Hailing from the Ukraine we have this three piece thrash outfit who would reign supreme, at a second tier level of course, if it was 1985. They even include a SLAYER cover, "Jesus Saves", just to show you their hearts and minds are in the right decade. If you look them up on Youtube you find live videos of them covering PANTERA and MOTORHEAD as well. Unfortunately we're not in the 1980s and as much as this release shows grit and dirty determination it's still 2012.

CRUSHER are akin to a garage thrash band who will pack a local dive but that's about it. Actually there's nothing wrong with that since where I live there's plenty of local acts who can pack a local club. While on the other hand they couldn't fill a convenient store bathroom when they dare to go out on tour. I'm not gonna mention any names but I've heard how one local act traveled to a major city with a population of over a million and only six people showed up to see them in the club. I'm sure CRUSHER does better than that.



Crusher seem to be an old school thrash metal band like the one we found in the 80s/90s. A band that likes to smoke pot and skate till death. A perfect crossover band in other words. Like a Suicidal Tendencies for the 10s. Or for those of you younger a Municipal Waste. When you do a cover of a slayer song and it isn’t “Angel Of Death” you get my two thumps up. Crusher have the good taste of doing “Jesus Saves”. That pretty much sets the tone for the album. This is old school thrash the way it was done in the 90s. But what saves it from being just a nostalgia trip is that it doesn’t sound old school. It sounds as fresh today as it did back then. So if you’re looking for a thrash band to tie you over until the new Municipal Waste or Bonded By Blood albums are released this will do just fine.


There are times where innovation can become a headache, therefore why not sticking to for what is already there and hope for the best? Same goes with the larger sum of the new age Thrash Metal bands. Coming from a Metal subgenre that needs no introduction, yet hasn't made much progress in the past two decades, if there was a progress it damaged it, only the youthful spirit will decide the outcome. Recently I was introduced by Pest Promotions to the Ukrainian trio Thrash band, CRUSHER along with their newly debut, "Endless Torment", via Metal Scrap Records. Let's say that it doesn't resemble "Endless Pain", yet the torment was delivered.
Influenced by what sounded to me like the American front of SLAYER and the European Thrash division of KREATOR and SODOM, this trio banged with the old school on their shoulders all the way to the finishing chords. I dig their production that resembled the slightly modern version of "Agent Orange" and a little bit of "Coma Of Souls", two of my favorite all star Thrash albums of all time. CRUSHER knew which sound pattern to choose.
Musically, I noticed that there were several attempts to break the highly known Thrash formula in order to become different in a manner that it wouldn't hurt the imagery but it went both ways while treading more on the negative side. "Den Of Inquity" is the best example where several types of riffages were put together, sometimes felt like with force, where there is almost no connection between them.
"Politishit", taken from the debut EP under the same title, along with the SLAYER cover of the old hit of "Jesus Saves", were the dominant ones of the pack. I would also recommend on "On The Needle" that is filled with older kind of aggression. Generally, I can say that there is a prospect within the material on this release; it bears the wild nature of the trio while not bowing down the current scene. Thrash might not be innovative in their case, and on many

Lior "Steinmetal" Stein (


Thrash metal from the Ukraine is not that common, but boy is it welcome. Crusher live up to their name, they have a vibrant sound, akin to Tankard, Testament and classic era-Slayer (and they cover ‘Jesus Saves’ with a respectable and commendable level of enthusiasm), this is kick up the arse for all the other thrash bands who have rested in their Loral’s and because generic and lazy. Indeed, Crusher stand out primarily for the adrenaline you get from this recording. ‘On the Needle’ introduces you to Crusher’s world. With a passion for breakneck chugging guitar work, the speed stakes are also tested and they result in being triumphant. ‘Thrasher in Hell’ really pick its moments, the final track and what a track, this really does sound like a classic band, the guitar run into before the “bridge”, tried and tested and defined in the 1980’s, but I love their inclusion here. The only thing that I really find strange is the artwork, it is a little confusing and it does not look too serious, but hey, something’s don’t please all the people all the time. The drums are also sometimes a little thin, the snare that is, but it does mix classic Noise records era thrash, German style, even the inclusion of some progressive sounds to the guitar passages cover all of the relevant genre defined tags. What I like about this album especially is its ability to gel everything that has come before together into one complete package for the enthusiastic thrash fan. 
Sometimes a little rough around the edges, ‘Endless Torment’ is a quality thrash statement, it covers all those laid down rules and uses melody to power up the EU thrash influences, especially its speed in some parts of the release. One thing, out of another surge of thrash albums listened too lately this one stands out for its ability to gel together the sounds of one of the most important genres within this thing we call heavy metal. Crusher are a worthy addition to your collection, but don’t expect a big modern production, this album is drenched in history and that really is a good thing in my book.


