Metal Rules

Caught within my evil spell, now it’s time to burn in Hell”. These are the most suitable words about the new record of Greek veterans Memorain, SEVEN SACRIFICES. Initially their latest work sounds a logical continuation of EVOLUTION and DIGITAL LINE, in other words, a menacing and really extreme and powerful album with the melodic aspects of the previous release taken even further.
The raw spirit of this album (e.g. ‘The Hour of Death’) together with the modern sound (such as in ‘Worlds Apart’) shines through in its energy and willingness to, without fear of being obvious as a more mature artist might experience, put into music the gulf between what is desired and what is perceived. In terms of raw riffcraft, it may be the height of Memorain's acumen, which is underscored by the tendency to break tempo to state patterns clearly. Of note is the dual guitar attack of the type in which one guitar renders columnar progressions in the background with slow pace of change and fast strumming, while the other engraves a lead melody above.
The sound of the album is fairly clean and polished, even progressive and the level of musicianship is admittedly the highest so far. No comments on featured musicians’level, the bands’ names they serve say it all; Jed Simson (Strapping Young Lad) in ‘Trust and Blood’, David Ellefson (Megadeth) in the title track and finally Michael Gilbert (Flotsam and Jetsam) in the closer track ‘We All Fall Down’. The latter song and the opener intstrumental ‘A Stitch In Time’ could be of the best opening and closing tracks ever found on the same Memorain album.
This album is absolutely hellbound, and if you are "hellbound", "heaven" just ain't ready for you! This review is not about me suggesting to you to buy it, I am flat out telling you. SEVEN SACRIFICES, packed with eleven awesome, fist waving, chest thumping, riff strewn, pure unadultered storm proof speed/thrash anthems, is set to see the mighty metal galley that is Memorain win a whole new generation of metal warriors to their speed cause.

Metal Rules


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