FLYING (Special for Metal Scrap)


Interview was prepared by DOOMACTRESS.
Answered Victor Ozolin (FLYING).
-Hi, Victor!
-First, I'd like to congratulate FLYING on a 10-th anniversary!
I offer you to answer a few questions within the framework of interview for Metal Scrap Production.

-Hello! Thank you very much!

-Nice to look at band performs list, at volume of it exactly. FLYING is always claimed, on an extent already 10 years! And for this time band not slept, but continues motion that course, without regard to numberless changes in all spheres of life. From where so much energies and persistences?

-In relation to energy and persistence, all is relative, probably... Quality of material and his execution must be always at good level. And his advancement and claimed...In the end, we write and carry out our music for us, and those, who like it. And all other...

-What degree is your life filled with music, and how your relatives behave to it?

-Folded so, that all musicians of FLYING, on the basic works, were engaged in realization of music: instruments, merchandise & etc, in the specialized shops. So music - it our all:)! I think it is clear & obviously for our native :).

-How notably did musicians change in times of band existence? And also, in going near musical composition and lyric poetry? How far critically do you behave to the works? Is the process of perfection of every song long? What is it related to?

-Sure, all of us change. Experience, practice, conclusions. Writing of music and lyric poetry - now it is the process more protracted, worn-out, creative! Nothing is tossed off and to the term! How many required for creation of high-quality material, that it, foremost, arranged us, so much time will be expended!

-A considerable event was re-editing of FLYING albums on Moon Records, especially - "January Stars", becoming the classics of death metal from Ukraine. However much fans
 wait for release of new album. Will it happen in 2008?

-It's unlikely on 2008, a way to perfection can not be rapid, possibly, it is needed to spend years on it:).

-What is the conception of coming album?

-Our vision on what is going on now with us, and all, that us surrounds herein.

-Drummer’s place is vacantly; will it be occupied, when and by whom?

-For now its third drummer for two years, history proceeds :).

-Please, also explain a difference in band line-up, indicated on offsite and on MySpace.

-Just three permanent participants in FLYING. Vocal. Guitar. Bass!
-Eastern Tour, set on the end of 2007, jointly with Khors, you had to skip. Do you plan to "fly" through Ukraine in 2008? Is it known already, with what band you'll perform in one tandem?
-ASHES OF CREATION TOUR, together with KHORS, on Ukraine took place already, in April of 2008. All passed well: remarkable company, all is merry & cheerfully, and no less high-quality. Thank you all!

-How do you behave to the competition with more young band, and does in general for you concept "competition” exist?

-A competition is always but probably only with those who high-quality and possibly talented us:).

-What bands in modern Ukrainian underground can you especially distinguish?

-Respect and hello to the fellows from: KHORS, MOURNFUL GUST, MENTAL DEMISE, TESSARACT.

-Why there are so few deserving death metal bands in Ukraine? Is it linked with our mentality some ways, and how?  It’s very interesting to know your opinion on this occasion.

-Not agree! There are not little deserving death metal bands in Ukraine. Unfortunately not all of them are known and promoted! But death metal is music for chosen one:)! And we are glad to be part of this stage!

-What future of Ukrainian heavy metal scene do you see, looking after its development all these years? What is your wishing to Metal Scrap Production?

-Scene is always and everywhere! A question is what is it and what it has to be. Let everybody make pushes to it. We'll wish to Metal Scrap high-quality development and prosperity! And support of our stage not to occupy them, so hold!
Successes all!
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