HELL:ON "Age Of Oblivion" 2012
/Total Metal Records/

01.Disaster 02:47
02.Bottom Line 03:04
03.Rise 03:19
04.Let it Feed 04:08
05.My Doll (feat. Jeff Waters) 04:30
06.Punk Guys* 02:41
07.Emptiness 03:54
08.Burn 03:30
09.In the Name of.. 04:12
10.Voices of the Abyss 04:49
11.Satan 6.66












dark city 72 janvar fevralВот уже который год продолжается ренессанс трэша, но от былой эйфории не осталось и следа: почти каждый раз новый релиз в этом жанре вызывает скорее скуку, нежели дарит прилив бодрости и энтузиазма. Третий номерной полноформатник украинцев HELL:ON возвращает слушателю ощущение старых добрых 80х, пропагандируя ортодоксальный трэшак, который при этом отдельными элементами напоминает, что на дворе всё же ХХІ век (особенно это становится заметно во второй половине диска). Пожалуй главным козырем этого CD я бы назвал гостевое участие на одной из композиций ("My Doll" кстати , реальной самой интересной вещи на альбоме) Джеффа Уотерса (Annihilator): в остальном же... лучше уж я послушаю Manic Depression эти парни как-то посвежее и поинтереснее звучат, оставаясь по сутки в рамках того же жанра...

Ан.К. (DARK CITY № 72)

The True Bringer Of Death Zine

Hell:On are a band from Ukraine that has been featured before in this zine with a musical style that combines death, thrash and groove metal together with their older material but go for more of a straight forward thrash sound with the new one and this is a review of their 2012 album "Age Of Oblivion" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats being thrown into the music at times, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful tone with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording, a s for the synths which are only used on one song they bring a very symphonic and evil sound to the music.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast thrash riffs that only utilize a small amount of death and groove metal influences which was more dominant on their older stuff, while the lead guitars are very chaotic sounding thrash metal guitar solos and leads that utilizing some melody.
Vocals are all thrash screams, growls and shouts which do not utilize the heavier vocals of their older material except for some parts, while the lyrics cover hateful and everyday themes, as for t he production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.
In my opinion this is another great recording from Hell:On and if you are a fan of this band, you should enjoy this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Disaster" "Let it Feed" "Emptiness" and "Satan". RECOMMENDED BUY.

Occult Black Metal (The True Bringer Of Death Zine)

Eyes Sewn Shut Radio

Do you miss the days of early thrash icons such as Megadeth, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Anthrax and so forth? I am talking about real thrash, based on punk and hardcore roots with an adrenaline infused blast of speed and aggression. Smack you in your mouth and throw you in the pit type of thrash metal.
Well I have for quite some time. I've had a craving for Thrash while covering the new genres based on technicality over emotion that we have watched emerge over the last few years. I am seeing a revival recently of the metal that built the “core” scenes that took over for a while. Maybe it was there all along lurking in the background waiting to destroy our souls when the time was right? A bit over dramatic? Anyhow, a flurry of albums have come across my desk recently based on thrash metal. I have soaked them in one by one until thrash once again oozes from my pores.
One of the albums that found the way to the top of my playlist is from a Ukranian band called Hell:On (Hellion). The album came to me by way of Metal Scrap Records. This band formed in 2005 and have a strong base in the Euro/Russian scene which is still vibrant and raging. This band has shared the stage with many of the big names in Metal since. Just a few are: Kreator, Napalm Death, Parricide, Psilocybe Larvae, Amorphis and the list goes on and on. The band frequents the large festivals of Europe so I was stoked to hear the latest album Age of Oblivion. This is the band's 8th release since 2005.
The album wastes no time as the first track jumps right in and delivers a kick to the groin with aggressive and driving thrash metal. The recording quality of the album really stood out for me. Drums are the most difficult to record and this album does them proud and really shows off the timing and skill of drummer Oleg Talanov. Nothing flashy or unusual in this track just pure thrash metal done the way it was meant to be.
The next three tracks (Bottom Line, Rise, Let It Feed) flowed easily from the first and carried the same tone as the opener. Just as I thought I'd gotten a total feel for the album the song M Doll pops up. This song was just as thrashy but had a punch to it that seemed very, very familiar. The song is driven by a delicious guitar riff. Bass, Drum and Guitar come together to hit you like a golden glove boxer. The guitar work is driving and melodic from Anton Vorozhtsov and Alexey Pasko, with a solo I immediately recognized. A little investigation revealed my suspicion, the song featured Jeff Waters of Annihilator. Jeff is a thrash god whom I've worked with over the years and who mastered a recent favorite album of mine by thrash band Final Curse. This album just got very, very serious.
The next track Punk Guys is a tribute to Thrash's Punk based roots. OK, anyone who is about to start emailing me again about how they hate punk and it has no place in the foundation of metal.... DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. We've had that conversation already and you are still an idiot.
Emptiness has an old school Slayer feel to it and keeps to pretty basic thrash methodology. Burn delivers a little more groove than the rest of the album showing some diversity from the band. I pictured Cliff Burton playing with Sepultura during it for some reason. In The Name Of was a good track but it kind of drug on for me a bit as it is a little slower drive. Voices of The Abyss seems to take the base riff from In The Name Of and turn the gas up a bit making it the song I thought In The Name Of could have been. The long intro riff will create some insane circle pits at shows for sure. Ok, every metal album should have a track titled Satan. On this one the band got a little creative. The keyboard in the background at first was throwing me off but it allowed the band to show some musical dynamics and somehow they pulled it off. The track ended up being on of my favorites. Before I forget the vocals in the entire album are on point and perfect for this style. Alexander Baev paid attention in metal vocals class and took notes for sure.
Overall what did Hell:On deliver with this latest album? An album that is a showcase of thrash metal from roots to tip. Perfect for a fan of the genre and diverse enough to possibly show younger fans what the fuss was all about. For me it was a time capsule reminding me why I still do this and where I came from. Now if only I can find that old denim jacket with the Slayer patch on the back and round up the old band members?

