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“Hunt for the sun”, 2º trabajo de los griegos DESERT NEAR THE END, fue editado a través de Metal Scrap Records en el pasado año 2014; de estre trabajo y más aspectos de la banda hablamos con ellos en esta entrevista que os mostramos a continuación.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance)
Answering Akis Prasinikas (DESERT NEAR THE END; bass)

1. How did you come all together to form the band? Which are the actual members of the band?
The band was originally formed back in 1998, with a different name of course, from a group of friends in our last school year. Since then only Alexandros and me (Akis) are still in the band, all the other members from back then have either lost their interest in music or they choose a different musical path which doesn’t involve Metal. We kept the band alive even when it was just the two of us. We were still making music for ourselves and we have even recorded a full length album back in 2005 under the name Eventide. At some point we decided that we wanted something more and so along with changing our name into Desert Near The End and the recordings of our debut album “A Crimson Dawn” we started looking for other people to form a full band so that we could play our songs live. That took us some time that’s why we had our friend and sound engineer Nik record the guitars. But since 2012 the line-up of Desert Near The End is: Alexandros in vocals, Akis in bass and Thanos in guitars and George Tzitzifas in drums who is not a full member but a constant help in our concerts.

2. Why the name DESERT NEAR THE END?
As I said in the last answer we were called Eventide for quite some time, but that name was used from other bands too. So instead of adding something to it we decided that, as we have involved in personal and musical level, we needed something more personal and less generic. So when we wrote the song “the desert near the end” and we saw that it sums up everything this band stand for in both lyrics and Music we named the band after that. As for what it means, although it seems very bleak in our musical world stands for hope, because it describes a situation when everything seems lost and the only thing that you have in order to survive is hope.

3. How do you feel when you look back to your first album "A crimson Dawn" now?
“A Crimson dawn” was a big achievement for us because we have found our musical path and we have assimilated our influences in order to write songs and not tributes. We are also very happy with the sound of the album because we used two distorted bass guitars along with the rhythm guitars so it was very difficult to mix, but everything turned up well and we have this dirty, earthly sound to our songs and we are still very happy with this.

4. In the past, you've released this debut album by self-financed way, but now you're signed to the amazing Metal Scrap Records, how is it like to work with them and be part of their family?
We are very happy, everything goes very smoothly and nice and its very important for us to have a way to reach biggest audience with our music and Metal Scrap Records is very helpful with this.  

5. How it is usually your songwriting process as a group?
Usually I write the music of a song and then we sit down with Alexandos and we work on the vocal melodies together and try to figure out which of our lyrics fits better in the song. Because usually we work the lyrics separately from the music and we put them together at a later stage and then we see which one needs modification.  And because of that we often have lyrics without music or entire songs without lyrics because the connection between them is like a marriage you cannot put any piece of music with any lyric and vice versa, you must wait for the right one on either side.

6. Your label has described your music as a mixture of thrash metal with epic elements, do you each have your own personal word to describe your music?
Actually yes, often we call our music epic-thrash but we know that the correct term is power-thrash. We just wanted to underline the fact that we don’t use melodies just to make the music more melodic but to give a feeling of grandiose and the feeling that every song is a big epic-piece of music in its own world. Also we wanted to make clear that we don’t have this sweet and nostalgic flavor in our music that many connect with the term “power” which is beautiful when it happens but it’s not suitable for us.

desert near the end band7. This last year, you've released your second album "Hunt for the sun" through Metal Scrap, what can you tell us about this recording and the music we'll listen on it?
"Hunt for the sun" was again produced by as in our own studio and it’s in the same epic/power/thrash vein as “A Crimson Dawn” and it differs mostly in terms of speed and complexion on its orchestration. And that because our album are concepts and share the same story (which going to be concluded in our third album) the music is story driven, so in the first album we wanted to build a solemn soundscape of a man lost in the desert this time we wanted the music to sound more aggressive and determined as a man who hunts his pray.

8. Why did you choose "hunt for the sun" to be the title for this album?
As I mentioned the album is concept so I must tell something about its story so that someone can understand the title. “Hunt For The Sun” it’s the second part of a story that will be concluded in our third album. It’s the symbolic quest of a man who wakes by the sea in a world without sun and have no memory of who he is or what brought him there. So we follow him on his quest for his true self and destiny as he search for the sun hoping that its light will guide him, but he realizes that the absolute light is blinding and nothing can survive under it. So he renounce the burning star in the sky as not his own and hunts for the sun, the real one, the one that guides and not only blinds. We follow him on his quest from the shores of the sea to the deepest desert where time stand still and the flaming star never sets and from there through a passage of time to the heart of the sun where in flames as a burning star himself he is lost from the world but his trail remains in the sky as a promise for every man. There is where “Hunt for the sun” ends with a promise of a return which we hope will be fulfilled in our next album.

9. What can you tell us about the recording process of "Hunt for the sun"?
As I said it was recorded and mixed by us in our studio by our long time sound engineer and studio-guitarist Nik Odious and the Mastering was done in England by the great John K. (Biomechanical)

10. What's your favorite song of "Hunt for the sun" to play live?
My personal favorite to play is the first track of the album and our first video-clip “Storm on my side” which was actually the last song that we wrote for the album and that’s why it’s still sound very fresh to my ears  and to my hands!

11. What's the next step for the band?
For now and with the help from Metal Scrap Records we want to promote “Hunt for the sun” as much as possible with as many lives as we can. As for the next album, the one which will conclude the story we began with in “A Crimson Dawn” it’s already written but I don’t want to speak for it yet. I’ll just tell that it will be even faster and heavier than “Hunt for the sun”.

12. What's your favorite record of 2014?
That will be propably “Desideradum” from Anaal Nathrakh. Its brutal and epic, every face of Metal in one extreme album.

13. Do you recommend any new bands from Greece that we should listen to?
There are many great bands in Greece, the local scene during the last years is enormous! Just to mention a few I would say: Agnes vein, Karma Violence, No Hand Path and Disolvo Animus. But there are countless more!.

14. Anything you would like to add?
Thanks for the nice questions and I want to thank everyone who will show interest in our music and always… follow the path across the desert… whatever this desert may be!.


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