Majesty Of Revival released an excellent debut album and you should check it. Although the amazing Ukrainian band is in the studio right now recording a follow up to "Through Reality" album, guitarist and founder of MOR, Dmitriy Pavlovskiy, found some time to talk with us and give us more information about the band.

Interview was prepared by Dimitris Lazaris /HARDCITY/
Answering:Dmitriy Pavlovskiy (guitar)

“I gave up everything for the sake of music - and I'm not going to stop!”

1) First of all let me thank you for your time to join hardcity’s webzine; it’s a big pleasure of mine to have you here. Is it possible to tell us some more things about your band and introduce yourself to the audience?
Of course, I will be pleased to tell you and the audience more about our band! Majesty Of Revival was formed by me in the middle of 2009. The main influences was Symphony X, Time Requiem, Rhapsody, Kenziner etc. From 2009 to 2010 we have many changes in the band line-up. At the end of 2010, drummer Vasilij Irzhak joined band, & at the beginning of 2011 keyboard player Grotesk, vocalist Oleksa Dinnik and bass player Trajan Mustyace join the band too. With this line-up in June 2011, band was released a promotional EP "Meaning Of Life". We have many positive feedbacks & take a part in few compilations. In October 2011 we started record debut album. Before the record session Oleksa Dynnyk left the band. Later Grotesk also left MOR. Then Konstantin Naumenko & Marat Adiev joined the MOR. On March 2012 debut album "Through Reality" is completely done. We immediately deal with the Metal Scrap Records, started negotiations with them at the beginning of the recording. As a result the album released on May, 30 by Total Metal Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records. Now we have started to record the second album.

2) You recently signed a deal with Total Metal Records. Are you satisfied so far?
Yep! Good contract terms, good promotion, reviews and all that. And the manager is a nice man - a pleasure to deal with TMR.

3) You play progressive metal with many neoclassical elements and as supposed, you got many references to classical music. Also there many influences from bands such as Symphony X, Accept, Rhapsody, Yngwie Malnsteen etc. May I ask what your main musical influences are?
All members have different musical tastes. For example, Konstantin loves clean Power metal, I prefer classical music, but I listen and progressive/neoclassical, thrash, heavy. Marat also loves the neoclassical/progressive; Trajan & Vasiliy loved some funk/fusion music & progressive music. Mention something one is hard enough ... But I think that neoclassical/progressive bands like Symphony X, Rhapsody, gave a main influence on MOR music.

“Nowadays, Ukraine has a many good bands and musicians, but unfortunately they don't have serious intentions to build a musical career, as we plan. Dmitriy Pavlovskiy”

4) And what about the feedbacks on your new album? Do those feedbacks are covering your expectations?
We were expecting the worst reception. For us it was a great pleasure to receive such great feedback! So right now we are completely satisfied with the way the album was - but the second album we make a more powerful!

5) In your debut album you have some great tracks such as “ Meaning of Life”, “The Code” and “The Moonlight”. What is your favorite song and why?
At this time I think this is “Reality”. Heavy riffs, complex solo, a beautiful chorus. Konstantin sings very difficult vocal parts. Each of the band members to lay out in full! So, we love neoclassical music with progressive elements and Reality is the favorite song at the moment.

6) Do you think that the guitar work is the main asset of Majesty of Revival that helps the band to stand out?
No! The main melody and richness of tracks! Virtuoso guitar work of course is one of the main parts, but beautiful, catchy melody which then will sing at concerts all room (hehe..) - Probably the main thing that should be in the composition. Take for example the song "Long Live Rock'n'Roll" - at Rainbow live shows what people do? Yes, they sang the whole herd! And the Blackmore's guitar work is great! MOR is certainly not the Rainbow and I’m not a Blackmore, but it is certainly to write songs with a melody which then will be hearing very profitable!


7) And what about the future. What are your dreams and goals; And don’t misunderstood me here, I make a common question but what I really want to ask you here is how far do you believe that you can go and how ready do you think you are to sacrifice a part of your life for being a successful band and make a worldwide carrier? Is this what are you looking for?
Personally, I’m the founder of the band, have a hope of success - a stunning success! I am spending most part of my life in music, I always compose something. I am involved in several projects. But MOR I would like to submit to the Euro-level. Now we are currently in the studio writing our second album - it should be much stronger than the debut album! We want to plan the tour not only in CIS countries, but also out of Europe! Of course this is not so easy - in our time, the music business is going through a very bad times, and in the music coming many uneducated musicians, who are producing some reason, leaving out of the stronger bands that could surprise people their unusual music (personally know several such bands). But I believe that we will achieve the desired. All the same, I gave up everything for the sake of music - and I'm not going to stop!

8) Do you believe that success is the main goal of being an artist, or is just a normal way to express yourself?
I guess that the musician-composer have a main desire - composing the music. In the table, or at least the wall, but compose! It is like air - without this in any way. Well about success & popularity - it depends on how much a musician wants to be known, to present his music to the people. Have a strong desire and potential? You have to work its way - for us, no one will do it!

9) How difficult is for a band to stand out nowadays and how is the metal scene in Ukraine? Have you got some other bands to mention and are worth enough to check?
Nowadays, Ukraine has a many good bands and musicians, but unfortunately they don't have serious intentions to build a musical career, as we plan. Of course we have a few great bands that are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine: Morton, Sunrise, etc...

10) Let us know some touring plans of yours. Have you got any plan of coming in Greece someday for a gig?
No. At this time we still work in studio on the second album. After that we've planned few live shows & tour. But now I can't say exactly about live shows in Greece. Who knows – maybe, but now I don't know...

11) So here is where the end comes. Thank you once more for this lovely interview and I wish you all the best. I hope to hear more great stuff from you in the near future. Something last to add for your fans and readers?
Thanks for your interest! And thanks for the very nice questions! Thanks & greetings to fans around the world for the positive feedbacks! Stay heavy \w/


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