PSYCHOPHOBIA "The Fall" 2015
/Total Metal Records/

1. Servants of Deception 04:07
2. The Fall 04:44
3. The Code 05:50
Total playing time: 14:43



Political and religious lies. The poor condition of the human race upon dreams of the everlasting universe. What stemmed the creation of their latest EP, really enticed me to check it out. Considering what’s going on in our world, why not release some built up tension and stress??
Titled, The Fall, this mix of Power and Death metal from Polish metallers, Psychophobia, is one attractive creation that not many bands push boundaries with. The addition of modern day elements such as melodic components, classical themes and strong rhythm sections not only make this an enjoyable album but an alluring and interesting one too. As this is the group’s first release without a symphonic influence or keyboards at that, the creation of the album must have been quite the feat. Having well over a decade in the industry, the band is a must to check out for fans of In Flames, Dark tranquillity and Soilwork, really heavily influenced by the Gothenburg metal scene in addition to other bands such as Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium and even Black Sabbath. A modern day trip to the roots of melodic death metal, The Fall, offers the highlights of the genre such as bold solos, key melodic sounds and raw, rough vocality. The faint presence of core elements really deem the album a worthy one to dive into, head first.
What makes this album so unique is the hard hitting moments in addition to the smooth affairs of the point of parts of the album getting catchy to an extent. The strong opening, Servents of Deception, offers a bold rhythm section. The melodic components add that Gothenburg stimulation meanwhile the harsh drum play and growls combine to form a sweet and solid melodic death ensemble. The title track, The Fall had me thinking of old-school, very early In Flames. Think of Whoracle and The Jester Race, very riffy and just raw and raspy death metal screams. Not only that but the guitar aspect captures their influences without a doubt like Dark Tranquility and eventually paves way for some moments to headbang and a pretty cool semi-breakdown later in the track as the solo ends the track with a fade out. The Code, starts out on a doomy tone some could say. Overall, this very groovy track stays on the traditional metal route with guitar axework showcasing its talents in the latter half of the track. Nothing over the top or out of the ordinary, a solid end to this one.
This is not some sugar coated enticement that fails to deliver. For being from Poland, these guys very much have captivated that niche metal sound that is prevalent of course in Sweden and Finland. There is a little bit of everything on this EP: speed, aggression, down-tuned slow guitarwork, raspy and raw vocals, wild and captivating solos, pretty much everything standard in melodic death metal and a little more on the side. A well-rounded EP, let’s see what the group has to offer on the full-length release. Personally, I would have loved to have heard a pure speed demon sort of track, with the ability to headbang from start to end for the most part; it’s what gets me personally intrigued and focused on a song but that is all personal taste. Overall though The Fall will in fact help get out that metal anger and demon from within. Though the EP does not offer something shocking or extremely out of the ordinary, you can’t go wrong with some solid melodeath. Stay Metal \m/

Fernando (

Rock Hard Magazine #29

rock hard magazine 29PSYCHOPHOBIA potvrdzuje, že studnica poľských metalových skupín je asi nekonečná, ale s dosť rozdielnou kvalitou. Dátum vzniku skupiny sa síce datuje k roku 2002, ale po dvoch demách vydali radové album „Ark of Chaos“ až v roku 2012 a tohtoročné EP „The Fall“ je zatiaľ iba druhou regulérnou nahrávkou skupiny. Skupina hrá silno melodickú zmes black a death metalu s profesionálnou produkciou, so zmesou od pomalých, cez stredne tempové až po rýchle úseky, občas s nádychom thrashu, pričom v hudbe je cítiť aj vplyv švédskych melodických death metalových skupín. Ako som už na začiatku prejudikoval, skupina sa zatiaľ zaradila snáď k poľskému priemeru, ale toto EP naznačuje, že v rámci žánru má sľubný potenciál.

Necrobutcher666 (Rock Hard Magazine #29)

Scream Magazine #198

scream magazine 198Disse polakkene serverer tre later pa sin debut-EP, og selv om de gjerne vil fremsta som et dedsmetalband, er det kanskje like mye melodi og mollstemt melankoli som reinspikka dodsmetal her. Det er mye gammel Paradise Lost og Sentenced, og det er jo ikke akkurat darlige referanserammer for et opphav. Bandet later for sa vidt interessant, og med litt mer oving og mer erfaring under beitet kan dette absolutt bli noe.

Hakon Grav (Scream Magazine #198)

Necromance Digital Magazine #10,2015

necromance digital magazine 10“The Fall” es el nuevo lanzamiento del quinteto polaco PSYCHOPHOBIA. Esta formación de Melodic Death Metal nacida a finales del 2002 ha lanzado, tres años después de su último disco, el presente EP. Dicho trabajo contiene tres temas repartidos en un total de catorce minutos de un buen Melodic, entretenido, rítmico e incluso alegre, alejándose por momentos del Death y dándonos simplemente un metal muy animado.
Abrimos el presente con “Servants Of Deception”, acordes animados y rápidos. Guitarras más bien limpias y una batería muy alegre. Solo la parte vocal, por parte de Stygmat le da ese toque a Death, tono rasgado y profundo. Tema que , después de una suave intro, comienza con potencia y que poco a poco se va alejando de esa fuerza para dejarnos un buen tema de metal sin más.
La segunda en sonar es la que le da nombre al EP. “The Fall” nos da un comienzo con unas seis cuerdas, a cargo de Pater y Maryjan, algo más pesadas, mas distorsionadas y entrecortadas, más Death por lo tanto. Al igual que la batería de Maly, que en este inicio se presenta mucho más salvaje que en el tema anterior, dándonos momentos incluso cercano al Black Metal. Destaco también el brillante trabajo al bajo del miembro fundador Kom. Podemos apreciar también ciertos coros de fondo con un tono vocal muy Heavy Metal. Esta composición contiene unos cambios de ritmo que nos demuestra  la calidad de los cinco músicos.
Y cierra el trabajo el tema más largo “The Code”. Casi seis minutos de una gran composición. En él podemos encontrar una gran variedad, desde momentos más Death a pasajes algo más metaleras, pero siempre con la base melódica que la banda imprime a sus canciones. Por lo general son las seis cuerdas las grandes protagonistas de este último corte, dejando un buen toque al bajo en la parte final del mismo. Buen tema para cerrar un divertido EP.
En conclusión, el “The Fall” de PSYCHOPHOBIA es un EP sencillo de escuchar y fácil de disfrutar. No aburre, es entretenido y variado. Tres buenos temas para pasar catorce gratos minutos. Una vez más nos llega desde Polonia un trabajo a tener en cuenta.

