HELL:ON (for Soulgrinder Zine)

Hell:On is an Ukranian Death/Thrash Metal Band that is ready to conquer the fucking world. Here’s a cool interview with one of the members of the band.
This is Paul from Soulgrinder Zine and I’m here with Alex from Hell:on

Interview was prepared by Paul (Soulgrinder Zine)soulgrinder zine 1

1) For those who are not yet familiar with Hell:On, give us some info on the band and tell us who does what in the band.
We are ukrainian metal band HELL:ON and we began to play in the spring of 2005. In the course of the creation of the songs it turned out that the musical material was a fusion of Thrash, Death and Groove Metal, which corresponded to the different aspirations of the musicians.Now we released three full-length albums and ready to release fourth at 25th of November via britishgerman
label Ferrrum.

2) What are the difficulties and differences between playing live and when you are recording?
These are different types of works and both of them has its own specific features of course. We love to work in studio and we love to touring. I’m even cannot tell you about any disadvantages, because music it’s our passion and we really mad about what we do. Of course, on our way we find a lot of troubles, but it doesn’t matter, what doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger.

3) What are your favorite bands? Any new good bands from your country you’d like to mention here? If you had to pick your three all-time favourite metal (or other) bands who would they be and why? Where do you draw influences from? Are they all rooted in old school Thrash?
There are a lot of bands that we are really like. But mostly our interests cross with our "big three". Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura. As you see there is not only old school thrash:). Of course this is only small part of bands that we are listening to. We all have different tastes in music and this is not only metal music. We see the influence of some "big" bands not in a blind copy or inheritance of classical riffs, but in the inheritance of the spirit of their creativity, its processing through the prism of our perception. And I think this is the only right way to create some individual things, with its own face and style.
Regarding Ukraine, we have here very strong and fast growing metal stage and lots of great bands. We have several big names like Khors, Morton, Hell:on of course :)

4) What three books and movies would you consider essential?
Very difficult question. You know, the man and his mind, tastes and interests is not a static entity, but a dynamic ever-evolving system. So it is very difficult to stop at one thing. Today I am inspired by a book or movie, it could be changed tomorrow.

5) What can we expect of the newer Hell:On material?
On this album you will find more influence of death metal than previously. It is still thrash metal, but we developed our skills and our music is grew with us. We became more professional, more skilful, more interesting as a musicians. On this album we invited to play with us Andy LaRoque (King Diamond, Death) and Marek "Spider" Pajak (Vader) and of course their participation also made a mark on our new album.

6) There’s some quite interesting album artwork. Can you tell me more about it?
Yes, Artwork was done by talented greek painter Seth Siro Anton, leader of death metal machine Septic Flesh. We have long been familiar with his work and consider it a great artist. He is not just able to create a good picture, he understands the essence of metal music. That’s why we chose him. We had conception of this album (titled Hunt) and we explained him our thoughts about it. He is well understood our ideas and implemented them in his trademark manner. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.

hell-on band7) Any Hell:On exclusives you can give us?
Yes, during the recording of us had an accident, which is worth paying attention to. We have entrusted the part of the work on the album to James Murphy, paid him a deposit. He stole our money and did nothing of the promise. It is unprofessional and despicable. Do not have any deals with that bastard.

8) What kind of touring plans does the band have?
We proud to announce that we nominated like best metal act 2013 in Ukraine and will play on a big ceremony in October in Kiev. Later in October we will start European tour with Sinful and Craving and we will visit Poland, Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic with concerts. Also till the end of the year we will play several shows in Ukraine.

9) If you could tour with one band, past or present, who would it be and why?
He-he, Slayer maybe))) it will be like dreams come true. But, really, this list of wishes could be very big.

10) How long would you say it took to write, record and produce "Age of Oblivion"? Was it relatively fast?
It seems we spent about a couple years to make a third album. After "Re:Born" (2008), we released an EP "In the Shadow of Emptiness" in 2010 and this EP was like a first step to understanding how new album will look. So, composing of materials took a couple year for sure. Also we had accident with a studio, when all materials were damaged and we started to record everything again. So, it was very long and distant way to the "Age of Oblivion". But we gained a big experience of studio work.

11) How did you get involved with Metal Scrap Records?
Metal Scrap is a best metal label in Ukraine. After we collaborated with the rerelease of our second album "Re:Born", we realized that this is the best option for us. And so there was no doubt who have to publish our new release. Metal Scrap team are very good people and real professionals.

12) What does the future hold for Hell: On? What are your plans for 2013-2014?
After release of the new album and European tour we have a plan to make a music video. Also we will start working over new album; I suppose it will be ready in 2014. And then it will be European tour again.

13) What merchandise do you have available?
We have several types of T-Shirt, also badges and other small things. You can order it just contact with us through our official pages: www.hell-on.net

14) Well good luck with your album and tour, and thanks very much for your time. This space is for you.
Thank you very much Paul for your attention to our band and see you on the concerts!


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