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Melodic death metal is not just for the Scandinavians. They can also handle it well in Ukraine as ForceOut proves with their debut Delusion. Ukraine is a country we do not hear a lot about in the metal world, so we asked guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Dima about the metal scene in eastern Europe and, of course, ForceOut.

Interview was prepared by MoL (Lords Of Metal)
Answering: Dmitriy Krytugolova (FORCEOUT, guitar/vocal)

1) We do not see a lot of bands emerge from Ukraine. Can you tell us some more about the metal scene over there?
Hi! My name is Dima, I am a lead guitarist, songwriter and the vocalist in ForceOut. Yes, it is valid, in Ukraine there aren't a lot of known bands, but there are many good bands. I would like to mention such bands as Kroda, Sunrise, Polynove Pole, Morton and Dimicandum. In Ukraine the metal scene is well developed, but difficult to step on the stage in other countries because organizers from other countries don't know us.

2) Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is more difficult in Ukraine to get an album recorded. How did that go for ForceOut?
Hmm. Well, it is possible to write down even in a cellar, here already main is a mastering and other these tricks. Generally our groups make records at studios in Ukraine, and for other work it is send to Finland, Poland or Germany. We did it all in Ukraine because at us it is difficult with the band's budget. But in my opinion, as for the first album everything turned out fucking awesome!

3) Can you tell something about the recording process? Who did most in the lyrical part, who produced the album, how do the songs come to life?
It was the first serious experience in studio and it very much was pleasant to us. At first we wrote down old songs, then the new. There were many changes in texts, in instruments parties. Everything was under my control because I write all music, I know how must it all be, and I want that all would be according to the highest category. At first I work over music, and then I write lyrics.

4) You signed with Metal Scrap Records. How did you came in touch with them?
I don't remember exactly. It was through the Internet. I wrote to the owner of a label, and sent him records. Later he answered and we started discussing conditions, which in the end lead to the official release of our CD in Ukraine April 13, and then in the world.

5) Listening to your debut Delusion I would say you got your influences from the Swedish melodic death metal bands. Which bands in particular are your main influence?
There are two schools of melodic death metal - Finnish and Swedish. I listen to many groups which play in these styles. I can't precisely tell you about my music. Swedish Finnish? I really don't know. Something is more similar to Swedes, something to Finns. My favorite band is Russian power metal band Epidemia. If you listen to them, you will be able to hear some similarities to my music.

forceout6) There are two tracks done your native language, while the other tracks are in English. What was the reason to do two tracks in Ukrainian and what are they about?
These are old songs which we played in 2009. In the song Everything That Is I describe amoral acts of people, about that that people like to burn the last bridges of hope. And in the song Lead Flowers something about war. Lead flowers - bullets. I can't precisely explain because the text was written by our drummer as he sang in it a pure vocal.

7) There is a guest appearance on I Need Salvation. Why did you decide to do that for I Need Salvation?
I wrote this song when I had very bad mood, I then was in any despair or something like that. I decided that in this song there has to be a female vocal because the lyrics written like dialogue. On mine it turned out well.

8) I reckon it can be difficult to travel abroad to do a tour in support of Delusion. Do you have tour plans and are they mainly in Ukraine or is it possible to do some shows abroad?
Now only in Ukraine, but we wait for invitations from abroad also we will be glad to play somewhere out of Ukraine.

9) What is there expected in the future by ForceOut?
This autumn we will go to studio for record new album. It will be more powerful. At the moment, we have recorded two new songs, Snowdrift and Death Follows Me, soon you will be able to hear them on the Internet.

10) The last space is for you. What do you want to let us know that we have not talked about yet?
On the next album, the music will be more interesting, melodic and aggressive. At the moment, the new album is already written more than fifteen songs, now we learn them, and then choose that we liked best. Also in the new songs have power metal, a little bit of black metal, and a little bit of Scandinavian folk.


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