas: It is hard to pick three, but if I had to, it would be “Alone in the Dark” from “Insanity Relapse” plus “An Elegy” and “Good Clean Fun” from the latest LP “Under the Same Sky”. “Alone in the Dark” is kind of special, ‘cause it was the first song that we actually wrote together with this line-up. Besides, it’s got great melodies, a cool chorus and a lots of double bass that I like  The two new songs, “An Elegy” and “Good Clean Fun” are two that kind of stand out (for me at least), although both are completely different. “An Elegy” is slower, almost a power ballad (but in a good sense) – it’s got killer vocal hooks and great guitar harmonies. “Good Clean Fun” starts with an intro that leads into a rhythm section part that slowly builds up to a pretty fast, thrashy song. Also, it’s fun to play and I hope people will like it – especially live.
Tektur: I’ve got to give you that – “Good Clean Fun” is a killer, fast-paced thrash metal piece with absolutely no brakes and possibly the heaviest track I’ve laid down so far. But my all-time favorite of ours dates back to 2008, when I wasn’t in the band yet – it’s the “March of the Damned” from the first album. I don’t know why, but I just love this track – its simplicity, primal energy and groove just speak to me and I very much like performing it live. The third one would for sure be “Moon Over Providence” from “Insanity Relapse” – it has this ghoulish, Lovecraft-esque feel, and when I heard it for the first time, I knew that the lyrics I was going to write were going to be Lovecraftian too.

8) Could you compare musically your first demo "Neuronia" (2005) with the latest DIGITAL EP "Insanity Relapse"?
Lukas: Well, to me they’re two completely different worlds – the new songs are mature, have a distinctive sound, many different layers of melodies and harmonies. Also, the vocals are different – sometimes they’re clean, sometimes thrashy and in some songs they have almost a Middle-Eastern influence, so it’s a completely different vibe. I would say it’s an evolution thing – many years have passed and we’ve just found our style.
Tektur: You can quote me on that, too. Plus, since we play with two guitars now, there are a lot more solos and melodies than in the band’s beginnings.

9) What does this "Insanity Relapse" represent to you?
Lukas: “Insanity Relapse” represents all the crazy shit that happens around us. Whether it’s greed, hate or war – even if we are not subjected to it directly, they are still present. Just watch the news or look at the headlines – there isn’t a day or even an hour when something totally insane doesn’t happen. It’s pretty sad, but it seems that humanity is slowly degrading and the stuff that we talk about in our songs are just an observation of the present state of human beings.

10) How is the music scene in your area? Are there any new bands that we should listen to?
Lukas: The music scene in our area is doing ok.  Lots of cool bands, especially in more extreme types of metal, but the thing is that there aren’t many new bands, which is kind of a shame.
Tektur: The Warsaw metropolitan music scene is very diversified and I can give you a few hints. You’ve got thrash metal (i.e. Testor), heavy metal (Dragon’s Eye, Night Mistress), hard rock (Leash Eye), power metal (Exlibris), thrashcore (Lostbone), death metal (Hate, Centurion, Pyorrhoea, Gortal, Thunderwar, Hell Patrol), black metal (Vesania, Empheris, Bestiality), stoner rock (Major Kong, Dopelord – both bands moved from my hometown of Lublin)… There is a lot going on, though I have to say that the majority of the known bands aren’t so new. Take Testor or Hate for instance – both have been here for what seems forever. The current musical climate is tough on young bands. Big clubs and promotors are not keen to take newcomers on to support big acts, pay-to-play is getting more and more prevalent too… Yet, for instance Bestiality or Thunderwar are comprised of very young guys who are already making a name for themselves on the Polish scene.

11) Are you planning some shows for this summer?
Lukas: The Summer is almost over so we’re starting to promote “Under the Same Sky” at the start of September. We have been kind of quiet lately mainly due to the recording and mixing process that can be long for 11 songs  But everything is ready and we hope to get it going in a matter of days.

12) Anything you would like to add to end the interview?
Lukas: Thanks for support and be sure to check out our latest LP “Under the Same Sky”. The trailer is already available on our YouTube channel ( and the new songs are about to be put up as well. Keep it metal!!!
Tektur: Support your local scene and keep the metal brotherhood alive! It doesn’t matter if you’re a black metal fan, a “stoner hippie”, a heavy metal beerbelly or a death metal freak – we are all brothers! Cheers!


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