INSTORM "Madness Inside" 2013
/Total Metal Records/

1. Escape from the Cellar
2. Written with Blood
3. Invisible
4. Silent Hate
5. It in the Well
6. The Rage in Your Blood
7. Phobia
8. Lake of Shadows
9. The Withering

instorm - madness inside



Daily Metal Webzine

UKR DM 7 1Дебютний альбом російської команди Instorm -Madness Inside- припав до смаку. По-перше, у Instorm с власна тендерна фішка. Не пригадую, щоб у death metal гурті на гітарі була дівчина. По-друге, матеріал апьбому цілком відповідає своїй назві — всередині справжнє божевілля, яке згладило усі недоліки!
Починаючи із першого треку -Written with Blood-. Instorm прицілився на енергійне продовження із швидкими рифами і прониз-ливим скримінгом.


dark city 7735-минутный дебютник отечественной команды Instorm (привет инфлэймсам?) я бы занёс в раздел "мелодик-дэт для бедных". Четверо музыкантов прячутся за инностранными псевдонимами и всячески пытаются скрыть свою совковую сущность, но без особого успеха. Здесь удручает всё - начиная от любительского оформления альбома и бительского оформления альбома, слабенького саунда (особенно режут по ушам примитивные гитарные соляки) и заканчивая тотальным кризисом собственных идей и жанра в целом. Впрочем, одно достоиство у этого альбома есть: он длится все 35 минут, так что у самых стоийких ценителей такой музыки есть шанс дослушать его до конца

1010 (DARK CITY № 77)

Variety Of Death Zine

Instorm are a band from Ukraine that plays a very melodic and symphonic form of melodic death metal and this is a review of their 2013 album "Madness Inside" which was released by Total Metal Records.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats being thrown into the music at times, while the synths bring a very dark, atmospheric and symphonic sound to the recording, as for the bass playing it has a very strong and powerful sound with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast melodic death metal riffs that utilize some traditional metal elements in the riffing, while the lead guitars are very melodic sounding death metal guitar solos and leads that have a power metal edge to them at times.
Vocals range from high pitched melodic death metal screams to deep death metal growls, while the lyrics cover dark and hateful themes, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.
In my opinion Instorm are a very great sounding symphonic, melodic death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Written With Blood" "It In The Well" and "Lake Of Shadows". RECOMMENDED BUY.

OccultBlackMetal (Variety Of Death Zine)

Aquelarre Zine

Have no knowledge of this Rusian band prior to this release, but it's certainly not bad. Powerful, and heavy melodic Death metal with the occasional strong guitar solos of traditional Metal and a more than decent production. The technical level is good and if Instorm continues in this direction i'm sure we'll hear more from them. It should be worth keeping an eye on these guys in the future. Viciousssssss!

Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)

INSTORM is another blank for me. I just got sent this album and I know absolutely nothing about it. But that doesn’t really matter. I’m used to go in blindly and come out being totally blended by its sheer genius. INSTORM have a name that either could be black or thrash metal. As it turns out it is the latter. This is thrash of the more aggressive school. You got the harsh voice. I get a slight Arch Enemy feel to this in the guitar work. When you add it all up you end up sitting with a rather cool metal album. If your thrash interest doesn’t go further than Megadeth then this isn’t for you. if you on the other hand like your stuff a tad harder you might very well find pleasure in this. I know I did.


