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Belarus-based Stormhold recently released their second full-length album, The Lost World. Like their previous albums, it is packed with power, energy and, as a personal gimmick for Stormhold, full of dystopian lyrics. Having been thrown into existance back in 2003, the band has done whatever they can in order to create tracks that they deem worthy of their name. As a consequence, that means that today, twelve years later, the bands roster consists of two full-length albums, a Demo and a single EP. The upside of this (as far as I can ascertain) is that there is not a single bad song among any of these.
The Lost World is yet another splendid addition to the ever-growing (and just as popular) Melodic Death Metal scene. Sure, they might not have reached the top as of yet; however, they are, in my opinion every bit as enthusiastic, powerful and musically talented as the present-day version of, for instance, Arch Enemy.
Probably the single-best example of what exactly Stormhold can deliver as a band is the track ”Our Blood's on the Cross of War”. Being a very good band (as far as I am concerned) Stormhold has managed to create their own distinctive sound (to some extent at least – I cannot wait to see what the future brings). As such, I find this track to be an excellent example of what the band has to offer in this day and age.

Brian (Metal Revolution)


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