Slowly We Roth Magazine #7

Slowly We Roth Magazine 7Excellent surprise from Belarus, Stormhold were formed in 2003 and released their debut album by themselves in 2006. Now, after what it seems a successful EP from 2013, they got picked up by Total Metal Records / Metal Scrap Records and the result is this second album featuring 7 long tracks and clocking 35 minutes of fast and melodic Death Metal, the Gothemburg type of Death Metal with intense Power and Heavy Metal influences all over. Stormhold's music is structured on a backbone of amazing guitar riffs, solos and leads supported by a subtle but atmospheric keyboards background and a brutal rhythm section. The only problem I could have with this release would be the programmed drums that sound too synthetic, but once I got deeper into the album I had no more problems with them, they kinda sounded natural. Although this genre was at its peak at leaset a decade ago, Stormhold prove to be a very solid outfit creating interesting and catchy compositions that will keep you glued to this album. I have to also mention the few but very intense US influenced parts of traditional and brutal Death Metal giving this album a bit more color if there was the need anymore. Recommended release, professional and mature band, excellent new release from the hard-working Ukrainian label.

Adrian (Pest Webzine/Slowly We Roth Magazine)




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