NEURONIA (for Terroraiserzine#46)


Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records is increasingly integrating with the Polish scene. A new release of label after CRYPTIC and QUO VADIS is a band NEURONIA - yet another member of the partner country of Ukraine for Euro 2012. Original band and this is interesting. Such interesting that we had no choice but to take an interview from this band.
Interview was prepared by Thrashmentor.
Answering: Maciek „Tektur” Nawrot (вокал), Michal „Misiek” Rogala (гитара)

1.Please introduce your band to Ukrainian fans…
Maciek „Tektur” Nawrot (vocals): Hails! We are Neuronia from Warsaw and we salute you! We’ve played since 2003 and we’re trying to take inspiration from many genres of metal music – heavy, thrash, doom, death, and other music genres as well. Throughout the history of the band, our line-up has changed several times, which had a positive impact on the development of our music.
The latest line-up change occurred in January 2011, when Deviant joined on drums and Beton took bass duties. They’re both great musicians and have enriched our sound very much, thanks to their creative input we have made new arrangement for some of our tracks. Our current line-up is Misiek (guitar), Lewy (guitar), Beton (bass), Deviant (drums) and Tektur (vocals). We’re ready to kick some serious ass!

2.Is there any concept that is a core idea for the band’s existence?
Our main playing idea, almost since the very beginning of the band, is to inspire ourselves with many music genres and to mix them into a homogenous musical message. Our goal is to make the listener interested in our music and to make him/her find our many influences. And, of course, the music must be hard-hitting, fast and rich in melody – we try to make our music as melodic as possible.
As for lyrical themes, they were quite different over all those years, but generally our lyrics always convey the message of freedom and an individual view on the world, and also encourage free thinking.

3.What are the goals that you pursue? How ambitious are you?
We strive to create the best music that we possibly can. We constantly raise the bar for ourselves. We want to reach as many listeners as we can and interest them with our music.
We are very ambitious. We often play concerts in small clubs, but on several occasions we had the chance to share big stages with such well-known acts as Tankard, Sabaton or Paul Di’Anno. We want those big events to happen to us as often as possible, so we put a lot of stress on constantly raising our skill and playing technique. We also want each of our records to sound better than the previous one, and I think that so far we have succeeded in it.

4.How steady is the current line-up of the band? How did you all get together? Did you have any previous experience before Neuronia?
In recent years our line-up has changed very often – some people left the band or we had to thank them as they didn’t fit in with us. I am the only original member of the band, but I think there’s nothing wrong in changes for better. I think we have finally found a stable line-up, within which we all understand each other greatly and which has common goals.
As for the history: In autumn of 2009, Tektur was invited into one of our rehearsals by our former vocalist Acid, who left a few months later because of musical differences. Lewy joined us in early 2010 – we wanted to seek out a great solo guitarist and quickly we have found that he is perfect for us. And when the former rhythm section left in January 2011 (the drummer wanted to play more classical thrash and the bass player stopped playing for good), we placed an ad on one rock portal and we didn’t have to wait long – Beton and Deviant joined us quickly and thanks to their great skills we’ve played two great shows together as soon as in the end of February. And it gets better all the time!
We all have a great deal of playing experience. Since 1997, Beton is the leader of the bone-crunching death metal commando – Mesmerized, he also plays in a grindcore band called Anticipate. Misiek has been around for almost 20 years, he has played in many different line-ups before devoting his time exclusively to Neuronia. Similarly, Lewy has been a member of many bands, e.g. the hardcore outfit Leap of Faith. Deviant leads his grindcore outfit, Anus Magulo, as well as plays drums in the goth-metal band At The Lake. As for me, I debuted in my first band as early as in primary school, and that was a long, long time ago…
5.Poland has a very strong metal scene. How does the international success of Vader and Behemoth stimulate the other Polish bands and your band?
Misiek: I think that all bands – not only in Poland – strive to make a great international career as Behemoth, Vader or Decapitated. The success of these bands made the world’s eyes – or rather ears – turn on the Polish scene. But these bands have reached such a high level of playing and composing skills, that you have to do something really fuckin’ awesome to make a name for yourself and interest metal fans.
Tektur: The bar is raised very high. But we all know that these bands achieved so much primarily because of a great deal of fuckin’ hard work. This motivates us the most, because if they could do it, then you just need to get your ass up and work and with a little bit of luck, we can make it too!

6.Your album, ‘Follow the White Mouse’ was released by Metal Scrap Records, an Ukrainian label. Why did you pick this particular label and what do you expect from this cooperation? I know that the album was also released on other labels – which ones and in which countries? How do the contracts differ in these labels?
Misiek: We chose Metal Scrap Records, because we felt that talks with them were very substantial, so we knew where we’ve stood all the time. MSR is a quickly developing label, and – what is even more important – Nataly and Anatoliy are very committed to what they are doing. We want to work with people who put their hearts into their work. That’s what we expect the most from this cooperation and we already see that it will pay off greatly.
Tektur: In Poland the album was released under the flag of Fonografika, Metal Scrap has the license for the rest of the world. The contracts differed a great deal – Fonografika is basically only the distributor of the album, while we retain all the rights. Metal Scrap is not only the worldwide distributor, but a full-fledged publisher of the record.

7.How often do you do live shows? What is the current situation with gigs in Poland? Is there a drop in the numbers of concert-going fans, just like here in Ukraine?
Misiek: Lately, we have player a little less shows, because we were busy making the new line-up work together, and furthermore we are working on new material. In the spring, we will play a few shows, maybe a few festivals, and we’re looking forward to a tour of Poland in autumn. Then, in winter, we want to hit the studio and record some new material.
Tektur: As for the situation with the concerts in Poland: on one hand it’s better, because more and more really great bands come to our country. On the other hand, it’s true that fans aren’t so eager to go to shows as they used to – maybe it’s exactly because there are so many good gigs? The tendency is less visible in the eastern part of the country – in cities like Lublin, Stalowa Wola, Rzesz?w, Bia?ystok the crowds can still be very large.

8.I think that your label will succeed in organizing a Ukrainian tour for you. Do you have any plans for this? Have you already discussed this matter?
Misiek: There have been initial talks about such a tour and we would really like to visit Ukraine – we’ve heard that the atmosphere of concerts in your country is fantastic. Yet we know that people in Ukraine must get to know our music before they come to our shows. Our friends at Metal Scrap Records know it too and they will surely do the best to get us some great promotion that will prepare the ground for our visit to Ukraine.



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