Lords Of Metal

I'm done with the Viking metal genre. The endless stream of albums in this genre nowadays delivers nothing but mediocre uniformity. I have never been fond of this easy listening metal that suddenly has become very popular anyway, so, bad luck if your second album is to be reviewed by me. This misfortune befalls the Belarusian act Stormhold, with their second album ‘The Lost World’.The album is filled with everything you would expect, except for the so called 'traditional' instruments, which in this case is a plus. Furthermore, I regret to say that this album totally adds nothing to the overcrowded niche. You can hardly blame them because this genre has been exploited so much that you must be very special to appear with something remarkable. The sad part is that I have heard no wrong tune or passage on their album, but as I said, I am no longer interested with this kind of metal. However, if you really love this kind of music this album is not such a bad option, so fans of the genre should check it out, despite my harsh words.

Wilco (Lords Of Metal)


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