Big Jay (Eyes Sewn Shut Radio)


From the darkest depths of the Eastern block comes Ukrainian Thrash/Death Metallers HELL:ON and their third studio album going by the name of “Age of Oblivion”, an album that adds some Groove Metal influence into the mix and as an added treat has the occasional moment graced by the presence of Jeff Waters of Annihilator fame! The Death Metal sound that sometimes creeps into the bands sound is rare, so prepare yourself for a full on Thrash Metal ride written and performed by a band from a country where they know all about harsh up bringing and political strife!
Sporting a fast and furious balls to the wall sound, the Death Metal influence that does creep into the mix gives the band a far more solid and menacing sound. When Hell:On break down from their core sound of fast, unadulterated Thrash they take on a completely new air, one of lurking hidden danger and a powerful force at work! With every member of Hell:On seemingly operating on the same talent level as each other there is no weak link in the chain and so the bands sound comes through loud, fresh and clear. Never losing their heaviness or destructive tendencies, Hell:On often spit their maniacal message at you with great venom and pride!
Yet all of the above is meaningless if you cannot throw together a good song structure, happily though this is not an infliction that these Ukrainian Metal beasts suffer from and by utilizing tremendous break downs, beefed up guitar solos as well as a general sound of break neck speed and aggression, all the ingredients are used and used correctly in making “Age of Oblivion” an album that you’ll want to hear! A tempting blend of Thrash Metal ethics and boisterousness with the evil cunning and brooding ferocity of Death Metal, with just a pinch of Groove thrown in for good measure and you have the excellent Hell:On sound!



Thrash metal formation Hell:on has its origin in Ukraine. The band got their groovy influences and is anno 2012 ready for their third full length album called: “Age of Oblivion”.
Hell:on has a strong sound, giving you just a couple of second to realize what you can expect and then rages through the track list like maniacs. Very confident sound, no bullshit and that speaks for them. With their groovy sound the band seem to find inspiration in bands like Sepultura, but all with their own sense to it. What makes this album stand out is the way they gave everyone a good place in their sound, nothing is left behind, the drums are coming forward as much as needed to get your special attention drawn to it. This as well for all the other instruments, which makes that this album is one you could listen to dozens of times and yet discovering new great moments. As a surprise the band included a track featuring Jeff Waters, known from Annihilator, which adds a little spice to it all. The band surely brought us an album that is very energetic and you simply feel the energy they give coming through you. Hell:on knows what they are doing and doing it great!

