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Total Metal Records is one of the sub-divisions of Ukraine's Metal Scrap Records and concentrates on releasing albums by bands from the post-Soviet Union countries like Ukraine, with a few exceptions.
One of these exceptions is a long-running Greek Power/Thrash Metal band called Memorain, whose fifth album, Seven Sacrifices, was released in 2013. Seven Sacrifices is actually a strong tour-de-force from this Greek bunch, offering a well-crafted mix of Power Metal, Thrash Metal and Speed Metal that has some potential for repeated listening. Tracks such as the fast-paced, occasionally Slayer-tinged "Course Correction" and the speedy, ruthless "The Hour of Death" and "Bad Wolf" all offer some good, neck-snapping opportunities for Metal maniacs. With Andeas Boutos' teeny-weeny raspy but melodic vocal parts, which are like a cross between Lemmy and Ingo Pajonczak, of German thrashers Assassin, Seven Sacrifices turns out to be a sweet album, all in all.
A number of guest musicians (Jed Simon from Strapping Young Lad, David Ellefson from Megadeth and Michael Gilbert from Flotsam and Jetsam) make musical contributions on Seven Sacrifices, but they really don't add any extra value to the record, except maybe as some sort of promotion to get the album to a wider audience, perhaps.
Consider Seven Sacrifices a solid record from Memorain that is absolutely worth checking out.

Luxi Lahtinen (Metal Crypt)


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