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Memorain hails from Athens, Greece and is around since 1999, but I never heard of them before and I guess you didnt either so I will give you a brief history of the band by telling you they have already released one demo, four full-lengths and a compilation CD. For more information about those releases, visit the bands Metal Archives page. Seven Sacrifices is out through the Russian Total Metal Records / Metal Scrap Records label.
I have been listening to Seven Sacrifices quite a lot the past few weeks and Ive been asking myself constantly which band reminds me of Memorain. Finally it popped up: Sacred Reich! Vocalist Andreas Boutos has the same vocal timbre as Phil Rind and their music is classic heavy / melodic thrash metal. Memorain has potential but theyve got a lot of work ahead of them, they especially need to work on meta-compositional skills and some killer riffs are needed to be recognized by a vast heavy metal audience. Lets see what the future will bring for Memorain.

Koen (Lord Of Metal)


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