MEMORAIN "Seven Sacrifices" 2013
/Total Metal Records/

01. A Stitch In Time
02. Worlds Apart
03. Course Correction
04. Trust And Blood (feat. Jed Simson from STRAPPING YOUNG LAD)
05. False Positive
06. The Hour Of Death
07. Seven Sacrificies (feat. David Ellefson from MEGADETH)
08. Blind Spot
09. Snow Falls
10. Bad Wolf
11. We All Fall Down (feat. Michael Gilbert from FLOTSAM AND JETSAM)


Legacy 881MEMORAIN aus Griechenland greifen relativ viele Elemente aus dem groovigeren Thrash Metal auf, um sie mit einem ziemlich warmen Heavy Rock-Backing zu konfrontieren. Irgendwo in der Schnittmenge von Megadeth, Firewind und W.A.S.P. treffen sich die Einflüsse und kulminieren zu einer durchaus gefälligen, wenn auch nicht immer sonderlich spannend arrangierten Mischung unterschiedlicher Stile. Positiv herauszuheben ist das straighte Vorgehen in allen elf Nummern von “Seven Sacrifices”; die Griechen kommen auf den Punkt, arbeiten derweil mit einem angenehmen, nicht zu aufdringlichen, melodiösen Unterbau und konzentrieren sich vornehmlich auf ein dynamisch formuliertes, zielstrebiges Uptempo. Weniger gelungen ist derweil die gesangliche Performance, der es an Durchsetzungsvermögen und Entschlossenheit mangelt. Frontmann Andreas Boutos agiert souverän in den üblichen Tonlagen, hat aber bei der Variation in höhere Regionen seine Schwierigkeiten - und darunter leiden vor allem die richtig flotten Songs auf “Seven Sacrifices”. Entscheidend ist aber letztendlich das Songwriting, und hier haben MEMORAIN ausreichend positive Verstärker in der Hinterhand, die über so manche Schwäche hinwegtrösten. Man muss sich jedoch vor Augen führen, dass die aktuelle Scheibe nicht reichen wird, um die internationale Konkurrenz zu beeindrucken. Solider Durchschnitt ist aber mehr als unteres Mittelmaß!

9 Punkte
Björn Backes (Legacy #88)


Rlyeh zine 12No w końcu Anatoliy z Total Metal / Metal Scrap wygrzebał coś fajnego spoza Rosji i Ukrainy. Wygrzebał i na dodatek wydał piąty krążek Greków z MEMORAIN. Pięć płyt, a ja o tym zespole słyszę po raz pierwszy. No i już od otwierającego instrumentalnego „A Stitch  In Time” wiem, że muszę te zaległości nadrobić. Solidny amerykański Thrash podbity mocniejszym Heavy i HC to taki swojski konglomerat tego co otrzymalibyśmy miksując muzę np. D.R.I., AGENT STEEL, SATAN, TANK, SACRED REICH (?)… Wszystko tu chodzi jak w zegarku i brzmi całkiem dobrze. Dominują melodyjne gitary, solówki, chwytliwe riffy- ale wbrew temu co piszę, nie ma tu żadnych ckliwych, czy pedalskich pomysłów. Wszystko jest szczelnie utrzymane w jedynie słusznej- Metalowej stylistyce. Na pewno jeśli ktoś tęskni za czasami dominacji amerykańskiego Thrashu, lub tez narzeka na brak kapele z tego nurtu, bez cienia wahania polecam MEMORAIN. Piszcie do Metal Scrap / Total Metal.

