SHAME YOURSELF "Wonderfuck" 2012
/Total Metal Records/

1. Work Is Not Over 04:06
2. For All Your Sins 03:26
3. Secrets 04:23
4. Jab c.o. 04:05
5. Metalheads 06:11
6. Cannabis Corpse 04:42
7. Your Creation 02:36
8. Redrum 04:33
9. Cathology 04:05
10. Slave Of Masturbation 04:34
11. Hell 05:18


All Around Metal

Come si può non provare un minimo di simpatia per questa band polacca che all'interno di questo debut piazza titoli come "Cannabis Corpse" e "Red Rum"? Buone idee si intravedono subito già dall'artwork. Il genere proposto è di radice thrash metal con pieno stampo hardcore in your face che ricorda la scena statunitense di Biohazard e Madball, anche se il combo est-europeo lascia trasparire un certo senso per la tecnica, piazzando qua e là soluzioni di chitarra come solos e passaggi tecnici che potrebbero far pensare ad elementi power-heavy e progressive, il tutto infarcito da forti dosi di groove. La voce sta a metà tra scream e growl, e si può chiaramente dire che si rifa più al death, che al thrash.
Insomma, le prerogative per il buon disco ci sono tutte, il problema è che manca un bel po' di originalità e, talvolta, il riffing sembra un tantino scontato. Certo, il genere stesso punta sull'immediatezza, però, come dire, pare che "parampampampa" di chitarra a volte superi un po' il limite della banalità. Nonostante tutto, "Wonderfuck" risulta un platter sfrontato e di buon impatto, certo, se non amate l'hardcore e il thrash, allora forse è meglio che neanche proviate a dargli una chance, ma a chi piace la musica in your face potrà dare qualche soddisfazione.
Tra le varie canzoni possiamo citare "Cannabis Corpse", sicuramente tra le più incisive, e "Slave of Masturbation", altra traccia più improntata sul thrash.
Peccato, con un po' di lavoro in più in fase compositiva poteva venir fuori un disco migliore, per ora si rasenta la sufficienza, anche perchè alla fine dell'ascolto tutti i pezzi sembrano bene o male sulla stessa falsariga e rischiano davvero di annoiare. In ogni caso, questi polacchi sanno il fatto loro su come si suona del thrash metal di stampo moderno, sì, un pò sgangherato, ma altrettanto incacchiato, e lasciano intravedere buone sensazioni per un prossimo futuro.

Roberto Orano (All Around Metal)

Music Guide To The Galaxy

So another band from the Ukrainian metal label Metal Scrap Records, this time not a Ukrainian band but a Polish group releasing their debut album.
When you hear Polish thrash you might be thinking about a more classic style like we know from Destroyers, Turbo or Kat. What we get here however is something completely different, we get more groove, mid-tempo thrash metal songs. Indeed not a clich? for a polish band but nothing new anyways. While some listeners might be put of by is the lyrics (very simple, basic lyrics) their is humor to be found in them. A good example of the humor would be the song cannabis corpse. If you aren't laughing with the title right now you won't like the rest of the lyrics on display here. The lesser knowledge of the English language also isn't helping their case, like this lyrical gem from a song about masturbation
'Every time I close my eyes, I see naked chicks
all in foam,
then my little marine, grown in power and want
to fight...'
You can't tell me this wasn't just translated by google translate, the rest of the lyrics aren't that much better either so you can either laugh with it or hate it.
The singer does a combination of death metal grunting and more hardcore shouting.
The production has a very "full" sound to it,all the instruments are mixed well and it just sounds like you expect from a decent release.
From the first song 'work is not over' you get a very good idea how the rest of the album is going to be, no real standout tracks or progressive songs here, just modern thrash that sounds surprisingly good.
The song 'hell' can be shown as an example of the more hardcore influenced perfectly, making use of breakdowns and the vocals being very shouty.
The artwork is very well done, of-course referencing a dollar bill, but the booklet is actually foldable and looks great. Definitely a plus in my book.
All in all it is nothing new, but its fun nonetheless.