Santi Machín (Necromance Digital Magazine #10,2015)

A Different Shade Of Black Metal Zine

Psychophobia are a band from Poland that plays a melodic mixture of black and death metal and this is a review of their 2015 ep "The Fall" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Classical guitar playing starts off the ep and a few seconds alter the music starts going into more of a heavy and melodic musical direction along with some blast beats and black metal screams while the solos and leads are very heavily rooted in melodic death metal and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them.
Throughout the recording there is a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and some of the riffs also bring in a traditional metal feeling at times and in some of the parts the band also adds in a touch of thrash and modern metal and the music also mixes in a great amount of Swedish influences and there are also some death metal growls being utilized at times along with a brief use of melodic screams and spoken word parts.
Psychophobia plays a very heavy and melodic musical style that mixes death and black metal together as well as having a good mixture of both modern and old school influences, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Anti Priest and Humanity themes.
In my opinion Psychophobia are a very great sounding melodic mixture of black and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACK "The Fall".

OccultBlackMetal (A Different Shade Of Black Metal Zine)

Gorger's Metal

Poland may not be known for exceptionally melodic strains of extreme metal. But it's just within that layer the quintet named Psychophobia roam. Perhaps because of good elbow room? I must admit that my expectations weren't really high, but I am glad that they are being put so emphatically to shame.
After ten years of existence and a few demos, the band released their dйbut full-length album in 2012. Three years later they release their first EP, their first product without synth and symphonic influences, supposedly.
My first encounter with the band consists of three tracks clocking in at almost a quarter in total. Imagine melodic metal more in the power/viking fairway, and then run it all through a death metal filter. It thrusts and swing well, while building on good melodies that create song-wise identity.
The band would not have been the same without two guitars. Rough riffs and melodic gems are thrown out simultaneously, while it also allows for some twin-guitar. The guitar play is impeccable, and forms the core of the band's quality. Yet one should not forget the other three members. Steady and rather hefty drumming and ditto bass is flanked by coarse and large calibre growling.
When the technical playing-skills works excellent, the songs have good identity and adequate characteristics, and the sound is crystal clear with plenty of punch, I see no reason not to recommend this.

Gorger's Metal

Atmospheric Metal Magazine

Epki są fajne – skoro nie pojawiają się już praktycznie single, to jest to rozwiązanie. Oczywiście żartuję, przecież Epki to nie jest wymysł współczesnego słuchacza-odbiorcy. Zespół PSYCHOPHOBIA niejako przypomina się Epką „The Fall”, „że jest i ma się dobrze”. Słuchając „The Fall” można stwierdzić, że PSYCHOPHOBIA jest w formie, gra sprawnie i pewnie. Niestety nie słyszałem wcześniejszego wydawnictwa, więc nie mogę się do niego odnieść, ale z drugiej strony to i lepiej. Patrzę na wszystko świeżym oko-uchem, bez uprzedzeń i nadziei. Gdzieś tam na Metal Archives jest napisane, że zespół gra black metal. No chyba nie tak do końca. Słychać w tej muzyce wiele wpływów różnych gatunków, ale żeby przypiąć jakąś konkretną łatkę, to chyba nie bardzo. „Servants Of Deception” zaczyna się spokojnie – wiecie, co to zwiastuje? – dokładnie, niezły atak. Jeśli miałbym pokusić się o skojarzenia, to wymieniłbym coś z kręgu szwedzkiego podwórka. Podejście do linii melodycznej gitar, w tych mega melodycznych zagrywkach, kieruje właśnie w te rejony świata. W „The Fall” pojawiają się fajne pojedynki gitarowe (sola) na sam koniec, a w „The Code” zespół serwuje nam sporo zmian temp i długi rozbudowany wstęp. Ciekawy jestem, jak zabrzmiałaby cała płyta PSYCHOPHOBII? Może będziemy mieli okazję się przekonać już niebawem?

Sabian (Atmospheric Metal Magazine)

Lords Of Metal

From Poland comes Psychophobia with a demo of only three songs. Earlier I reviewed their album Ark Of Chaos, and at the time I dind’t think it was really exciting stuff. Three songs of course is not much, but it's enough to see that progress has been made compared to ‘Ark Of Chaos'. This demo is much more thrash like and the vocals are much better. The keyboards are gone and everything sounds more mature and more as a unity. Still, negative points are there too. Although there is enough variation between the songs, the songs themselves are less varied, too much repetition. I also find it quite tame, I like my metal more brutal. The sound on this demo however is much better than was the case on the previous one. Soundwise they remind me of Soilwork during the 'Stabbing The Drama' age. A clear improvement, no doubt, but there is still much to do.

Wilco (Lords Of Metal)


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