Sabine van Gameren (Tempelores)

Music Is On

HELL:ON is a fully competent quintet in the department of modern death/thrash metal with a hint of classic metal melodies and the breakdown intensity of hardcore.
The musical workmanship is impressive and you hear references from Pantera to Hatebreed and Sepultura. The death metal drumming is insane and even though their riffage is enjoyable it sometimes gets a bit generic, that goes as well for the vocals which can, from time to time, seem monotone but A.Baev (vocals) mediates confidence and strength through the tracks. The rhythm never slows down, the aggressiveness stays stable within the entire album and provides the sound with a continuous cool groove. If these guys keep evolving I’m sure they will be worthy contender to the likes as Chimaira and Shadows Fall.

Viktoria Colonna (Music Is On)

Hard City

Ukrainians Hell:On, one of the most famous bands in Ukraine, progresses to their third album unleashes. Even though I had not heard much from this band in the past, I can say that the “Age Of Oblivion” gave me the impression that the band changed its sound to a more Groove and Thrash direction than previous records. At least this is what I believe after listening to their new work.
Their style is very close to Sepultura’s musical tastes but although there are few elements that make this band stand out. Jeff Waters is the one who participates in a band’s song as a special guest and gives further impetus to the sense that Age Of Oblivion causes. The element that makes the album special are the high quality production and mixing as gave a pure clear sound and rightly measured so all the instruments sounding great in the compositions of the band. This is what makes each member of the band shines through the songs and the new Hell: On album is probably the best record they released so far. 
The pace is fast with thrash riffs and vocals making “Age Of Oblivion” a very good moment and an album that you can listen to over and over again without being bored. It is not something special but actually is an honest work. You know what to expect and what you are going to hear here. What, you have not understood it yet? Hell: On just played a well structured THRASH / GROOVE METAL. Is this good enough for you? Then go and get it.

Dimitris Lazaris (Hard City)

Legacy #80

Zaporoshje ist weit weg, die Musik aber klingt wie von der anderen Seite des großen Teichs. Denn die Ukrainer haben sich dem Thrash Metal verschworen, wie ihn auch Testament zur deathigeren Phase (man höre ,Emptiness‘) gemacht haben, klingen überhaupt ein bisschen nach USA. Das Problem: Sie können den Spannungsbogen mit harten Riffs, heiseren Growls, harten Breaks und manchmal sogar punkigem Gesang (,Punk Guys‘) nicht aufrecht erhalten. Klingt irgendwie alles ganz nett, hat einen durchaus dichten Sound, drückt ordentlich auf Tube – und dennoch will der richtige Funke nicht zünden. Das kann ja wohl kaum daran liegen, dass bei ,The Doll‘ sogar Annihilator-Oberchef Jeff Waters mitmischt – was allerdings niemand merken würde, wenn es nirgends drauf stünde. Fragt sich jetzt, ob Annhilator eh schon immer durchschnittlich waren, ob HELL:ON doch spannender sind, als sie hier auf ihrer dritten CD (plus zwei EPs) klingen? Keine Ahnung. Richtig schlecht ist die aggressive Scheibe nicht. Aber mehr auch nicht.

8 Punkte
Bruno Kaiser (Legacy #80)

Lords Of Metal

The aggression and ‘bite’ of Exodus, combined with delicious Annihilator rifferama, coupled with a big dose of originality, executed by experienced metal meisters, this is is Hell:On (a.k.a. Hellion) from Ukraine in a nutshell. Jeff Waters will have been only too pleased to lend his shredding hand (in the song ‘My Doll’). ‘Age of Oblivion” is their third piece of art and now they are with an ambitious label, whom will hopefully lend them tour support far into western Europe. Fair warning, people: if groovy, guitar-oriented speed/thrash with a foul, aggressive vocalist is your thing, you must not pass up the opportunity to listen to this album! Everything on this record gels, a breath of fresh air in a time where mediocrity seems to be the modus operandi and cellar acts, suffering from overestimation, clog the funnel to success. I press ‘repeat’ for the umpteenth time on the thrash hit ‘Bottom Line’ – as good as ‘Strike of The Beast’ – I can see the ‘Wall Of Death’ on this scorcher, at a Hell:On gig, hopefully during one of next summer’s big festivals. I have abused this digital space before when shouting: ‘bookers grab the chance to get a real kick-ass band’!