Lords Of Metal

If you have ever wondered what it would sounds like if you would bring bands like Children Of Bodom and Rhapsody Of Fire together and have Yngwie Malmsteen brainstorm along, then youll find your answer in Instorm! As you already might have guessed, this lady and gentlemen get their inspiration from various metal corners. And thus we find influences from the melodic death metal, the symphonic power metal and the neo-classical metal corners. But besides that the music also contains many influences from black and sturdy folk metal, which makes Instorm a bit reminiscent to fellow compatriots Nomans Land.
The music is quite up-tempo in general, and although the bands does lower the pace regularly, the album seems to blast forward. On instrumental matters the lady and gentlemen know their crafts well and definitely convince. The blackened vocals however sound quite monotonous, but at the same also not that disturbingly. Also musically the songs are well composed and the music contains many layers. In Instorm there is a great role for the guitarists and they dont hesitate to take every opportunity they get to shake the one solo and riddle after the other off their sleeves.
The last two-mentioned in the above are however exactly my biggest problems with this album! There is simply too much going on in the songs and the many solos and guitar riddles go at the cost of the overall intensity. They also make the whole thing sound very chaotic and confusing, making it rather difficult to follow the songs. Talk about madness! On top of that, exactly for that same reason the songs are difficult to tell apart and pass by without leaving a lasting impression. Of course this could not have been the intention. This is a typical case of enough is as good as a feast, seeing that the music comes much more into its own during the pieces in which the riffs play the main role and there isnt all this chaos going on. Pity, because due to the strain and the chaos the band totally misses the point and doesnt manage to get the message across. It is obvious that were dealing with a highly talented and potential band here, but the lady and gentlemen have yet to learn not to push everything into on! Remember: less is more!

Neithan (Lords Of Metal)

Pest Webzine

Founded in 2011 as Deadlake, these Russians soon changed their band name to Instorm, a name that fits them much better, and here we have their debut full-length album made of 9 tracks of Power Metal inspired Melodic Death Metal similar to the Finnish school. So their music is based on guitar leads and solos, fast rhythms, melodic keyboards and screaming vocals. The guitar work is very good, and for my surprise one of the guitarists is a lady, unlike most of the bands with female members as bass or vocals, and what a wonderful job she does, together with the other guitarist. The problems are on the vocal side (without any trace of versatility or comprehension) and on the keyboards side (low volume and low role in the overall composition). Since this is their debut album I'd say it's very promising, but they need to work more on creating something of their own, to come up with a mark of their own if they wish to pursue this road.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)

Behind The Veil Webzine

INSTORM were formed in Russia back in 2011 under the name DEADLAKE. In 2012 they have decided to change the band name into INSTORM, because they thought that this name expresses better the sound of the band.
The important thing though is that INSTORM although a new band is very impressive because of the skillful playing of the musicians that participate here and the professional level that this release moves on. “Madness Inside” might be the debut album of a young and new band, but it has the maturity that many more experienced bands would envy. Now the musical sound of INSTORM is tagged under the genre melodic death metal. I don’t think that this is very accurate. Ok, they do have melodic death metal elements and they use growls and brutal vocals, but their sound is much more than that. The whole album has a strong power metal feeling and of course many neoclassical metal elements. I think all these give to the sound of INSTORM more depth and variety, but above all can make them appealing both to death and power metal fans. I think that if you are into bands like early CHILDREN OF BODOM and WINTERSUN, then you will enjoy this album.

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis (Behind The Veil Webzine)

There probably is, but musical speaking its the predictable sort. Speaking seriously pissed off, screaming black metal racket, just to clear the air, Instorm add a bit of instrumental zest with the inclusion of audible keyboards and some well coordinated leads behind the shrieks.
Being unafraid to turn it proggy a slight tad does lean towards their credit and the crunching pace of 'Invisible' leaves a cooler pill to swallow at night, but frankly there is little else to keep it distinct from the rest. Don't mistake me til I inform you that cuts like 'Written In Blood', 'Silent Hate', 'The Rage In Your Blood' and 'Phobia' are fearsome live fodder.
In recorded form Madness Inside will however only apply to the madder of followers.

