QUO VADIS (for Atmosfear'zine#7)

Polish band QUO VADIS is full of surprises.
First, in 2011, the Poles released simply a terrific album that will be sound in the ears of many fans of heavy music long time ago. Secondly, it is not the first album, but personally I did not hear anything about them. Third, the Ukrainian label had courage to release this album and most importantly for promotion to smuggle a band on tour in Ukraine in March, 2011. That’s some approach to the business. I am personally very impressive by such professionalism. Taking into account all the above-mentioned, the interview with the band is simply obliged to appear in our magazine and to complete the picture we have and thereby the label to communicate.

Interview was prepared by Neophyte.

For a start let me congratulate you with the release of an excellent album. I listen to lots of music and it's one of the most brilliant albums recently.
Greetings! I am very glad that you like it:-) !!!

How it turned out that you exist since 1988 and has already released 8 albums & I have not heard about you? Why have you never visit Ukraine & why your release is not available here?
Unfortunately, many factors contributed it: first - the texts were in Polish, secondly - every label that released our albums did not make the proper promotion, and the third - most of those labels no longer exist ... We worry too much about it & therefore pleased that the situation now is corrected!

So acquaint us with the major events from the history of the band.
Since the releasing of «Infernal Chaos» we have played many gigs in Poland, as well as in England, also we made a clips for "Blood For Oil" and "Cross Of Gold", preparing for the third clip, as well as getting ready for the road to Ukraine. ;-)

Your last album is simply murderous and it was released here in Ukraine by Metal Scrap Records. Now you will be known in Ukraine. Why didn’t you do that before?
Thanks again! We are very satisfied by cooperation with Metal Scrap Records and glad that now we are known in Ukraine and beyond, and that we will have the opportunity to play in your country. Previously, it was not possible owing to the fact that our texts were in Polish.

Most songs from your previous albums were in Polish & now you have released an English album. Why this change of orientation?
It became very important for us to find listeners outside of Poland. Our first two albums: "Quo Vadis" /1991/ and "Politics" /1993/ which were sold 40 000 copies each were the most famous in Poland. Now, in our country we are viewed through the prism of these two releases. For us it is very difficult because the music market has changed, the Internet appeared, a band  highly evolved ... but whatever we do - anyway we are compared with those albums, which are 20 years old. :-))) We are impressed by the fact that we "debuting" outside of Poland, because every place we perceive is already without those years "baggage". Imagine that a review of our album in Ukraine, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Britain is much better than in Poland...

Cannot help but ask about your namesake from Canada. Whether you like Canadian QUO VADIS creation? Were there any problems associated with the existence of two bands at once?
:-) I'm a fan of Canadian Quo Vadis especially the album "Day into Night". My dream is to play tour together ever under the name for example: "Quo Vadis attack" ;-) ... of course it's OK, we communicated with them and know about each other's existence :-))) ... we all know that they are better known in the world but we were the first :-), because we exist from 1988 and they are from 1992. Between us everything is OK!!!

In spring 2011 you together with your fellow countrymen from CRYPTIC will have tour in Ukraine. What do you expect from this tour?
Cannot longer wait! :-) I'd like to know your region, customs, to see people at concerts, to taste the food - everything! We hope that our live shows and our music will enjoy the Ukrainian fans and that we will have more opportunity to come to you and stay in the memory of the Ukrainian "metalmaniacs".

What inspires you in 1988 that you have decided to organize your own band? Which commands had influence on you at that time?
:-) Sepultura "Schizofrenia", Slayer - first three albums, Destruction, Kreator, Sodom, Helloween - early albums. Then we listened to it and I think their influence can be heard on our early releases :-)

You change the label from album to album, why? Only the first three albums were released on Baron Records and then each new album - on the new label. Did you ever trying to contract with any major label?
Of course, we tried to negotiate with major labels, but somehow we couldn’t manage it or they were not much interested. Rather small labels were released and as I said earlier most of them no longer exist. Looking from a height of time and if there would be an opportunity to start all over again then surely much earlier we would start singing in English and promote our music outside of Poland.

Whether there is merch from QUO VADIS and whether you are going to take it to Ukraine?
Yes, of course, we have plenty of t-shirts, longsleeves, patches, all of very good quality and all are planning to bring in Ukraine :-)

How much music from your previous albums different from music of the album «Infernal Chaos»? Are you going to sell your old albums on tour in Ukraine?
Shortly if it necessary to describe our albums, it would look like this:

Music is very technical and complicated many changes of temp & broken rhythms. Lyrics are strongly political. Unfortunately, the sound as for that time not the worst, but 20 years later it sounds weak.

Music is a bit gently than on the debut album, but still a lot of politics in the lyrics. Sound is raw, but is better. There is a cover of Pretty Woman, which brought us more and more popular in Poland.

Rather controversial album - a failed experiment to mitigate the music. Musically it’s very mature album with modified sounding, but the vocals are sung too easy, so it gets weak estimates.

Music is equally smooth and sharp, good sound, good songs, simple in execution - the album was recorded in a super atmosphere, so it's one of my favorite albums.

The music is very deliberate and refined. Recording at studio took almost half a year with intervals so the album was decent. For me personally, the album is particularly important because my father Antoni Skuza participated as a guest in the record of it ;-) – he played on harmonica in one cover.

The music is very "modern", many keys, samples ... Unfortunately the terrible sound could not stand the test of time, too quiet vocals ... hard to hear, but musically the album is good. Video on composition "Zegary" from the album can be found on our YouTube page or on our website.

Music is good (some kind a prelude to "Infernal Chaos"), sound is good too. There were many problems with the releasing of this album, because of that the difference between this album and the previous are 5 years. Particularly noteworthy the clip "Dominus"!!!

Without a doubt is the best album - musically, soundly, as well as design.

Usually how much people come to your show in Poland?
In various ways the case, the average 100-150 people... used to 700, and another time 50 ... Currently in Poland there is a fall-off in the number of people coming to concerts.

Given the fact that I learned not so long ago about your band, then perhaps there is still great Polish bands, which we need to know, but so far cannot guess? You have the word for free advertising of your friends and rivals and then they will owe you a beer.
:-))) There are several young really decent commands: WARMAGEDDON, CALM HATCHERY, COBWEB, and REBELHOUSE. From old bands worthy of attention: MAGNUS, MERCILESS DEATH, THRASHERS DEATH...

How do you feel about creativity of such monsters of Polish scene bands VADER and BEHEMOTH? Not long ago, HATE had a tour in Ukraine, how do you feel of what do they do?
Honestly I am very proud of them! Behemoth recorded a good album and Nergal became a celebrity in Poland, so all eyes are now looking towards the Behemoth. Vader - is a separate conversation. I am familiar with Peter from the very beginning; we played a lot together... keep fists for him and enjoy his success. HATE are known in Poland, but lately not that popular as Vader or Behemoth, but I like their way and I know that they will be Polish megastars in the end.

What musicians of QUO VADIS do for a living? Or perhaps in Poland you are major band and have enough money to live on?
:-))) Unfortunately, we does not live from just one music ... it's a pity ;-)))… me and Seba (drums) work in the Polish Post :-), Matek - selling tools in a music store and Cimas working in a geodesic firm...

Your wishes to our readers, especially to those who are going to visit your shows in March, 2011.
From a deep heart I’m inviting you to visit our show in March! It’ll, necessarily, be a lot of sharp & good thrash! At the shows we give ourselves for all 100percent! Visit our page on the Internet:
www.quovadis.metal.pl, www.youtube.com/quovadisPL, www.myspace.com/quovadispl
Greeting for everyone and see you soon!!!


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