Ed (Lords Of Metal)


Despite their having been active since 2005, this is the first time I’ve come across Ukranian band Hell:on, but what a revelation! The band’s third full-length album (they have also unleashed a live DVD and two EPs) ‘Age of Oblivion’ is a gleaming, state-of-the-art thrash metal album which will have you giddy with excitement from the very first time you hear it. Hell:on aren’t just about power, although there is plenty of that, not least when Jeff Waters from Annihilator pops up on ‘My Doll’, the band also have an intrinsic grasp of melody that makes each track a memorable diversion in its own right and they have a unique sound which builds upon traditional thrash but throws in some unexpected variations which keeps the sound fresh and exciting throughout. Quite simply ‘Age of oblivion’ is a kick-ass album.
The album kicks off with ‘disaster’ which wastes no time in carving out a full on Metallica-slaying riff-fest that recalls the rabid assault of recent Testament outings, Alexander Baev spitting out the vocals in mechanistic fashion whilst the band throw in some brutal groove-metal manoeuvres to add an extra shot of heaviness to proceedings. ‘Bottom line’ sees guitarists Anton Vorozhtsov and Alexey Pasko leading the assault with a riff that twists and turns around Oleg Talanov’s splendidly inhuman drumming for a track that houses both technicality and feel in equal measure, the band suddenly pulling a complete U turn to head into slower, darker territory laden with atmosphere before charging off once more to end the track at a furious pace. It’s brutal stuff and it will shred your face off with its harmonised solos and inventive changes. The band maintain the furious momentum gained on the first two tracks with the Sepultura referencing ‘Rise’, a track you can easily imagine being screamed out in unison by sweaty crowds, fists aloft as they rejoice in the unifying power of heavy metal.
‘Let it feed’ opens upon a stunning percussive assault that once again highlights Oleg’s immense skills as a drummer and then the band kick in, all chugging guitars and atmospheric flourishes for a track that is still heavy, but restrained, allowing for greater variation between tracks and an element of light and shade that stops the sound from becoming too one dimensional. On ‘My doll’ the band switch effortlessly between the searing power of ‘Demanufacture’-era Fear Factory and the technical thrash of Annihilator with the result that the opening stages are a stunningly mechanical groove blast before the more organic middle section takes over, Jeff Waters making his presence felt before the unforgiving groove once more dominates the track to the end. ‘Punk guys’ is a work of insane genius, Alexay and Anton even managing to slip in a blast of ‘in the hall of the mountain king’ between the frantic chants of the title and it’s the sound of the band’s discipline slipping for a second to reveal the humanity beneath the mask before ‘Emptiness’ slowly emerges as a full on groove metal monster, sounding like lamb of god playing fear factory covers. One of the most interesting tracks on the album, ‘Burn’ mixes up crunchy thrash with a doomy melody on the chorus that sounds completely different from anything else and completely awesome to boot. ‘In the name of…’ has a chorus that recalls the RATM song of a similar name, whilst the verse is stunning death-metal infused thrash of the most potent variety, the guitars churning and raging around Alexander’s raging vocal. ‘Voices of the abyss’ is a more typically chugging thrash assault that does nothing to prepare you for the astonishing finale that is ‘Satan’, a searing closer that finds the space to include orchestral elements which add a huge amount of depth and atmosphere to the song, showcasing the band’s excellent compositional skills to great effect even as the album draws to a close.
‘Age of oblivion’ is a brilliant modern thrash/groove metal album. All the elements are present and correct for this to be hailed as a classic. From Jeff Waters’ stately appearance to the band’s ability to absorb their influences and fuse them into such a memorable, well-honed piece of work, everything here sounds immense and with the band handling production duties on top of everything else you can see that Hell:on are truly a talented, committed group of individuals who have both the passion and the skill to go far. If you only check out one metal band you’ve not heard before this year, Hell:on should be it – ‘age of oblivion’ is a stunning album all round.