Dave Attrill (

Atmospheric Magazine

Ostatnio mam szczęście do płyt zza wschodniej granicy oraz do rozmaitych mutacji melodyjnego death metalu. Przy czym odczucie szczęścia jest tutaj kwestią ambiwalentną, bo poziom muzyczny wspomnianych wynalazków raczej nie powala. INSTORM mieści się w tych kategoriach zarówno pod względem pochodzenia, jak i preferowanego muzycznego stylu, a co do mojego zadowolenia, to zostańmy przy ambiwalencji. Z „Mandess Inside” od początku nie jest łatwo – najpierw szpetna okładka (nie przeszkadza mi jej minimalizm, ale poziom wykonania już tak). Następnie atakuje zbędne intro (jeśli macie wątpliwości, czy można się czegoś ciekawego spodziewać po tytule „Escape From The Cellar”, to bardzo słusznie, że je macie, tylko szkoda, że INSTORM nie byli bardziej krytyczni wobec swoich pomysłów). Wreszcie zaczyna się właściwa zawartość „Mandess Inside” i pojawia się nieodparte uczucie, że wszystko to już gdzieś słyszeliśmy i to zwykle w ciekawszym wykonaniu. Pomysł INSTORM polega na sięganiu po klasykę w jak najbardziej dosłownym sensie – brzmi to jak metalowe wersje utworów ze składanki „Wielcy kompozytorzy muzyki klasycznej” i jest równie pasjonujące, co legion podobnych przeróbek umieszczanych w serwisach wideo. Niestety samo „wypożyczenie” kilku nutek z tematu jakiejś klasycznej kompozycji nie wystarczy do stworzenia „ambitnej” muzyki. INSTORM dziarsko kroczy po linii najmniejszego oporu, dodając od siebie toporne, kwadratowe aranżacje i ogólny brak pomysłu na swoją muzykę. Dla równowagi, od strony technicznej nie ma się do czego przyczepić, Moskwianie grać potrafią, a sama realizacja nagrań też mieści się w granicach przyzwoitości. W małych dawkach „Mandess Inside” jeszcze się broni (dałoby się z tych 35 minut wykroić przyzwoity singiel), ale głównym problemem całości jest przewidywalność, nuda i niezapamiętywalność tej muzyki. Wnikliwe wysłuchanie „Mandess Inside” za jednym podejściem zamula jak zjedzenie całej tabliczki czekolady na jeden raz – w trakcie niby fajnie, ale na koniec zostaje tylko zgaga i poczucie, że to nie był najlepszy pomysł. Żeby nie było, że tylko się czepiam – była sobie kiedyś taka kapela jak ARCHEON (obecnie MADE OF HATE), która miała bardzo podobny pomysł na swoją muzykę, ale potrafiła przy tym komponować rozpoznawalne utwory. INSTORM na razie jeszcze tej sztuki nie opanował i dlatego głównym morałem z tej opowieści jest ambiwalencja…

Michał Pawełczyk (Atmospheric Magazine)

R'lyeh 'zine #12

Rlyeh zine 12Tytuł trochę na wyrost, szaleństwa na tej płycie na pewno nie ma. A co jest? Ładne melodie, klawisze, czyste brzmienie, nienaganna technika, wszystko schludne, dopieszczone i jakieś takie „mientkie”. Takie CHILDREN OF BODON, czy Goteborska Skandynawia się kłaniają. Czyli, że wieś? No trochę. W sumie to w miarę agresywny wokal ratuje nieco sytuację. Próbuję znaleźć na tym krążku coś dla siebie i jakoś idzie mi opornie. Może gdyby więcej było takich przyspieszeń jak w „It In The Well” mielibyśmy coś na modłę DARK TRANQUILLITY. No i bez tych klawiszowych plam, które z tymi przesłodzonymi gitarami tworzą wręcz niezjadliwy deser. I tak to moi drodzy parafianie wygląda. Na koniec nurtuje mnie jeszcze jedna sprawa- zespół pochodzi z Moskwy, a żadne z nazwisk jego członków rosyjskie bynajmniej nie jest. Will Right, Maari Talovainen, A. Eldurson… Zresztą, czym ja sobie głowę zawracam…

R'lyeh 'zine #12




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