Polish death band CRYPTIC passed through our cities and ears along with compatriots from QUO VADDIS and echoes of this tour can be heard till now. So it was no more than ask the Poles about their impressions of our realities and future plans.

Interview was prepared by Neophyte.

1)Hi! How was your tour in Ukraine together with your compatriots from QUO VADIS? Are you satisfied by all or there were things about which is better not to remember?

Hi! Tour in Ukraine turned out in fact just awesome! We are very pleased and already can not wait to repeat. Quo Vadis were just fantastic people, we work very well together. Complete professionalism, which we did not expect. Ukraine – is a perfect state, awesome people and a fantastic climate. I knew that the Crimea is good, but did not know that so much! So far I am impressed.

2)Is there any difference between our clubs and our audience of what you're used to seeing in Poland?

Difference, practically, no. With proper promotion and proper organization of promoters everything is going well. People under the stage just come off like we do. Take us well in the Ukraine. I like the authentic concern fans in music: not only the presence at the concerts but also rabies, mosh, talking with us. It was unforgettable! It so happens that you come to the concert and you give a shit on the whole band – in Ukraine was quite different.

3)Your album "Infinite Torment" was released 10 years after the band creation. What were you doing all this time?

Basically, playing concerts as well as attending various festivals and traveled to a small tour. We had a lot of problems with the line-up, although they are present till now. All the while, each of us lived with their own problems, employment, etc. At intervals the material for the debut album was born. Now when record a new album is on plans, squeezes out of a seventh sweat to make the killer album. Each subsequent album has to be better than the last otherwise it makes no sense.

4)Is there something worth to sharing demos, since it was founded before the release of a debut, which may be released in the future?

Before released "Demo 2004" which contains four tracks. It was released by our efforts. Maybe someday someone will reissue it? :) It was recorded in a small studio in Krakow. This was our first studio experiment. I was only 17 years old and we decently drunk:). But when we sent out ready material for reviews - received good feedback. This has added us strength and energy to work on our debut full-length album.

5)How is work on new material go? When do you plan to record a follower of "Infinite Torment"?

Material for the heir to "Infinite Torment" is completely ready. Working on the arrangements and I hope that at the turn of 2010/2011 we will be able to record it. It will differ from the debut and will be more modern, more difficult to understand and more diverse. In a word – fucking more :).

6)At "Infinite Torment" I hear a mixture of classic death metal which are characteristic for whole of Europe and particularly Poland, with some melody lines characteristic for the style of melodic death metal. And all this is filed under brutal vocals that would look good in a style as brutal death metal. And as you think what do you play?

"Infinite Torment" from the very beginning was created in the spirit of melodic old school death metal. Without any pressure from outside early in our career we played in the style of GRAVE, OBITUARY, UNLEASHED, etc. It was simple game with the addition of sauce from DEATH and SLAYER. This is a sort of a jumble images on which we were raised. If someone asks now what style we’re playing - answer is death metal and nothing else. Separation music "on the shelves" to the styles, sub-styles, trends ... is not something good, because it happens that instead of making sounds - looking for the style. Vegetarian progressive grindcore, for example :).

7)You were in tour with QUO VADIS. Would you like the music of this band? In my opinion they chose the right balance between thrash, death and progressive. What do you think what future awaits them?

Naturally, the band which traveling through two Americas and Antarctica :) gained a lot of experience. They've seen a lot, behind them hundreds of concerts and loyal fans. We are very pleased that we have been able to ride all over Ukraine exactly with them. Personally for me their music - very heavy thrash metal with elements of death, but quite a bit. It was very pleasant to listen to them (and until now listen to), I like to insert tubes, pipes and similar combinations. Most of all I like the composition "Dominus" (Alcoholicus :).

8)There is obvious success of the Polish death scene. BEHEMOTH and VADER – are legends and HATE coming closer to them. Do you like these bands and what is the secret of their success?

Polish metal scene is very strong. In addition to mentioned by you commands there are Decapitated, Sceptic, Trauma, Calm Hatchery, the whole grind-scene with the Squash bowels, Neuropathia, Parricide and hundreds of less well-known bands. It's weird, but here in Poland the metal is very popular in the underground, but completely absent in the media. Maybe there's a reason for success is that this kind of music can not be commercially sold and forced to fit the audience, because it will spoil the music itself. The reasons for the success of these bands consider in intensive management and long concert tours. It is impossible to approach nearer and more people to attract their attention to itself rather than to play live in front of them. These bands play a lot on the big European festivals ... it's the Poles can do it :).

9)Ten years - it's a long time. However, the album is just one. What do you think have CRYPTIC already been formed its style or the band is still searching itself and on the new album we can hear the new CRYPTIC?

In fact I think that only the second album will show what we can. Demo - this is samples, ideas. Debut - the first scream. The second album – is the conquest of the position. As already mentioned the second album will be different from the debut. I will not say it’s better or worse, but it seems to me so should sound CRYPTIC. Some of the material we've played on tour in Ukraine. Tracks "Hate Evangely", "Icon of Fear" and "Postnuclear" were very well received both live and think will justify itself on the new album.

10)How would you rate your collaboration with Metal Scrap Records? Are you not disappointed?

I'll be honest - we are very happy. CD released in a very high quality, there is a wide distribution, reviews and promotion ... Tolik "Kruger" and Vanya "Froster" made a great piece of work for our tour in Ukraine and made sure that we were not in lost:). I hope very much for further cooperation and it would be nice if the new album again will be released on Metal Scrap Records.

11)Your words for our readers?

Come visit our website to find out about the latest news, concerts and wait for the new album! I hope we will come to Ukraine again! NAFTA! (Drink - translation).


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