Phil (SonicAbuse)

Power Of Metal

I just found new friends in the Ukraine! I mean; how can you not be friends with people how throw such a decent thrash punch? What I like in particular about Hell:On is the accentuated style and their powerful crunch which is mixed with plenty of melody.
The riffing is heard before by the band's peers (Metallica, Slayer, Machine Head, Fear Factory to name but a few), but they're convincinly executed. The same can be said of the performance by drummer Oleg. Excellent job behind the barrels!
I suppose you'd also have to state Annihilator as a source of inspiration for the Ukrainians. For this Annihilator fan it causes extra attention when Jeff Waters has contributed to the rifforama (on My Doll). Respect.
What I'm not so happy about is vocalist Alexander Baev who does the same thing all the way through the album. This works if you happen to be Karl Willet or another one of the really, really cool voices of extreme metal. He sounds like self-confident which is great, but I really miss some variation of the vocal performance.
Favourite track? Probably the heads-down, down-t

Thomas Nielsen (Power Of Metal)

Ave Noctum

Hailing from the Ukraine, this is a thrash/groove band that has a notable guest musician (Jeff Waters – Annihilator) playing on one of the tracks, so does that spell a good thrash album?

In the early part of the release, this sounds very British, like Xentrix or Slammer, mainly due to Alexander Baev’s vocal delivery that is aggressive in nature but on the other hand, Hell:On have a vintage thrash sound. Trademark time changes go hand in hand with some guitar work that’s pretty comforting and this is where I lay my cards on the table. The album is very comfortable, ‘Bottom Line’ has me engrossed by its fast thrash assault but I would not go as far as saying that it is ground-breaking. I do have to check the track list occasionally in the early half as a lot of these tracks almost merge into one, but saying this, I can definitely report that the album gives you a nice buzz and has a redeemable spark of excitement about it.
Later their “groove” comes out, and this is essentially their modern influence rather than a Bay Area attack of old. ‘Let it Feel’ and ‘My Doll’ (the latter features the said Waters as guest musician) has a 90’s Sepultura thing happening, especially in the open string work. ‘Age of Oblivion’ is a thrash album that travels well by picking up influences from the late 80’s British scene right through the difficult 90’s groove period with a genuine degree of entertainment. There is a slightly murky sound in the production, this gives it bite, but don’t expect revolutionary music, but it is good for what it is.

Paul Maddison (Ave Noctum)

Battle Helm Magazine

Hell:On are not new to me. I reviewed their previous album and from what I remember of that one it wasn’t too shabby a metal album. Now it is up to them to prove to me that they’ve taken the whole thing one step further. Complacency is a bands worst enemy. If you don’t move forward you’ll end up being rear-ended by the newer and more hungry bands. If you like your thrash in the older school then this is the album for you to check out. You can do so when they tour Europe or you can just purchase this album. If you like a never ending riffing and almost shouty vocals you might be just as blown away by this album as I was. This was everything that I had hoped that it would be. Perhaps a bit more if truth be told. This is when old school stops being old school and just turns into good metal.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm Magazine)

Metal Disciple

Hell:On are a Ukrainian death/thrash metal band and “Age of Oblivion” is their third album. Originally named Hellion the band changed their name to avoid confusion with other bands that have used the name.
I tend to have low expectations for bands I have never heard of before, but right away I could tell this was going to be pretty good. The sound quality of the album sounds very bright and professional, which is generally a good way to get me interested and keep me listening. The musicianship is very tight and their thrash has a very modern feel to it. The thrash is strong with this one. (In case you missed it that was an uber-nerdy Star Wars/Metal crossover joke that just laid there and died. But really, it is some good thrash.)
The vocals are a somewhat harsh barked style that works pretty well with the music. Given the almost militaristic precision of the music, the vocals fit right in like the drill sergeant from hell. One other item of note is that Jeff Waters of Annihilator guests on the track, “My Doll.”
I was pleasantly surprised by “Age of Oblivion.” I will without question listen to these guys again. This is good stuff.

George Washburn (Metal Disciple)


This is a band from the Ukraine who plays Thrash/groove styled music. I am immediately drawn to the release based on the PR material stating notable guest musician Jeff Waters – Annihilator appears on the album.
Rather than bay area or typical European thrash, this sounds like early British bands like Xentrix, I mainly attribute this to Alexander Baev’s vocal delivery that is aggressive in nature providing that much loved vintage thrash package. It is an album that is very comfortable, all the trademarks are included, there is furious fast delivery on ‘Bottom Line’ and sometimes this becomes limiting as you do have to check which track you are listening to in the early half of the album as it sounds rather similar, but there is a cool buzz, a spark of excitement. Groove is always included in modern bands musical output, there is no denying the 90’s influence, as much as I would personally like to forget about it! However, when playing open strings there is a touch of South American Sepultura sparks of energy igniting that modern groove touch paper and that is pleasing. Jeff Waters plays on ‘My Doll’ and the sound is quite dark and boggy in places, but I cannot deny a certain level of enjoyment. I am a bit perplexed, I find this enjoyable but at the same time, you have probably gathered that I an very indifferent about the release at the same time.
This is what it is, this is a cool starting point for me with this band, so we shall see if there is more development, but as this is album number three I am not convinced. However, Hell:On (previously known as Hellion) on the whole are interesting if not ground breaking.

