No sooner had sounding the final notes of Poles QUO VADIS and CRYPTIC on a tour of Ukraine, as Metal Scrap Records label released a CD of another Polish band. Whether all the bands in Poland, such original or the label has a taste by selecting unusual band, but the fact remains and we couldn’t pass NEURONIA. Here are vocalist Tektur and guitarist Misiek in touch with us.

Interview was prepared by Neophyte.
Answering: Maciek „Tektur” Nawrot (vocal), Michal „Misiek” Rogala (guitar)
1)Hi! First, let us recall the main moments in the life of the band. Such as the year of creation, who did it and most importantly why did he do it? And which bands or something else all this affected?

Misiek (guitar): And you’ll be healthy! I created a band, together with my friend Lukash in 2003. I've always wanted to play music, music - this is my life. From the very beginning we wanted to create our own recognizable style. What bands have influenced us? It is certainty such as: Metallica, Slayer, System of a Down or Morgoth but not alien to us were lighter, more psychedelic sounding bands, for example: Porno for Pyros, The Doors and of course Led Zeppelin .
Among the most important events in the history of the band, above all I can say the releasing of two full-length albums. We also played as well over a hundred concerts, the most significant of which for me are: Hunterfest 2009, a concert with Lizzy Borden in 2009 and Paul di'Anno in Lublin in the past year. From the "newest" history it is worth to distinguish stabilization of the band line-up in 2011. At the moment we play in this line-up: Lewy (guitar), Beton (bass), Deviant (drums), Tektur (vocals) and me.

2)What after all are you playing? Here are so many different styles and some of them is difficult to relate to the metal. How would you call your style?

Tektur (vocals): Oh, it's hard to describe it. Themselves sometimes we call it "chaos metal". Not tolerate inspiration solely from metal music; there are so many different styles of music that has nothing to limit you. Not just by metal person lives.
Misiek: With this "chaos metal" you hit the jackpot. Basically we are "playing" with the music, try to make it a versatile, do not want to stand still.

3)"Follow The White Mouse" is your second album. The first one I did not hear, so tell me what you've played there and how it differs from what is playing now?

Tektur: Personally, I will not say much because I did not participate in recording this album, except to say that the difference is very large. I'll tell you exactly that the previous album was less melodic than his successor, but had a lot of climate, richness, darkness.
Misiek: Both of our albums are very different from each other, because they were recording by two very different line-ups. During the recording of "Follow ..." the band joined Tektur and a new drummer Thor (left the band in January 2011). Tektur's vocal brought a lot to our creation, especially it concerns the melody and charisma. Maciek (Tektur - Auth.) is a champion of inventing fucking melodies.

4)Polish metal scene is very diverse, but the most popular outside of Poland got the band playing death metal. Does that mean that death metal is the predominant style in Poland?

Tektur: Polish death metal has a high reputation. But I would not say that it is now the leading style in Poland. There are many bands playing thrash and even more play black metal. And those classic metal is also missing. Death metal from Poland just more noticeable because of the border, but in fact here we have a diverse scene.

5)Your countrymen from QUO VADIS and CRYPTIC this year swept round by Ukraine. Do you any desire to go in their footsteps and present your music to our listeners?

Tektur: With great pleasure! Unless we get something organized in conjunction with Metal Scrap Records, then just come to Ukraine. It would be our first overseas trip, before we are playing only in Poland, because of what it would be very exciting for us.

6)Recently, some Ukrainian bands had a tour at Poland and noted the low attendance at concerts. Are the Polish fans poorly attended underground concerts, or is it just for our bands so bad coming from? How many people gather monsters from VADER, BEHEMOTH at home and how many people come to concerts NEURONIA?

Tektur: Unfortunately, this is a sore point for many Polish bands. While it may be such bands as VADER, BEHEMOTH or a legend like KAT do not worry about it - VADER can gather in a large concert 1000 fans, BEHEMOTH can fill even the capacity of clubs in 2000 persons. At underground gigs all much, much sadder - often bands play for barely-dozens of visitors, though happen the big exception. At the least-visited our concert came once 25 people and the biggest play in support of Paul's Di'Anno - more than 1,000 visitors, at least.
Misiek: There are problems with visits to the shows because in Poland comes a lot of Western "stars." In Warsaw, for example, the audience was very spoiled because almost every day we have fucking great concerts. After that, nobody wants to go to a concert of unknown bands. This is the biggest problem for bands in Warsaw and throughout Poland.

7)At the photo in the booklet for the album "Follow the white mouse" there is 5 people, but on the same page is written that there’re 6 people in line-up. Who is not in the photo and where did he go?

Tektur: Since the recording of the album the line-up had changed. At the photo is missing Lewyj, which has not participated in the recording of the album, but we decided to leave it in the list, because until then he has been an integral part of the band. From line-up who recorded the album now left only me and Misiek.

8)Also the booklet contains information that you have two vocalists. It is only on the record or in concert too?

Tektur: Only on the album. During several shows in 2010 we tried to play with two vocalists, but we do not come off. Acid (second vocalist) left in March last year, we had could not agree on the account of the subsequent musical style. But now at the concerts are the new second voice, "do" it Beton and his growling is very suitable to what we play.

9)Why are you staying with Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records? Were there other offers and what influenced your choice?

Tektur: We were looking for a publisher outside of Poland and saw Metal Scrap released album of Quo Vadis. Asked Skaya (leader of the Quo Vadis) about the terms of releasing - he advised us Metal Scrap Records and within a few days we have been in contact. Our choice was also influenced by the fact that this label is not new on the scene, they are experienced publishers and have a wide distribution network throughout the world. We are pleased that we were under the wing of a decent label, which deals with our promotion and distribution.

10)Recommend to our readers some Polish acts that we are not yet known, but which play great music.

Tektur: Well then under the first "fire" includes a bands of two dudes, Beton and Deviant - both play in MESMERIZED, whose leader from the very beginning (1997) is the Beton. This band plays crushing brutal death metal in a very rapid pace. Recently they released their second CD "Antihuman Inferno", which I highly recommend to all. Deviant is also in the capital of grindcore  / rock'and'roll  ANUS MAGULO - last year they released their first album "Chain Erection", as well as in AT THE LAKE playing gothic metal.
Besides of them I want to emphasize CONQUEST ICON - old school death metal with a mixture of black metal from Warsaw; EMPTY PLAYGROUND - horror / industrial / death from Poznan; THE NO-MADS - a killer thrash from Silesia. I really like the crossover thrash band CREMASTER, although this seems to me known in the Ukraine. If someone like the sound of MACHINE HEAD, then it necessarily will like Warsaw CHAIN REACTION. Fans of progressive metal, no doubt, appreciate the young team DISPERSE. If someone likes the eastern climates in the spirit of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, then he would be recommend to listen LEASH EYE (guys just record a new album). Also recommend instrumental doom MAJOR KONG from my hometown Lublin. Now, I think it is clear that Poland is not only a death metal.
Misiek: Personally, I would recommend to Ukrainian fans TIDES FROM NEBULA - very different, interesting, psychedelic-progressive climate, but very fucking great music, this year released a new album. From a pure metal bands I'm fucking liking MOUGA - very modern music, at concerts their energy and sound reminiscent of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.


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