HELL:ON (for The Eye Of Every Storm)

“Stronger Than Ever”

I think the Ukrainian band Hell:On already well known to Polish metalheads. Powerful post thrash of this band carries a sufficient supply of energy, to tear out of the chair every lazy ass. If someone is not familiar with this band, those have a great chance to see for themselves the validity of my words, because band planned a couple of concerts in Poland within the upcoming autumn tour. Well, if you want to learn more about Hell:On, read an interview with band guitarist Anton Vorozhtsov.

Interview was prepared by Alexander (Alias) Okhota
Answered Anton Vorozhtsov (HELL:ON, guitar)

Hello! Last year the band released a new album called "Age of Oblivion". Are you satisfied with the result, and what reviews got your last album?
Hi! The album received a lot of positive reviews from all over the world, including in highly reputable journals. Among other things, the album debuted at number 40 spot in the prestigious chart "Top 49" of the largest European fanzine Legacy, and it's a pretty good result. Sufficiently important indicator I believe that after its release the number of listeners on our touring routes has increased significantly.

As far as I know, now the band is working on their next album. How it was possible to start recording the next album almost immediately after the release of "Age of Oblivion"?
In fact, we have not started to record, at the time of writing this interview has just finished pre-production album, and by the early accumulation of the material itself will be held for nearly a year since the first release of "Age of Oblivion". Although, given the fact that the material for the previous album was written during 2009-2011, then yes, the fourth full-length album is done much faster.

As I understand, you have no problems with writing of the new stuff…
As you can see from the previous question - we have changed the approach to writing material for a new album. The principle is that all the songs are written in a fairly short period of time. And if at the back side "Age of Oblivion" you see that the album is logically divided into two parts (side A and side B, a tribute to some sort vinyl), then on our fourth record that does not happen. The form of this album, we originally conceived in the tradition of classic albums thrash metal and death - compared with previous work, he is short and fast and furious. The ideal of this album, I think "Raining Blood", and it seems to me, "The Hunt" (the working title of the album) turned out quite similar in terms of the perception of the integrity of the material.

In the sound of "Age of Oblivion" was noticeable clear bias towards the "old school" thrash metal sound. Although, in spite of this, thanks to the orchestral arrangements on final track called "Satan", the sounding of it can be considered as experimental. On the new album you will also continue to move to the "roots" or can we again expect the unexpected?
Yes, we still strongly rooted to the roots, I can even say that the album is a serious bias towards classic death metal. I've always been a big fan of Morbid Angel with their grim "sick" atmosphere, and it ultimately failed to bring a touch gloomy not blasphemous insanity to an already not very bright palette of sounds new album. "The Hunt", will probably be the darkest, heaviest and fastest of all of our albums. But this does not mean that there is no room experiments. However, after some time you hear it yourself :)

On the "Age of Oblivion" you had one special guest - Jeff Waters from Annihilator.  Enviable party, I must admit. On your next album will also be present celebrity guests? Do you plan to continue this tradition?
Yes, it is expected cooperation has borne fruit, and we will be possible to continue this tradition. For one of the songs of the next album already recorded a solo by Andy La Roque, known to all the parties in their solo albums King Diamond and Death.

Tell me, what do you expect from the cooperation with these musicians? When you invite for cooperation so famous musicians, what purpose are you following? And, importantly, does it make any selfish motive? Aren’t you afraid that some "friendly" metalfans will simply accuse you that you just “show off”?
We will not make a secret of the fact that the main purpose of this kind of cooperation is to attract the attention of the press, potential fans, as well as the expansion of our listeners. But there is, of course, a kind of "intimate" side of this issue – some time ago, it was the top of dreams autographs and take pictures with childhood idol, and now you're sipping beer with them at the backstage and recorded for their album tracks from their participation. This, I tell you, no doubt cool, though, of course, not an end in itself. As for the "well-wishers" I have nothing against the fact that they use their legal right to have any sort of view, but not sure that any of us cares.

hellon for the eye of everystorm1By the way, how much easy to work with such esteemed guests?
These guys are real pro what else to say.