Paul Maddison (Brutalism)

Aquelarre Zine

aquelarre zine 14Another young band from Ukraine, but their style is fucking Old school Thrash Metal lunacy. The lyrics seem a bit cheesy though, and honestly i think it would've sounded better with some more serious lyrics. No matter what, the music is great and i love it! Thrash metal bands around totally kick ass live. So i'm looking forward to their next Thrash Attack and hoping for still some years of total destruction. Get this from Metal Scrap Records and get caught in a Mosh!!

Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)


Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6

apocalyptic rites 6Ukraińcy z Hell:on kontynuują swoją modern thrash’ową przygodę. Właśnie (2012) wydali swojego kolejnego długograja, który jest kawałkiem całkiem przyjemnego grania. Panowię raczą nas mocnym Thrash’em zahaczającym nieco o Death. Owszem podanym w bardziej nowoczesnej formie, ale i tak dobrze bujającym i wpadającym w ucho, przy którym można wykręcić młyńca . Jest trochę udziwnień, ale na tyle delikatnych i nienachlanych, że nie przeszkadzają. Muza zapierdala w szybkim ryjącym beret tempie. Jest trochę rwania rytmu oraz kilka wolniejszych fragmentów jednak całość zdecydowanie zapada w pamięć jako materiał szybki i ciężki. Trochę panowie kombinują bardziej pod koniec płyty, a apogeum jest w ostatnim kawałku i właśnie to mnie trochę zniechęca, ale zauważyłem, że z każdym kolejnym przesłuchaniem jakby mniej więc jest nadzieja, że się z tym krążkiem jednak polubimy. Mocna pozycja choć wymagająca czasu i otwarcia na nowoczesność.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6


7 GATES Magazine #34

7 gates magazine 34Przypadkowo mialem juz do czynienia z Hell:On i znam troche ich muze, dlatego jak dostalem do zrecenzowania kilka plyt Metal Strap, z tego krazka ucieszylem sie najbardziej. Mimo braku oryginalnosci w swoim przekazie, elegancko podchodzi mi thrash groove, jaki preferuja Ukraincy. Gdzies tam przebrzmiewaja echa amerykanskiej szkoly, innym razem Europa sie klania, a jeszcze kiedy indziej slysze inspiracje wczesnymi pracami braci Cavalera. Goscinnie w jednym z utworow pojawia sie Jeff Waters, wiec powinno sie robic jeszcze ciekawiej. Niestety nie do konca, jakos tego nowego albumu nie czuje jako calosci. Gdzies to sie wszystko rozmywa. Moze inaczej, podobaja mi sie poszczegolne partie utworow, ale jakos brakuje mi przekonania do ogolnej calosci. Nie mniej jednak Hell:On uparcie idzie do przodu, wiec nie o niesmaku mowa a przedsmaku. Licze, ze kolejny krazek wyrwie mnie z butow, a nie delikatnie poklepie po plecach.

WAR (7 GATES Magazine #34)

