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Sonnige Zeiten für alle Freunde von melodischem Heavy Metal bescheren „Sunglight“. Die Band aus Griechenland hat ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Dabütalbum namens „My own truth” vorgelegt und dazu jede Menge zu berichten.

Interview was prepared by Karsten Henze (Der SzeneChecker)

1) SzeneChecker (SC): This year you have released your first album  “My own truth”. How can you describe the feeling first time holding the final product in hands?
Sunlight (SL): Of course our feelings are incredible! It’s  a bit strange and amazing at the same time. We are proud about this, because we have been working hard since we were very young. The whole product is better than we had imagined. For example it includes pit-art cd! This is the first time we ever see something like that and it’s our own album!

2) SC: Looking at the booklet of your album “My own truth” one can see that the lyrics of the songs have been written by different bandmembers. How can we imagine the creation of a Song by Sunlight?
SL: Usually, first of all we write the music and after that, the lyrics. One bandmember comes with the music of the song or one riff and he sings the melody. Then, someone writes some lyrics according to this melody. It’s pretty nice that different bandmembers can write music and lyrics and moreover former members such as N.Argyridis (bass) or S.Kaponis (Makis’ brother). We are glad about this!

3) SC: How did you find the bandname „Sunlight“?
SL: All the bandmembers from the first line-up we lived in a region called “Ilioupoli”, that means Sun City. So, we decided the name “Sunlight”

4) SC: The inspirations and themes of the songs seem to be very varied. Feelings such as emptiness, loneliness in songs like “Lonely Man’s Song” as well as powerful and energetic songs such as „Rockin’ all Around“ appear on the album. How would you describe the central theme of the album „My own truth“?
SL: We think that this is the result when different bandmemers write lyrics. Variety of  ideas, experiences ,circumstances etc.. We couldn’t tell that there is a main theme in the album, but maybe the most usual feelings are the thoughts, the love and the strength to carry on.

5) SC: The great artwork of the album has been created by Cosmas Hilos. What was the reason for you to choose this artist?
SL: About 2 years ago, our singer participated in another project with a band called “OKEANIA” . It was a single with 2 songs in which Cosmas had done an excellent job on the cover of the project. Dimitris(our singer), had Cosmas in his mind, and when the time came for the creation of our cover, proposed to work with him because we were short of time and we were in a need of a good and a quick choice. We think it was the best choice as we are very happy with our cooperation.

sunlight band6) SC: Please tell us how the artwork has been created. Did you contribute some ideas or was it all the work of the artist?
SL: The main idea of the cover was generally ours! We had a thought to let Cosmas, work on it by himself, but we wanted something more personal. We wanted to have enough evidence of the lyrics of the homonymous song of the album and some elements from  the other songs. The song my own truth refers to a troubled man, who is looking to find solution (night and day)from morning to night !! So we have night and day mixed on a cover, and the form of the man who goes on rails (song Eastern Train). Furthermore,you can see that the roadside is damaged (song Earthquake)  …..  The idea of the artist was the clock. A clock is showin that time is one more obstacle, to the man’s problems.  Cosmas was managed to connect all these elements  successfully completed.

7) SC: Your sound is a mixture of different Rock and Metal genres. How would you describe it?
SL: We play Melodic Hard rock/Heavy metal with Power Metal elements. Apart from the titles given to the genres of music, our sound is the original “sunlight” sound. Once you hear it you can ascertain that.

8) SC: Some of your songs have very catchy melodies and could gain airplay in radio. Is this already the case in Greece?
SL: Seeing the pulse of the crowd as we give shows rockin’ all over Greece, is the most powerful thing!! Following that, many people who are working on the radio ,are asking for a hard copy of our work!! So they spread Sunlight’s music, through the airwaves which is something that of course gives us joy. We thank all of them and we really appreciate it.

9) SC: Before the release of this first album you have released an EP. But it then took some time for the creation of the first album. What was the reason that it took some years?
SL: Yeah, sometimes the things don’t come easy. Our EP released on December of 2011. Two months after that, Dimitris started his military service (it’s compulsory in Greece). So, he was there for 9 months. Moreover, at the end of the same year(2012) our former bass player N.Argyridis went to live in England so, we were searching for a new member at this position. Now, with Panos (Bass) and the return of Dimitris we started a new year with old songs and new ideas. At the end of 2013 our compositions were ready and we started to record our new album. We finished it after one year (end of 2014) and we searched for the right label to release the album and… we found it! So, we signed a contract with Metal Scrap records.

10) SC: You have played several shows in Greece so far. Have you also played abroad or have you planned it?
SL: Unfortunately we haven’t played live shows abroad yet. We believe in the near future we will organise something good. Yes, this is our next plan.

11) SC: Is there a tour or festival show planned this summer? Maybe also in Germany?
SL: For now we have booked some live shows for the promotion of “My Own Truth”, but only in Greece. We would like to take the step to play abroad and of course in Germany. This will happen when someone propose us for a live show (bar or festival). Our band is ready for something like that and it’s our next big plan

12) SC: Finally your last words to your fans and our readers if you like.
SL: First of all we would like to thank you all for your support and your kind words. This is very important for us to continue and be better. Love music, support the bands that you like and try to learn how to play a music instrument. The feeling when you are only holding an instrument in your hands is incomparable. Thanks again Der, hope to see you all soon.

13) Thanks for the Interview!


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