Do you have any algorithm of work, in terms of writing and recording new material? Or with a recording of each next album the approach varies?
Approach, of course, varies a little from album to album. We get some new experiences and further adjust some details of the workflow, but in general everything is pretty trivial - everyone brings some of his ideas, we work together to bring them to the status of finished tracks, then Alexandr (Baev, vocalist) writes the lyrics, and then we record it all, along the way introducing some minor adjustments to the arrangement. Just like everyone :)

Was it hard to find your own sound? Or are you still searching?
Everything is in itself turns out, though, of course, we are actively discussing the process. On the new album we are, I think, set free the beast, which was born on the previous record. Now he is old enough to hunt alone (think of it as one of the options decrypt the album title, ha ha). But neither I nor anyone else in Hell:On can not say now how this beast will be in the fifth, sixth, tenth albums.

Your band touches on quite serious problems in lyrics. Is not it hard for you all the time to adhere of a "serious image"? Don't you ever want to roughhouse, vandalize?
Frankly, never really thought about it. Texts are fully manages by our singer Baev. I think the music itself is pushing him to do, and the concept of "seriousness" has a different meaning for everyone. Although we are in general terms, of course, discuss the concept of our work. A time to be fooled around is in tour.

As for your tours, you have repeatedly toured outside of Ukraine. Do you plan the European tour this year?
Yes, of course, we are almost finishing scheduling a tour, which will take place in October 2013. The main part of the concerts will take place in Germany, as well' we’ll come in Poland and the Czech Republic, including the visit of the capital of all three countries. I'm sure it will be a nice tour :)

If you compare the reaction of the European metal fans, how has it changed since your first overseas tour? Can we say that there is a certain amount of people who are waiting for your next visit?
Sure. From tour to tour, we meet at the concerts the same people, and each time they are becoming more and more, it's cool. Nice to see quite a lot of people coming to concerts in our T-shirts, purchased during previous tours. Also in Europe, is common enough that some guys go for us in the neighboring town and not much and even the country. Fortunately, in Europe, the distance between them and contribute to this lack of boundaries. We have already seen this, especially in Poland, where we already have a lot of friends.

Since we are talking about foreign tours, tell me more about your last autumn tour of 2012 called "Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour". How successful it was for the band?
We toured the territory of Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia together with Sinful and Blackthorn. Each tour brings a lot of positive impressions, and this was no exception. Traditional touring “hot” was enough. We were first in Germany, and I want to say that the first attempt did not come out lumpy - we are already there waiting for :) In general, I can call this tour the most successful for the band of all held earlier.

How do you think, how much promising your further performances out of Ukraine?
While the metal scene in the CIS in such poor condition as it is now, this is probably the only possible perspective for the band.

Is it important for members of Hell:On "personal contact", as in the band, and in everyday life? If we assume that one of the current members for some reason left the band, how will be hard for you to move on further?
"The personal touch" can be called as fundamental in the work and in relationships between members. When things are not going well between people - they are not going well in the band‘s mechanism, each performing its intended function. Changing the band can‘t be painless. Even if in the end everything will be much better, the body will be some time fever.

There are already a few video clips in the archives of Hell:On. Is it too expensive and unprofitable occupation, taking into account the realities of today's market?
It's certainly not cheap, especially considering the fact that with each turn in the band's development inevitably raises the bar in the implementation of absolutely all aspects of its activity. So it is necessary to make video - the question may be moot, but definitely better when the clip is, than when they are not. Even better, when they are good. Our latest video work “Disaster” got quite good :) Also, my work (I am the owner of a recording studio TA Production) allows both my teams don’t spend money on recording albums, why "saved" in this way means you do not apply on other fronts?

Which factor do you consider most important in your own creativity?
Sincerity. This doesn’t compare with anything and nothing fake.

Do you often have to sacrifice something for the sake of your band?
Personally, I don’t really. Without a permanent compromise is not complete, but I have not burdened with a family, and my whole lifestyle contributes almost unimpeded music lessons. I don’t have to wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, a bullet fly into the office, munching on the go breakfast leftovers, explain boss - why he has give a time for my tours. Honestly, I don’t even know how to get along with it all the rest of the band. All of them are married, and two have recently become fathers, not to mention the whole gimp work.

Ok. Thank you for your answers. That’s were all my questions. What do you want to wish to our readers in end of this interview?
More often tear ass on the Internet, go to concerts of metal bands, buying CDs and merch. And be ready for the new Hell:On album. It will kick your ass, believe me )))))


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