Metal Glory

Die Ukrainischen Thrasher HELL:ON haben bereits letzten Sommer dieses feine Thrash Scheibchen unters Headbangende Volk gebracht. Doch auf Grund dessen was ich hier höre, möchte ich dennoch ein paar Worte verlieren.
"Age Of Oblivion" ist bereits das dritte Langeisen der Band und weiß mit einer gesunden Mischung aus Old School Thrash, der hin und wieder an Exodus und Testament erinnert und auch schon mal einen Hauch Kreator in sich trägt, und modernen Thrash Metal zu gefallen. Dieser Mischung wird allerdings eine gehörige Portion Groove hinzugefügt und auch mit melodischen Parts wird nicht gegeizt(aber auch nicht übertrieben). Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt allerdings immer beim Thrash. Meist bestimmen thrashige Riffs und treibende Drums die Songs, die fetten Grooves und melodiösen Leads sind aber dennoch markant und unverzichtbar für den Sound der Truppe. Denn bei HELL:ON ist dies nicht nur für die Abwechslung zuständig, sondern tragendes Element der Musik. Mit Songs wie dem gradlinige Opener "Disaster", dem treibenden "Bottom Line", dem fetten "Rise" oder dem sehr gut gelungenem Master Cover "Punk Guys" hat man knallende Thrasher an Bord, die dem Genre alle Ehre machen. Mit "My Doll", unterstützt von niemand geringerem als Annihilatiors Jeff Waters himself, gibt es einen "fiesen", groovenden und aggressiven Kracher, der mit Variabilität und fettem Sound überzeugen kann. Die groovigen Elemente kommen dann vor allem im hinteren Teil des Albums zu tragen und wissen ihre Akzente zu setzen. Dabei überzeugt man vor allem in Stücken wie "Burn" und "Voices Of The Abyss", in denen auch der Abwechslungsgrad entsprechend groß ist. Das Album abschließende "Satan"(mit passender Spieldauer von 6:66) setzt dann einen feinen Schlusspunkt in dem die Band noch mal alles auffährt was sie zu bieten hat und mit ein paar Streicher-Parts und Chören nochmal für Überraschendes sorgt.
Produziert ist das Ganze schön "dreckig" und druckvoll, was den Old School Charme genauso zur Genüge langt wie dem modernen Anstrich des Ganzen.
Fazit: "Age Of Oblivion" ist ein richtig gutes Old School Thrash Album mit modernem Anstrich, dem es an klassischen Thrash Riffs genauso wenig mangelt wie an modernen groovigen Elementen oder melodiösen Parts. Eine gesunde Mischung, die weder Härte noch Aggressivität vermissen lässt und dennoch mit einer gewissen Eingängigkeit daher kommt.

Metal Glory


If you've only viewed the Ukraine as a handy place to stockpile your troops before invading eastwards in a thrilling game of Risk then prepare to be put you in your place. Hell:on strike out with a strong roll of three sixes to blast away any preconceptions about their country's underrated metal scene. 'Age Of Oblivion' (the band's third album) begins as it will continue, by tearing flat out into 'Disaster' and it proves to be a case of pedal down and keep it down for the entirety of the album's eleven power soaked tracks.
You're afforded no let up with '...Oblivion'. The likes of 'Emptiness' and 'Burn' punch aggressively, marrying a bone splintering mix of '...Remains' era Sepultura and '...Trendkill' Pantera. 'In The Name Of...' circles with a stormy tension, a dark hurricane of brooding power and Annihilator's Jeff Waters also throws his weight into the assault as he guests on the tormenting 'My Doll'. A twisted nightmare piece with sharp guitars that stab like Norman Bates. The raging vocals from Alexander Baev growl with a staunch intensity over start to finish classic thrash with a modern crunching sound that pulses with melodic ferocity. Merciless.
'Age Of Oblivion' shows no remorse and reinforces Hell:on's stance as a contemporary unit that can convincingly belch out old school breath. 'Bottom Line'? Echoes of prime Kreator spew out and linger in the air. The seven minute epic that is 'Satan' brings down the final curtain and Hell:on bow out with a track that is every bit as heavy as it is unholy. Alexander Baev spits up another dark delivery of twisted vocal abuse that resonates long after the final chord dies.
Dedicated followers of thrashin' will find plenty to rave about with 'Age Of Oblivion'. Overall it's an extremely well crafted and solidly structured album. Hell:on have certainly opened my eyes to the Ukrainian scene. A fantastic album really, one that hit me from out of nowhere. Wasn't expecting it but I definitely like it.

