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“It’s all about one simple idea in the beginning – Chase your dream and make them reality.”

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As one of the finest melodic death metal band in Taiwan, Diesear continue to break through since their formation in 2007. Sharing the same stage with world-class acts like Children of Bodom, performing in one of this genre’s birthplace Finland, founding their own record label Meteora Records… They take challenges as motivation and indie status as creation freedom. We talk to the band on their musical belief, tips for young bands and turning dreams into reality.

Dinosaur Journal

1) DJ: Dinosaur Journal
D: Diesear (Sui, Chris-J, KURENAI, Amo)

2) DJ: As the pioneer of melodic death metal in Taiwan, why would Diesear choose this genre as the main channel to express your art?
D: When we started out Diesear, we had tried lots of different extreme metal styles, but many of them couldn’t fulfilled our creative ideas. Some genres are too mainstream and some are too radical. Eventually we settled with melodic death metal because we are in love with the coexistence of both brutal and graceful elements which bring out the delicacy of human emotion. It showcases the powerful side while is able to transform into poignant gorgeously.

3) DJ: Diesear also runs a record label called Meteora Records, can you tell us more about it? And what’s the difference between being in a band and running a record label?
D: It’s all about one simple idea in the beginning – Chase your dream and make them reality. Taiwan’s music scene has a slower development than that in the Western countries. Since we are not just businessmen but musicians as well, we understand the challenges independent bands may face along the road. Therefore, we often offer assistance as much as we can in Meteora Records. We try our best to train the next generation of musical talents and support them to follow their dreams. We notice there’s progressive improvement in the Taiwan metal scene which is the most gratifying part of it all.

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I think it’s a good question about being in a band and running a record label at the same time. Many confuse these two roles as one, but indeed, they are wrong. A band is essentially “to create and reborn”, it’s an absolute artistic concept that’s not bound by anything; whilst running a record company equals “business and reality”, completely oppose to the meaning of a band. Diesear have learnt to understand “the creation of music should not be restrained by commercial factors”. One is dream and the other is reality, as simple as that.

4) DJ: Lyrically-speaking, what’s the main topic Diesear write about? Real life feelings or fictional stories?
D: We always use personal experience as Diesear’s lyrical theme. We use metaphor and abstract way to express the bright and dark side of humanity. It’s all about the spiritual dimension of human nature  we have observed in our lives.

5) DJ: When do you decide being a musician as your career?
D-Sui: I have great determination in it since I began, though I try not to over-think it and let it happen naturally.
D-KURENAI: If you just do it for fun, I guess you’d never excel at what you’re doing. It is quite a natural move for me; it’s hard to say when I decided to do it.
D-Chris-J: It’s more like a vocation than a profession because whenever you talk about career, you talk about money. And that’s something we want to get away from in order to create music that we like.
D-Amo: Music is part of my life. I can’t lose it because all of my emotions is in my music.

diesear 26) DJ: Compared to other extreme metal genre, melodic death metal pays a lot of attention to emotions. Then which emotion strike your nerve the most that you want to put it all into your music?
D: In Diesear’s creative process, we always integrate weeping and sorrow into aggressive rhythm, mixing the bitter cold darkness in Nordic countries with the heart-warming passion in Asian music.

7) DJ: Many independent bands have lots of struggles along the way, now with what you have achieve, do you have any advices for the younger bands?
D-Sui: I think once you have determined to create music, you should devote 101% of yourself into it and not having any regrets. Don’t give up because of reality or challenges. Reminds yourself the reason why you started and try your best not to let it fall apart. The rest of it will be endless hard works and practice because there’s nothing as “good enough”.
D-KURENAI: Stand your ground and take it seriously. This journey is much harder than you have ever imagined.
D-Amo:  Stick to your dream and goon’s give up along the way. Fight till the last moment with your passion.
D-Chris-J: Don’t see it as a game or a simple thing because the road is really rough one.

8) DJ: Aesthetically, Diesear have somewhat the image package of Japanese visual bands, what’s the reason behind?diesear 3
D: Besaue Sui (guitarist) and KURENAI (vocalist) were in Japanese visual rock bands before Diesear was founded. There was a time when visual rock was very popular in Taiwan, however, after a short period of time, we felt strong sense of restraint form it. That’s you’ll still see traces of what we love in different ways.

9) DJ: Many brilliant Asian musicians who write their own music choose incorporating their own culture into their music. How does your culture influence your creative input?
D: Basically our composition will not be limited by the so-called “cultural element”. On the contrary, we are inspired by personal experience and instant emotion for creation. This is how we finished writing for our album  “Ashes of The Dawn”. There’s no specific “element” to shape Diesear’s music, because at the moment, what we aim to do is “pure melodic death metal” and we believe the purest moves the deepest.

10) DJ: Having toured around the world including Tuska Heavy Metal Festival in Finland, what If you can go on tour with any bands, what’d be the first name appear in your mind?
D-Sui: Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist) – Even though Randy had passed away in 1982, if I ever got to perform on the same stage with him, I could die without regret. He’s the greatest influence to my guitar style.
D-Chris-J: Metallica!
D-KURENAI: In Flames! One of the earliest metal band we fell in love with.
D-Amo: Slipknot, the first metal band I listened to and they have So profound impact on my life.

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11) DJ: Last question – it’s going to be a casual one – Your tour mates and melodic death metal giants Children of Bodom called their diehards as “Hate Crew”, if you had to pick a name for your fans, what would it be?
D-Sui: Martyr
D-Chris-J: Martyr
D-Amo: Handsome…


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