Music Guide To The Galaxy


Mid-tempo thrash/groove metal is one of those genres that is really hard to do right. After plenty of mainstream success, numerous acts have tried their hand at the style and most have been seen as fairly average or mere clones of the bigger names. Poland’s Shame Yourself is one of the latest newcomers, and their debut album Wonderfuck comes nearly five years after their formation. It’s an impressive first attempt, and despite the fact that some of the later songs start to blend together Shame Yourself still has some great hooks that make them worth giving a listen.
While the base of this album may be made up of the traditional mid-tempo chugging and grooves, Shame Yourself is able to vary their guitar leads in a way that makes the songs distinguishable from each other. The main way that they accomplish this is through the use of melody, and the leads and solos that head in this direction give the album some strong hooks that will make listeners want to come back. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but considering how many bands in this genre seem to try and make themselves as heavy as possible only to fall into repetition after two songs this makes a world of difference. Wonderfuck starts off strong, as the first half has songs that hit hard while grabbing listeners with their hooks, but the second half does falter a bit. While none of the later tracks are bad, the instrumental work just doesn’t stand out quite as much and it’s not as easy to tell the songs apart. The grooves that Shame Yourself creates early on do make up for it, but hopefully as they continue to grow the band will be able to consistently impress from beginning to end. Oh, but I do have to ask what brought on the sudden inclusion of the main riff from “Eye of the Tiger” on the song “For All Your Sins” as that amused me quite a bit.
Groove metal tends to lean towards a slightly cleaner vocal style, but Shame Yourself bucks this trend by utilizing a growl that sounds closer to death metal. This actually works quite well in combination with the instrumentals, as the lower pitch stands out against the melodic leads and steals the spotlight. There are additional vocal styles that pop up at times, including a higher pitched scream and some off-kilter clean singing on the song “Jab Co”. Although the growl is the primary style for the majority of the album, the addition of these other styles does help to keep the vocals from feeling repetitive. There is room for Shame Yourself to further expand on them though, as an even greater balance between the high and lows could fit quite well.
Despite the fact that the last few songs were hard to tell apart, I found myself returning to listen to Wonderfuck quite a bit over the past week. Shame Yourself has some catchy hooks and their use of melody over top of the standard chugging base works well. Although this genre has become oversaturated in recent years I think these guys are worth checking out if you’re still into the style, and with a few more pushes forward the band could become even stronger.

Chris Dahlberg (CosmosGaming)

Battle Helm

OK, I get it that when English isn’t your mother tongue it can be hard to think up a good band name in English but Shame Yourself is even for me a bit too simple. I’m not making fun of the band but the name doesn’t really say brutal thrash metal does it? Instead it makes me think Mr Bungle and Primus or even The President of The USA. More fun than serious. Hopefully I’ll forget everything about the name once the music washes over me. That the band is thrash metal there’s no denying. Thankfully the music is so much better than the band name. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes the thrash that these guys play. Through in some borderline death and you get an album that is well worth checking out if you like an up-tempo kinda Obituary or Bolt Thrower.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)

Lords Of Metal

Shame Yourself is a Polish thrash band that loves a joke now and then. If you take the artwork, the songtitles or the music, in every corner lurks a sense of humor. In some songs they have incorporated pieces of classic thrash songs from Metallica and Slayer. But the put the music over the fun because the album is full of clear, heavy thrash songs that are not only funny but sometimes deal with real issues. Musically it is not very original but well written and played and you must be made of steel if you are able to sit still. Strong riffs, vocals that fit the music well and excellent drumwork do not make an original piece of music but a nice album to listen to.

Berto Huizinga (Lords Of Metal)

Pest Webzine

Unlike most Polish Extreme Metal bands nowadays, Shame Yourself comes up with a fun way of approaching this style and that's good for scene variety, of course. This is their debut album, a Groove Thrash Metal American style that was (still) quite popular in the first half of the '90's, very close related to American Power Hardcore. Although very well executed, it feels like something's missing for this to be the next big thing coming out of the underground, but there's time for finding the right hooks. To me personally this album reminded of Clawfinger, Anthrax and a bit of the Bay Area Thrash Metal, too. Good technical skills, good flow, enough variety not to become boring, Shame Yourself have created a debut album that leaves hopes for better and bigger things to come, so all in all I'm not disapointed at all. This album is no masterpiece, but it's a sharp and entertaining piece of Groove Thrash Metal that will fill up pleasantly almost 50 minutes of your time. Good potential.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)

Aquelarre Zine

It's impossible to check out all the bands in the underground scene. Shame Yourself is a band don't have any previous records with in my collection, clear influences of Entombed and Dismember in the vocal style, and with a just little touch of Thrash metal riffs. Despite the similarities and somewhat classic style. They're not afraid to show their influences. A feast for those who hunger for the Modern Death metal sound!

Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

Atmospheric Magazine

Muzyka dla gości z SHAME YOURSELF to przede wszystkim dobra zabawa i zaangażowanie. To przynajmniej rzuca się na uszy podczas słuchania debiutanckiej płyty zespołu. Widać, że chłopaki chcą grać, dobrze się przy tym bawią a jednocześnie wciąż dążą do bycia coraz lepszym zespołem, grania coraz ciekawszej muzy, wypicia jeszcze jednego piwa, wypalenia kolejnego skręta* (niepotrzebne skreślić)... Tak oto za sprawą Total Metal Records zespół z Biłgoraja wydał swój debiut płytowy i kto zna zespół z pewnością od razu pozna, że część utworów zna doskonale, dla innych będzie to kompletna nowość... Kilka pierwszych kawałków stworzonych w ogóle przez zespół, a w konsekwencji tez na tę płytę, znalazło się swego czasu na stronie MySpace SHAME YOURSELF (np. „Cannabis Corpse” czy „Slave of Masturbation” o ile mnie pamięć nie myli). Kilka kolejnych usłyszałem na „Trigger Promo 2011”. Wszystkie cztery kawałki z promo znalazły się na „Wondrfuck”, bo też zwiastunem i promotorem tejże płyty były, a fakt, że jest wydawca świadczy, że swoje dokonały :). Nie da się zatem ukryć, iż „Wonderfuck” jest materiałem przekrojowym i swoistą składanką All of Shame Yourself, tak więc ci, którzy znają wcześniejsze dokonania zespołu mogą je porównać z nowym utworami, reszta ma frajdę po całości. Siłą rzeczy materiał jest dość zróżnicowany, generalnie kręci się wokół thrash metalu z dużą dozą dobrej zabawy podzielonej na jedenaście epizodów. Jako wisienkę na torcie możemy dodać, że gościnny udział mieli tu Seth z Behemoth/Nomad i Manie z Halucynogen. Osobną uwagą należy też obdarzyć oprawę graficzną tej płyty, za którą odpowiedzialny jest Marek „Ptyś” Jastrzębski. Pomysł z wykorzystaniem i przerobieniem dolara jest genialny, a wykonanie jeszcze lepsze. Osobiście zawarłbym się w obrysie banknotu ale i tak jest ok. Okładkę można oglądać godzinami, ukryta jest na niej duża dawka szczegółów. Jak ktoś lubi szukać Wally'ego to studiowanie coveru do „Wonderfuck” będzie dla niego świetną zabawą. No i to hasło: IN METAL WE TRUST – nic dodać, nic ująć.

Paweł (Atmospheric Magazine)

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6

apocalyptic rites 6Bilgorajski Shame Yourself to dla mnie calkowite zaskoczenie, zwlaszcza, ze ich debiutancka plytka przyszla do mnie z Ukrainy. Niezbyt leciwa to kapela, ktora zasadniczo gra Thrash. Zasadniczo gdyz jest on mocno wzbogacony innymi elementami. Znajdziemy tu na przyklad bujanie czy skakanie a la kangur tudziez skandowane z chorki pasujace do nowojorskiej sceny HC. Uslyszymy sporo gitarowych melodii, ktore z powodzeniem moglyby sie znalezc na jakims albumie Heavy. Trzon grania kapeli stanowia jednak mocne riffy, zdrowe grzansko na bebnach i brutalne wrecz death?owe wokale. O tak zdecydowanie to jest ich domena. Muza jest wysokoenergetyczna i zdrowo poniewiera. I byloby to mega zajebiste gdyby nie wspomniane wczesniej dodatki. Nie mam nic przeciwko temu nowojorskiemu graniu i gdzies tam kiedys sam mialem lekki zakret na Agnostic Front, Biohazard i inne tego typu wynalazki, ale mi przeszlo :) hehehe. Takie granie juz mnie nie kreci i wole jak panowie z Bilgoraja przypierdola konkretnie. A to uczynic potrafia i zdecydowanie wieksza czesc plyty robia niezla rozpierduche. Przyznam, iz na poczatku troche zlekcewazylem te plyte. Na szczescie przemoglem sie i nie zaluje. Mimo tych wspomnianych mankamentow uwazam "Wonderfuck" za kawal porzadnego jebniecia, ktoer zyskuje przy kazdym kolejnym odsluchu. Panowie podchodza chyba z duza rezerwa to swojej tworczosci. Graja bez napinki i stronia od robienia groznych min, co dodatkowo mi odpowiada :) I do tego swietne wykorzystanie motywu z "Eye of the Tiger".