Matt Phelps (UberRock)

Extreminal Webzine

HELL:ON are from the Ukrainia and are no newcomer anymore. Already since 2005 musically on the way they presented last year with “Age Of Oblivion“ their latest trick to the public. It is distributed via MSR Productions.
HELL:ON doesn't let them embedded in a musical drawer. This becomes clear from the first minute on. A mixture of Death Metal and Thrash Metal is probably the best description of their music. Thrash Metal riffs riddled with Death Metal riffs (or optional also with pleasure vice versa) resound off my loudspeakers. The powerful doubleblast drumming gives additionally the main points without thereby come to the fore too much. Forceful bass lines still round off the general impression and act supportive. The Thrash vocals do one last thing! The all in all eleven songs get across fresh and energetic. They have bite and self-assertion without thereby to operate in the high speed area. Technical impeccable recorded is “Age Of Oblivion“ nevertheless no experimental album. Here were grown musicians at work who know their own mind musically and who implement this consequent and without detours. But, better listen to the cd yourselves and form your own opinions!!!

BattlePig (Extreminal Webzine)

Behind The Veil Webzine

As you have figured out lately I have presented to you a lot releases from Russia and the Ukraine. It seems that these countries have a very good metal scene with many bands playing many different styles of metal.
I think that it is worth the try to check out these scenes too and hope my presentations can be a good start. Now, let me tell you a few things about HELL:ON and their new album entitled “Age of Oblivion”. The band started back in 2005 under the name HELLION and since then they have released 4 full length albums with “Age of Oblivion” being their fourth one. The band musically moves on the thrash metal musical path and they are quite old fashioned in their sound, but still they have a modern production. I think that their thrash metal heroes must be SLAYER, early SEPULTURA and maybe SODOM. The compositions that are included in their new album are dynamic, aggressive and they also have a good sense of groove. Also the whole album flows easily and I think that it has the elements that can satisfy a fan of the thrash metal sound. HELL:ON want to play the thrash metal sound that they also enjoy as fans and I think that this is the element that makes them sound so fresh and passionate.

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis (Behind The Veil Webzine)


Another weird album from a former Soviet Republic. On the one hand we have Ukraine's answer to Kreator, complete with accent, although in their case its not a German accent. On the other hand we have symphonic thrash-metal. Its as if a keyboardist joined the band halfway through the recording of the album and thus changing the direction of the last half of the process. For the former, some may say they are stereotypical thrash band that don't really do anything new, and yes, the wheel has not been reinvented here, but its still a worthwhile listen. The Latter symphonic angle would be the strongest part of the album and a direction I would much like to see the band explore in future, as they're not doing the typical Dimmu Burger blackmetal thing.

6/10 for the first part
7/10 for the second part
AV Veratu (AVeratu.com)

Burning Abyss Magazine #8

burning abyss magazineThrash metal bands from Ukraine are not as common as Ukrainian heathen metal. I had actually read some reviews of Age of Oblivion before I even started to listen to this CD, and most of them were judging the album as a very mediocre release. Hmm, I’ve listened to it several times and I wouldn’t be so harsh on Hell:On. Age of Oblivion is not so bad and definitely the music turned out to be better than I expected. Of course it is not the best of all thrash metal releases which I have listened to recently, but surely a solid and worthy addition to my collection. Hell:On slaughters with aggressive and groovy thrash in the vein of the recent Sepultura and surely they know how to handle their instruments and how to compose some crushing riffs. Sometimes the music may irritate me for its too modern way of playing, like in “My Doll,” which almost reminds me of bands like Fear Factory – and I fuckin’ hate Fear Factory. But, again, it doesn’t make the whole album terribly bad. Age of Oblivion has everything in the right place: the songs are good, the vocals are surprisingly good and the production is clean, tight, modern and energetic. Yeah, Hell:On is definitely a good band; maybe it won’t appeal to those who prefer their thrash to be more obscure and old school. Personally, I also prefer such Polish bands as Bloodthirst and Snake Eyes, but Hell:On did rip my guts out with some razor sharp riffs. Good one!

Astus (Burning Abyss Magazine #8)

Rock Is On

HELL:ON is a fully competent quintet in the department of modern death/thrash metal with a hint of classic metal melodies and the breakdown intensity of hardcore.
The musical workmanship is impressive and you hear references from Pantera to Hatebreed and Sepultura. The death metal drumming is insane and even though their riffage is enjoyable it sometimes gets a bit generic, that goes as well for the vocals which can, from time to time, seem monotone but A.Baev (vocals) mediates confidence and strength through the tracks. The rhythm never slows down, the aggressiveness stays stable within the entire album and provides the sound with a continuous cool groove. If these guys keep evolving I’m sure they will be worthy contender to the likes as Chimaira and Shadows Fall.

Viktoria Colonna (Rock Is On)


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