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Entrevistamos para Necromance Digital Magazine a la banda STORMHOLD, que durante el 2014 editaron el CD “The lost world” a través de la conocida discográfica Metal Scrap Records.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)necromance 05

1. Tell us a brief story of how you got together and formed this band.
The band was formed by two guitarists in August 2003. Initially, the style was chosen power metal. But later in connection with a specific manner of singing the singer sound acquired Thrash shade. In this direction, the first demo was recorded in 2004 - "2050". After a series of changes in the composition in 2006 was recorded the second demo "Negative Infinity" in the style of melodic death metal. In the same year, guitarist-founder leaves the group. In autumn the band was again staffed. We started to do new stuff. But because of the global problem in recording the album was delayed for a long period. Only in 2013 we were able to make the Internet release EP "Eyes In The Eyes". And in 2014 an album “The Lost World”.

2. How did you come up with the name Stormhold?
To be honest, no one will remember this story.  We liked the combination of the words. We decided to select it.

3. Your sound is a mix of At the gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy... how do you usually approach the songwriting process as a band?
This material began accumulating in 2007, when a new guitarist came in band. He basically wrote 80% of the songs. As for the sound we tried to mix powerful death-riffs, speed and melody. It seems to happen quite good. The music is mainly written guitarists. Usually we first come up with guitars. Then all the other parties. Vocals and lyrics imposed last.

4. "The lost world" is your debut full length and it was released by Metal Scrap records in September 2014, how have been the reactions from the fans and press until now?
Before the release of the album, in 2013 we laid digital EP "Eyes In The Eyes. All the songs from the EP included on the album. Even then, in the EP, we have received many positive reviews. In general, the album has been accepted as a good fans and the press.

5. What does "The lost world" represent to you?
Lost World - this is our world. The world in which we live, with all its dark sides. Since the people themselves are pushing him into the abyss, he will sooner or later disappear.

6. How about the recording process for this album?
Unfortunately when the recording starts, the group had strong disagreements and quarrels. Well, because everything worked, and at that time also studied, so it was not always time to finish everything quickly. Therefore, the process was delayed. Nothing really new in the recording process, we did not come up. Just like everyone else. And the sequence is the same.

stormhold for necromance7. What inspired "The lost world", the title of the new album?
We have long thought about the album title. There were different options. Why did you choose this? The album of the songs associated with the war. Perhaps this played a key role.

8. What is the main conceptual message of this work?
We have not invested in any concept album. Theme songs related to the war, a struggle with his demons, dark aspects of life. And if to sum up, we can say that the basic message of "Save the Peace! Save the Life!"

9. What song does stand out the most of this record for you and why?
I do not know what to say. In my opinion the most successful the Eyes In The Eyes, Our Blood's On The Cross of War, Another Day. They expressway and combines the power, aggression and melody. Also highlighted The History Pages. It is less speed, average pace, but at the same time combines all of the above.

10. What do you feel has changed and what has stayed the same between your debut album and your previous demo recordings?
I would say that the level has changed. He became higher. As performing and composing. If you listen to the first material and the album it shows. I would say that the songs became more intense, more "adult".

11. How did you get hooked up with Metal Scrap Records?
About label Metal Scrap Records I knew for a long time. Many have heard about it from his Ukrainian friends. When we laid out the EP "Eyes In The Eyes", I got in touch with the label and asked whether they would be interested in the publication of the album. I received a positive response. Also working on the Internet, I saw a lot of advertising on the label.

12. What's next for Stormhold in the upcoming months?
It is difficult to say. In the group again a problem with the drummer. We are looking for a replacement. No plans currently do not build.

13. Do you recommend us any new Belarusian bands?
In Belarus, there are many good teams. One of Gomel Vein of Hate. By the way there playing one of our guitarists, besides recently they have released an album. I would also Recommend Gods Tower (the legend of the Belarusian and CIS metal scene), Forodwaith, Infestum, Nightside Glance, Serdce, Deathbringer, Fabiant.

14. We've reached the end of this interview, but feel free to leave a message to the readers...
Listen to good music, supported by underground. And as I said above "Save the Peace! Save the Life!"


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