R'lyeh 'zine #12



Memorian are a band from Greece that plays a mixture of thrash and speed metal and this is a review of their 2013 album "Seven Sacrifices" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
"A Stitch In Time" begins with some war sounds which lead up to some heavy and melodic guitar riffs and leads along with some drums and then the music goes into an old school thrash direction while also keeping around the guitar leads.
"Worlds Apart" begins with some guitar riffs and leads along with some drums and then the music starts getting alot faster before adding in some power/thrash style vocals that utilize both aggressive and melodic elements.
"Course Correction" begins with some heavy guitar riffs and drums before speeding up and adding in some vocals and then the song starts switching back and forth between mid paced and fast parts and towards the end there is a brief us e of old school style metal guitar solos and leads.
"Trust And Blood" begins with some heavy guitar riffs and drums along with some powerful bass and melodic riffing which leads up to the vocals kicking in and after awhile there is a brief use of guitar solos and leads being utilized.
"False Positive" begins with some heavy guitar riffs which also utilize some melody as well as some drums which leads up to some vocals and a few seconds there is a brief use of guitar leads that come in and out of the song and the vocals range from aggressive to melodic.
"The Hour Of Death" begins with some heavy and brutal guitar riffs which leads to up to some blast beats as well as some melodic riffing before adding in some vocals and then leads start coming in and out of the song as well as the vocals going from aggressive to melodic.
"Seven Sacrifices" begins with some melodic guitar and bass riffing which leads up to some drums and clean yet aggressive vocals and after a few seconds guitar solos and leads start coming in and out of the song and after awhile t he vocals start utilizing some screams.
"Blind Spot" begins with some heavy guitar riffs and drums and after awhile some melody is brought into the song along with some faster elements which leads up up to some aggressive screams as well as some melodic guitar leads and then the vocals also start adding in small amounts of melody.
"Snow Fall" begins with some acoustic guitar playing and bass guitars and then the drums and melodic guitar leads start kicking in and then melodic clean singing becomes a part of the song as well as some heavy guitar riffs and towards the end there is a brief us e of guitar solos and leads.
"Bad Wolf" begins with some fast, heavy and melodic guitar riffs and drums and a few seconds later the vocals start kicking in with both melodic and aggressive elements an d towards the end there are some guitar solos and leads being utilized. 
"We All Fall Down" begins with some heavy guitar riffs and leads which come in and out of the song along with some drums and melodic parts and then the thrash style vocals start kicking in with both aggressive and melodic parts.
Song lyrics cover everyday themes, while the production has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound to it.
In my opinion Memorian are a very great sounding hybrid of speed and thrash metal and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "A Stitch In Time" "Trust And Blood" "Snow Fall" and "We All Fall Down". RECOMMENDED BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (Extreme Underground Music Zine)

A 5-piece Thrash Attack from Greece influenced by Sacred Reich, Toxik, Exodus and all the American Thrash Scene. Not really original in terms of the riffs they represent, but they do remind me of the Holt/Hunolt attack had. They show promise and hopefully the next release will give me more to go on. You need to hear what these guys are doing for this release!

Paul Caravasi (Soulgrinder Zine)

Memorain hails from Athens, Greece and is around since 1999, but I never heard of them before and I guess you didnt either so I will give you a brief history of the band by telling you they have already released one demo, four full-lengths and a compilation CD. For more information about those releases, visit the bands Metal Archives page. Seven Sacrifices is out through the Russian Total Metal Records / Metal Scrap Records label.
I have been listening to Seven Sacrifices quite a lot the past few weeks and Ive been asking myself constantly which band reminds me of Memorain. Finally it popped up: Sacred Reich! Vocalist Andreas Boutos has the same vocal timbre as Phil Rind and their music is classic heavy / melodic thrash metal. Memorain has potential but theyve got a lot of work ahead of them, they especially need to work on meta-compositional skills and some killer riffs are needed to be recognized by a vast heavy metal audience. Lets see what the future will bring for Memorain.

Koen (Lord Of Metal)

This is the fifth studio album from MEMORAIN which is a Greek metal band from Athens that has released five albums in eleven years. Even though I knew the band as a name I hadn’t had the chance to hear anything from them before.
The style of the band is thrash metal with some technical elements. The sound production is quite good and the band has a good technical level and a satisfying song writing level. The songs that I liked more are “Bad Wolf” and “We All Fall Down”. In this album we have some famous guest appearances like Dave Ellefson (MEGADETH) and Michael Gilbert (FLOTSAM AND JETSAM). I would say that this is a quite good album that the fans of thrash (and traditional) metal should check out.
P.S.: I believe that the (growling) vocals are a bit strange and not so suitable for the music. For those who don’t have a problem with that the grade is higher but for those who aren’t appealed to this kind of vocals the grade is lower.

