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Interview was prepared by David Déniz (Necromance)

1) How did MEMORAIN come about? Who is who, and who does what in the band?
The idea of the name came from my first bass player, John Karathanasis, back in 1999. We wanted a name than will be original and really deferent and I believe that we succeed in that! Memorain is five members band and most of the material is coming from me, that doesn't mean of course that I am not giving some space to the other members to add some ideas.

memorain 12) About the he new album "Seven sacrifices", are you happy with how it's receiving by fans and press so far?
Until now I am very happy with the feedback that we are getting for Seven Sacrifices!!! We really put a lot of hard work in the album and it is really amazing to see that this hard work is having the good result that you always wanted. I am always reading the reviews that my label, Metal Scrap Records, is sending to me and until now everything is more than great!

3) What was the best part about working on the album?
I really enjoy all the steps, from the composing of the new songs until the mastering of the album. Is a really unique feeling that is giving you the satisfaction of creating from nothing something really important! You know when it comes to music you are dealing with feelings and thoughts so put all these in something, is like this thing is getting alive! So you can say that the whole process makes me really happy and I really enjoy everything because each step is getting me closer to the final result.

4) What song is your favorite on the album and which is your favorite to play live?
You can say that Worlds Apart is my favorite one from the album. It is a fast song with great melodies and also the changes of the riffs is something that I really enjoy doing when I am playing live!

5) What bands have inspired you, and how has that list changed over time, if at all?
I am a big fan of bands like Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Annihilator and Testament, I really like the American Thrash Metal and you can say that basic my main influence comes from there. But that doesn't mean that I don't listen other things. A really big influence for me is Rory Gallagher, that was an amazing guitar player and a great composer!!!

6) What do you think fans will take away from listening to the new album...memorain 2
Well we did our best when we were working on the album and we really hope that the fans will enjoy it. I believe that until now is my best album and hope that feeling will also pass to the fans of Memorain.

7) Please, tell us something about the collaboration for this recording... David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Michael Gilberd (Flotsam And Jetsam)... great names in the music scene...
With David we are friends for some years and he was also a guest in the previous album of Memorain. We had also composed together and with Tim "Ripper" Ownes one song that is called Rules Of Engagement. I am very happy that he is participating in Seven Sacrifices, for me David is the best bass player in Metal music! He is also an amazing guy!!! With Jed we have met 3 years ago, through Gene Hoglan, and as you know Jed is famous for his work with Strapping Young Lad, he is an amazing guy and and amazing guitar player! With Michael we have met 4 years ago when he was in Greece for a show with Flotsam and Jetsam. He is a great guy and I really like all the songs that he composed for Flotsam and Jetsam. I am very happy that I have the honor this guys to trust me and participate as special guests in my album. Working with big musicians like them you always learning something new. Talking with this guys healped me a lot to improve many-many things!!!

8) Are there aspects of playing live that you like better than in the studio, or vise versa?
Each thing is totally unique and we really enjoy both things the same! The process of recording makes me extremely happy because of the creative mood that I am at that moment, and specially when the result is what I had in mind that is one of the best thing that happen for me! When it comes to touring and playing live my music that is also something else! To hear live the music that you recorded and most of all see the people how much they are enjoying it is something priceless!!! So I dont thing that is something that I prefer most, I really enjoy both things in the same level!!!

memorain 49) What are your goals as a band?
My main goal is, for a start, in each new album to make a step forward! I don't really want to make an album that it is sound the same with the previous one, taken at least one step forward each time is very important for me! My other goal you can say is always to find a way and also improving the same time the level quality of the band when is performing live. This is one more important thing that I believe is helping that band so it can go to the next level!

10) What are your thoughts concerning the music industry today, from cds to mp3s and everything in between?
Music industry is changing every day and from my experience extremely fast! In the past things were much easier I believe for musicians and record labels, because except from the basic promotion that they had to do in the magazines, the live performing of the band was the only two things that was possible to do. Now with the Internet you have all these social networks, web magazines, web zines, etc. It is good that you can have a direct communication with the people that enjoy your music, but this thing is taking a lot of time and some time the help and the work of lot people! I believe that all the people that are involving with the music industry must find a new way to approach the fans!

11) Is there anything you'd like to add that you feel I've missed out on?
Thank you very much for the interview!!!

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