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6


7 GATES Magazine #34

7 gates magazine 34OOOooooo… Kolejny zespol z Polski. I to zupelnie mi nieznany. Jakos nie przypominam sobie ich demowek. Bo nic do tej pory nie wydali. I juz plyta? Musza byc mocni. I rzeczywiscie sa mocni. Mocni jak na debiutanta. „Wonderfuck” to 11 kawalkow o wszystkim co ludzkie, utrzymanych w konwencji thrash groove. Jeszcze za wczesnie mowic o wlasnym brzmieniu i kierunku, wiec porownania do Pantery czy… Acid Drinkers sa bardzo na miejscu. Jak na razie SY daleko jeszcze do swoich idoli, ale kto wie co sie bedzie dzialo na kolejnej plycie. Dodatkowo na szczegolne wyroznienie zasluguje oprawa graficzna. Pod tym kontem mamy do czynienia z pelnym profesjonalizmem. Jakie minusy? Coz to debiut, wiec pracy przed zespolem wiele, mnie nie bardzo odpowiada „growlowaty” wokal, to zdecydowanie najslabsze ogniwo. I na koniec ciekawostka w najbardziej Acidowodrikersowym „Metalheads” goscinnie pojawil sie Seth a jego solowka swietnie pasuje do utworu. Tylko czy nie przesadziliscie z dlugoscia kawalka? Co to progrock?

WAR (7 GATES Magazine #34)

Extreminal Webzine

The Poles SHAME YOURSELF released last year their debut album “Wonderfuck“. It is distributed via Metal Scrap Records.
What can I expect as a listener of this production? Thrash Metal through and through from the first to the last note. Modern edited the energetic riffs go definitively forwards. Powerful drumming and forceful bass lines act supportive and give sustainability. Despite of quite a bit melodic insertions “Wonderfuck“ is nevertheless hard and powerful. The distinctive vocals of vocalist Klusek which are multi-variant and energetic make this already sure. By the skilful changes of tempi the cd receives additional alternation which only benefits the production as such one. Very ambitious and experienced recorded you can also productional not grumble. SHAME YOURESELF are with “Wonderfuck“ successful in creating a modern Thrash Metal album which comes in fresh and nevertheless orientated on its original roots. I can only recommend “Wonderfuck“!!!

BattlePig (Extreminal Webzine)

R'Lyeh #11

rlyeh 11Debiutujący zespół z Biłgoraja, który wydawcę znalazł na Ukrainie. Tyle wiem. A co tam w muzyce słychać? Jest to dość oklepany z Amerykańska Thrash w średnim tempie, który na długo w pamięci nie pozostaje. A jednak przyznać należy, że płyta ma dobrą produkcję i poszczególne kawałki zostały odegrane z wprawą i na odpowiednim poziomie technicznym. Fajne pomysły na pracę gitar w „For All Your Sins” (i nie mówię o zerżniętym motywie z „The Eye Of The Tiger” autorstwa SURVIVOR bo to akurat nieładnie). W zasadzie to tyle tych superlatyw by było. Poza tym płyta jest jakaś taka jednowymiarowa, bez polotu. Ciężko dziś zadowolić słuchacz mającego dostęp do wszystkiego, czymś co nie wybija się ponad przeciętność. A taki właśnie wydaje się być SHAME YOURSELF: przeciętny. Poza tym w tym Thrashu da się odczuć coś na co Metalowce reagują alergicznie, a mianowicie „nu metal”- w tych skocznych momentach (na szczęście nielicznych). Cóż, jest jak jest- czekamy na drugi krok.

R'Lyeh #11




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