SHAME YOURSELF (for Atmosfear Magazine #11)

atmosfear 111. After listening of Shame Yourself debut album, we can conclude that, despite your love to the old and classic stuff, you don't mind to much modernize your music, diluting it with more modern elements. How justified this method? Maybe there's no need to fix what isn't broken? After all the old classics sounds good even today, and no worse than when it was created. Isn’t it?
Thanks for listening to our album. When it comes to older recordings it has to be noted that they were real masterpieces. Digital tricks weren’t available. Musicians just had to be able to play. That’s all. Now it’s all about the engineer’s work. Our recording may sound a bit old school like as we tried to do it in a way we usually do it live. Besides as music is far modernized now we received a mixture of old and new playing. We wanted to record an album, no matter how it sounds in terms of modernity. We are really satisfied with what we received.

2. How could you interest the listener who is not familiar with music of Shame Yourself? Give us a short description of your music and specify the main reason to pay attention to your band, or even better - to buy the CD.
As you already mentioned, we received quite untypical sound, a mixture of old and new music. Our music itself is very energetic and dynamic, kept in a medium thrash-groove pace. There are juicy riffs combined with catchy sounds, but never too sweet ones. Vocals are more deathmetal-like, not thrashy. Nonetheless, it’s truly interesting and has THAT sound, if you know what I mean. It’s heavy enough. The cover is also an important element that adds the whole work its character. You can really find many attention-grabbing details when looking closer into it.

3. Judging from the record, the music of Shame Yourself is very well suited for a wild slam and headbanging, which implies an active concert promotion of the album. As you can feel, Shame Yourself - is more studio or live band?

shame yourself

We hadn’t many adventures with studios yet. The recording process itself gave us much experience necessary for creating new stuff for the new album, but we’re still a gig band. We feel great at the stage. The public gives us a kick, the more we give the more the they give back. And the other way round the more they give us the more we give them, and so on.

4. Tell us about the musical preferences of the band members. How they are similar or different, and in this regard, how hard or, alternatively, you can easily find common ground in the process of writing material and recording?
Tastes to metal are like holes in the assess, each of us has one’s own. Hahahh!! To be serious, however, each of us likes different music, but we still have a few common music bands that we respect but we want to be different to them. The material itself is far something more than just the band’s work. We had a few changes in the line up so far and everybody was adding something from oneself to enrich the material. It may be said that the outcome is a combination of many musicians’ input also the ones who are not in the lineup anymore. We’re working on a new album (the number of tracks could be fair enough to record a new album I guess) and we all seem to know where to go next. We do enjoy creating new tracks or playing any riff. The new album undoubtedly will be our new baby.

5. Have you ever tried to look into the future? How do you think, what will happen with the band 15 years later, for example?
We don’t have such a long-term plan yet. We’re focusing on the current moment. We want to do it for as long time as possible maybe 15 or 25 yrs. That would be great! If we manage it would mean we still have that something.

6. Tell me honestly, what is most the important thing for you in all this metal bullshit? For what are you doing this? What are your main goals and incentives to move on?
First of all, it’s our hobby. We do what we like, and as we like rock’n’roll life we live as such. I don’t want to go too far in the future but I hope we won’t get bored of playing, recording, playing gigs, etc. And were are heading at? The further the better. It’s fun to play for big audience especially if it knows your music. It’s our aim to have fun of music and amuse our public.


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