Ioannis "Knight of Light" Kaskamanidis (Behind The Veil Webzine)

Memorain is a Greek band founded in 1999 but a band that kept only 1 original member in the actual line-up, the rest are all new members starting 2013. Not sure how and if this new (fifth) album was composed and recorded by the whole members or only by the original member, guitarist Ilias Papadakis. Anyway, as an interesting fact I can also name the special guests appearing on this album: David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Michael Gilberd (Flotsam And Jetsam), pretty sick, isn't it? The music is a combination of Technical Power Metal and Melodic Thrash Metal, powerful and heavy sounding in order to catch the listener's attention. Strange why the vocalist is the only one with missing picture from the booklet... Anyway, Seven Sacrifices is a professional release worth your attention especially if you're looking for headbanging rhythms, long guitar solos, Testament-like compositions, and a healthy dose of Power Metal.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)

Caught within my evil spell, now it’s time to burn in Hell”. These are the most suitable words about the new record of Greek veterans Memorain, SEVEN SACRIFICES. Initially their latest work sounds a logical continuation of EVOLUTION and DIGITAL LINE, in other words, a menacing and really extreme and powerful album with the melodic aspects of the previous release taken even further.
The raw spirit of this album (e.g. ‘The Hour of Death’) together with the modern sound (such as in ‘Worlds Apart’) shines through in its energy and willingness to, without fear of being obvious as a more mature artist might experience, put into music the gulf between what is desired and what is perceived. In terms of raw riffcraft, it may be the height of Memorain's acumen, which is underscored by the tendency to break tempo to state patterns clearly. Of note is the dual guitar attack of the type in which one guitar renders columnar progressions in the background with slow pace of change and fast strumming, while the other engraves a lead melody above.
The sound of the album is fairly clean and polished, even progressive and the level of musicianship is admittedly the highest so far. No comments on featured musicians’level, the bands’ names they serve say it all; Jed Simson (Strapping Young Lad) in ‘Trust and Blood’, David Ellefson (Megadeth) in the title track and finally Michael Gilbert (Flotsam and Jetsam) in the closer track ‘We All Fall Down’. The latter song and the opener intstrumental ‘A Stitch In Time’ could be of the best opening and closing tracks ever found on the same Memorain album.
This album is absolutely hellbound, and if you are "hellbound", "heaven" just ain't ready for you! This review is not about me suggesting to you to buy it, I am flat out telling you. SEVEN SACRIFICES, packed with eleven awesome, fist waving, chest thumping, riff strewn, pure unadultered storm proof speed/thrash anthems, is set to see the mighty metal galley that is Memorain win a whole new generation of metal warriors to their speed cause.

Metal Rules

Total Metal Records is one of the sub-divisions of Ukraine's Metal Scrap Records and concentrates on releasing albums by bands from the post-Soviet Union countries like Ukraine, with a few exceptions.
One of these exceptions is a long-running Greek Power/Thrash Metal band called Memorain, whose fifth album, Seven Sacrifices, was released in 2013. Seven Sacrifices is actually a strong tour-de-force from this Greek bunch, offering a well-crafted mix of Power Metal, Thrash Metal and Speed Metal that has some potential for repeated listening. Tracks such as the fast-paced, occasionally Slayer-tinged "Course Correction" and the speedy, ruthless "The Hour of Death" and "Bad Wolf" all offer some good, neck-snapping opportunities for Metal maniacs. With Andeas Boutos' teeny-weeny raspy but melodic vocal parts, which are like a cross between Lemmy and Ingo Pajonczak, of German thrashers Assassin, Seven Sacrifices turns out to be a sweet album, all in all.
A number of guest musicians (Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad, David Ellefson from Megadeth and Michael Gilbert from Flotsam and Jetsam) make musical contributions on Seven Sacrifices, but they really don't add any extra value to the record, except maybe as some sort of promotion to get the album to a wider audience, perhaps.
Consider Seven Sacrifices a solid record from Memorain that is absolutely worth checking out.

Luxi Lahtinen (Metal Crypt)

If my memory serves me right I liked this Greek (?) lot’s previous album. With that in mind I have high expectations on this one. I’m expecting a power metal album of great proportions. If I am remembering right that is. The guitar sound wasn’t exactly what I expected. It is so much rawer than I’d imagined it to be. But I like that. This is power metal the way I like it. With a strong beat and a tempo that makes you heart pump faster. There is a strong American feeling to this band’s music. As I like that side of power metal with bands like Helstar, Savatage and older ones like Omen I find myself sitting here banging my head frantically, like I was 15 again.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)


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