Pest Webzine

Memorain is a Greek band founded in 1999 but a band that kept only 1 original member in the actual line-up, the rest are all new members starting 2013. Not sure how and if this new (fifth) album was composed and recorded by the whole members or only by the original member, guitarist Ilias Papadakis. Anyway, as an interesting fact I can also name the special guests appearing on this album: David Ellefson (Megadeth), Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad) and Michael Gilberd (Flotsam And Jetsam), pretty sick, isn't it? The music is a combination of Technical Power Metal and Melodic Thrash Metal, powerful and heavy sounding in order to catch the listener's attention. Strange why the vocalist is the only one with missing picture from the booklet... Anyway, Seven Sacrifices is a professional release worth your attention especially if you're looking for headbanging rhythms, long guitar solos, Testament-like compositions, and a healthy dose of Power Metal.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)


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