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You wanted thrash and burn? So got it! "Wonderfuck" - the debut album of a young Polish band SHAME YOURSELF can drive out your brains and smear them on the wall. Skillfully combining thrash, deep groove and death this band plays a very dynamic and provocative stuff. However, in real life guys from SHAME YOURSELF seems quite sensible. At least Klusek, vocalist of SHAME YOURSELF, seemed to me quite intelligence person during our communication, the results of which you can read in the interview below.

Interview was prepared by Alias

1. Hi! Shame Yourself is a young band, so, please, introduce your band and tell us when, how and why the band was created, and so on...
The idea of creating a band itself was like in any other case; we wanted to play metal in our free time. Originally, we played just covers, but we also wrote some song. Then the line up changed a few times. It’s common among fresh bands, isn’t it?

2. Recently the band released their first album called “Wonderfuck”. Can you tell, what will be waiting for the listeners on this album for those who still have not heard the album?
‘Wonderfuck’ is a thrashy dish spiced with groove and death metal vocals as well as ironic texts. You can hear not only some elements of thrash metal old school but also a new approach to that subject, the average pace and rock'n'roll feeling. What is characteristic for this album is specific melody for each song.

3. And why was signed a contract exactly with Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records? Is Europe have no record labels, which willing to cooperate with you?
Only after entering the studio in October 2011 we received an invitation for 2 gigs in Ukraine from our friend Alex ov Hell:on. One of them was "In Thrash We Trust" fest In Kiev. As we then found out there were some people form Metal Scrap Records. They liked our show and offered to release our album. We’ve quickly decided to agree as the conditions were really satisfying. After some short negotiations we’ve started cooperation, what truly makes us happy.

4. Tell us about your plans for the nearest future. Have you planned a lot of shows?
Our main task was to record professional video clip and play European tour promoting our debutant album. We’ve already started playing gigs in Poland. We’ve also planned some bigger shows, a jubilee gig, it’s five years already, among others. In the meantime, we work on our second album so as not to slow down.

5. How important for you to do live performances?
Performing live is very important for us especially when we play for alive hahahah even though they tend to lay down as dead on hearing "death wall". Each gig is an unusual experience that’s why we’re still trying to give as many shows as possible before the end of world. We’ve been labeled to be a great band to be seen live (I would like to see it myself though) heheeh.

6. How strong you are ambitious, as a band?
It’s a bit strange question, I recon. Each band wants to release some great albums, travel around the World and give great shows, just to become popular in the ‘metal world’ and leave a peace of good art, even if it would be just one song! I don’t think we’re far from it, but you can’t say we’re too much into it. It’s quite natural, what makes us happy as it doesn’t create useless tension.

7. I have noticed that sometimes your music is very ironic and you do not mind to have some fun. What place do you attach for an irony in your music, and how serious you are to yourself about that?
Music reflects our personalities. We all like joking even if we make fun of ourselves. We treat music rather seriously spending a lot of time arranging songs till they are satisfying for us. We’re doing our best to combine riffs in a way they correspond to each other in terms of the atmosphere. It all has to be professional. When it comes to texts themselves, it’s another thing. We allow ourselves to be ironic. We shoot with the mixture of grotesque and paradox straight to your face, so as not to leave any misunderstandings. But it can not be denied, however, that there are also some serious matters touched in our texts. Those are usually subjects you don’t talk about when you drink coffee in the morning.

8. Do you feel a mental connection with the classical thrash metal bands? And if the conversation went about it, tell us about your musical preferences.
We’re sentimental when it comes to classical thrash metal bands, but not solely. We like music band playing heavy through death or black metal. We’re also trying to become familiar with every new thing that appears within metal music and not only. We seem to have similar tastes to music differing to some extend, at the same time. It also has an influence on thing we create and the whole process of making music.

9. Thanks to bands such as Vader and Behemoth, Polish metal stage has international recognition. I also know of many other lesser-known Polish bands. Tell us, the Polish scene is a single movement for today, or every band for itself? Do you feel support of other Polish musicians?
It’s hard to say In The name of the whole metal scene. We’ve received a lot of support from many bands we had a chance to play with. We are friends partying together. For example Seth (Behemoth, Nomad) and Maniek (Halucynogen) performed as guests in our songs at “Wonderfuck”. Bands are promoting and cooperating with each other when it comes to organizing shows, which is truly nice and allows us to feel happy.

10. How comfortable feel musicians in Poland?

The majority of Polish metal bands (not to mention the top ones) treat music as their hobby. We all work hard just to play a few gigs at the weekend. To play music for a living is not an easy task in Poland. It’s possible but requires a lot of devotions and real dedication. Only a few bands may state they are satisfied in that context.

11. So the final words from the band at the end of the interview.
Check our album out! Come to see us and support your local bands, because they really need it!


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