LETHARGIA (for Spirit of Metal)

Great surprise of the season, Lethargy has released a small bomb in the world of dark metal as Inactive Messiah in time with "Divine Madness". With a strong musicality and maturity already being proven, we wanted to know a little more from the singer / guitarist who have agreed to answer my questions…

Interview was prepared by Eternalis (Spirit of Metal)

1. Hello! Can you present the band please? How is born Lethargia?
Hi! We are the dark metal band and we were born in the 1th of December 2007 in the Zaporizhzhya. There were only four people in the band. Me, Vitalii Yavnov – vocal & guitar, Alexnander Shirinsky – lead guitar, Vladimir Sirenko (ex-member) - bass, Alexander Kyznetsov – drums.

2. When I listen to “Divine Madness” the first time, I can think you’re a Greek band, like Septic Flesh or Rotting Christ…but you’re Ukrainian! Do you understand the analogy between these bands and you?
We’re surprised to listen to your opinion about Septic Flesh and us.  ‘Cause we like this band very much and this fact could effect on our music.

3. Your style also resembles Moonspell, My Dying Bride or Katatonia…it’s melancholic and beautiful but there is always violence, darkness behind the music. Do you agree?
No, I don’t. There is not always violence and darkness. There is also deep intuition, love, feelings and reflections. I could agree with you if you would say this about funeral doom.

4. “Divine Madness” is a very good album, really inspired with a true maturity. What are your dreams with this second album?
Thanks’!  We were working very hard for this result.  We dreamed about good result. And we hope that it is done.

5. There are a lot of clean voices in the album, and Vitaly is really good on this exercise. How he chose when he sing on clean or scream voice?
This is choice of my inner voices. They themselves suggest when I should to sing softly and where should to sing extreme.

6. What is the signification of the artwork?
Let it remain a mystery for people.

7. Is it a concept behind lyrics of the album?
Yes, it is.

8. You have talent for explode beyond your frontiers. Do you think if you were Swedish or Greek, you would be an advantage?
Thanks’. It’s a really different to give an answer for this question. But I certainly can say that the musical mentality there better than in Ukraine.

9. What do you know of France?
That I’d like to be there))) This is the country of Arts!!! Paris is my passion and I dream to visit the  Pere Lachaise.

10.  For your first interview on Spirit of Metal, do you mean something for people does not know you?
Besides the music I like classic literature, poetry and painting. Unfortunately I cannot drawing, but I writing  a poems.

11.  You have a deal with Metal Scrap Records. What you expect of them?
This is a good label. I'm satisfied at the moment.

12.  Have you programmed a tour for support “Divine Madness”? Do you like played live your songs?
Yes, we do. We prepared a tour program on the March 2013. There will be Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.  And we think that live gigs are best promotion for the bands.

13.  You have the last words for SoM…Thanks a lot and good luck!!
Thank you for the questions. I wish France remaines the same spiritual as it is. I hope we will meet each other in your beautiful country!!!


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