CRYPTIC (for Terroraiserzine#43)

Interview was prepared by Andrey Chub.
Answered: Tomash (вокал), Andrew (бас гитара)

1. How are things in the band?
Tomash: Hi! In September, we planned to tour around the Poland and in parallel we have been working on new songs. Soon we want to release a new second album. As you can see things are going pretty well ...
Andrew: And also we are looking for a new guitar player.
2. What were the reasons of constant changes in line-up?
Andrew: Typically, changes are caused by a lack of commitment of some individuals. The most "unfortunate position" in the Cryptic - guitarist ;)

3. What bands influenced at your creation?
Tomash: Hmm, it’s quite difficult question. Each of us listens to different bands & different music styles. We do not fixate on a particular band to which we bow down, ha-ha .... I’m listening different music: blues, rock, folk, metal. Personally I'm a fan of Pantera, but there are other bands, different types of metal, I like the old works of Unleashed, Death, Napalm Death. This music gives a mixture of CRYPTIC in a form you can hear on "Infinite Torment".
Andrew: In each band you can hear the influence of other exemplary commands that are in some way you put on any particular way. I find it difficult to determine the favorites, but they are in any way from the old school - such as: Death, Unleashed, At the Gates. This kind of thing.

4. Who wrote the primary part of the music for the album?
Tomash: Each of us have the right to compose music. Everyone writes the new riffs, the drums being prescribed, that's just me that not allowed anyone to write the lyrics. I have my own vision for this part of our music.
Each band member is a versatile man. Our program includes not only everyone plays his instrument, for example, Andrew plays bass guitar and mastering guitar technique.
Andrew: I play bass guitar & sang growling back vocal.

5. CRYPTIC created in 2000 and the first album released only in 2010, so what was the problem there?
Andrew: Short answer: work, school and accordingly a lack of time. We released Demo CD in 2004 and the first full-length CD "Infinite Torment" in 2010. Hope that by 2012 we will release another album. An album named "Infinite Torment"…
Tomash: We’d like our albums have strong names emphasizing their sound. There aren’t hidden meaning in the name of album, but maybe subconsciously we have given this name because of those tortures which we suffered for ten years in the expectation of this album.

6. How does it feel after the first album?
Tomash: We are pleased with our work. "Infinite Torment" very well accepted in the metal world, we had a lot of friends who like our work and besides they are all from different countries. Now we have every chance to succeed. My dream of childhood - this to play in the known band, play their music and record high quality albums.

7. As for the first work are you satisfied by result?
Andrew: I'm not very pleased. If we talk about it as the first great work - music, images, photos, websites and anything else associated with this CD, I do not think that everything was as it should. It could be worse, but could be better. My basic purpose is to record the second album, which will be much better than the first, mention my words.

8. Your label has defined style of the album as old school apocalyptic death / thrash metal, how do you look at it? Do you agree with such determination?
Tomash: Great, this is exactly what we’re playing. "Infinite Torment" sounds in the style of thrash metal, very heavy and brutal riffs. Theme of songs: misanthropy, hatred, war, apocalypse and some of the Al-azif (Necronomicon) motifs. Well, if says so, but we prefer just old school death thrash metal.
Andrew: I don’t bother by the determination of style. I play what I feel and what I want to hear, but it can be defined as old school apocalyptic death / thrash metal.

9. Album released by Ukrainian label Total Metal Records (Metal Scrap Records), do you satisfied with its work?
Andrew: We are contented by this collaboration. Distribution & promotion are on the level. We are achieved concrete result and I consider that Total Metal Records can ensure it.

10. How many albums you've signed the contract?
Andrew: We have signed a contract for one album, but now I think we’ll sign for the second one.

11. With which bands CRYPTIC would like to play on one stage?
Andrew: I don’t know. Maybe tour with Cannibal Corpse would be great!

12. In which country other than your native Poland, CRYPTIC most supportive?
Andrew: We had a pretty positive response from Russia, Italy, USA and UK but the Polish reviews anyway the best.

13. How well do you know Ukrainian metal scene and what bands do you know?
Tomash: We know Ukrainian metal scene not very well. We have plans for small tour in Ukraine and we hope that we will succeed.
Andrew: That's right! I'm going to Simferopol next year and hope to get there on good concerts!!!

14. Your wishes to Ukrainian fans!
Listen to our new album! I hope that soon you'll be able to listen to us at the concerts - it would be cool, I promise you!


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