Paul Maddison (BRUTALISM)

Atmospheric Magazine

Ileż to już było płyt z „Endless” w tytule, nie pomnę, jednak „Endless Torment” thrashowców z ukraińskiego CRUSHER to piekielnie dobre tortury dla uszu. Dodajmy, niekończące się tortury, bo po odpaleniu „Intra” każdy kolejny kawałek daje nam potężną dawkę energii i nie chce się wyłączać odtwarzacza. Na swoim pierwszym pełnym albumie bez wątpienia CRUSHER chciał oddać hołd muzycznym praszczurom i nie chodzi mi tylko o przeróbkę slayerowskiego „Jesus Saves”. Cała płyta utrzymana jest w klimacie kalifornijskich rzeźników. Raczej krótkie, ale wyraziste kawałki z mięsistymi riffami. Szybkie tempa nakręcane są coraz to nowymi gitarowymi motywami, których nie powstydziłby się Kerry King. Tych świetnych riffów jest na tyle dużo i są w odpowiedni sposób „posklejane” wolniejszymi tempami, że zastanawiam się w tym momencie, jaki trzeba mieć łeb, żeby je wymyślić w takiej ilości. Dodatkowo długość utworów, a raczej ich odpowiednia „krótkość” sprawia, że poszczególne numery nie dają nam szansy na nudę. Dynamiki na pewno dodaje slayerowa perkusja i wykrzyczane partie wokalne, wiadomo na czyje podobieństwo. Jedyny minus to trochę wtórne, jeżeli mogę się tak wyrazić, gitarowe solówki. Jednak jest ich na tyle mało, że nie mają szans zepsuć bardzo dobrego wrażenia całości. Podsumowując: album „Endless Torment” to kawał dobrego thrashowego mięcha. Kto posłucha choćby jednego kawałka, na pewno wsiąknie w crusherowo-slayerowy klimat.

Korbolkatus (Atmospheric Magazine)

Lords Of Metal

I was afraid that the mediocre French death metal band Crusher that released ‘Corporal Punishment’ about twenty years ago was back on track, but fortunately this wasn’t true. Right now I’m reviewing the debut full-length from a Ukrainian Crusher that was released through Total Metal Records, a division of Metal Scrap Records, a band that has some online releases out as well as a single entitled ‘S(k)atanik Ride’ (2011) and a MCD which goes by the name ‘Politishit’ (2010).
‘Endless Torment’ is filled with thrash, thrash and thrash so I guess you know now what this CD is about. It’s rather enjoyable thrash anyway and sure we’ve all heard this kind of thrash before, but who cares about that whilst smashing his or her head against a brick wall? Zero originality but 100 per cent thrash with attitude. Thumbs up for Mr. Yaroslav, his voice reminds me of Schmier (Destruction) and Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice), which is really nice. Includes Slayer cover song! I hope this CD is the launch of the NWOUTM (New Wave Of Ukrainian Thrash Metal). Niceness!

Koen (Lords Of Metal)

Young thrash metal acts seem often the speciality of UK shores nowadays but don’t let that stop Eastern Europe edging their way in on the pitch.
Rusisan Trio endless torment , reminiscent as they are of other speed metal startles making waves in the recent half decade, do it all with aplomb and a love for their inpsirations and the sound they create. A blistering take of Slayer’s ‘Jesus Saves’ on top of their self-composed shredders such as 'On The Needle', 'Den Of Inquity', 'Polititshit, S(K)atanic Ride and Living for’… brings this album into the room marked ‘must give these guys a chance’ straight away and so we unhesitant do.
Rhythm guitars and solos so tight they nearly suffocate seem to make frontman Dyatel’s range sound only more pained but thankfully not painful. Without anything lasting over its time, this debut album is thirty-five-plus minutes of top rate thrash aggression from a band who’ve already indulged in a bout of successful self-discovery. Listen endlessly and enjoy the tormenting.
Good one!

Dave Attrill 


Lately I got so many albums comes from USSR. WOW what did I said right now … Long trip back to 80's. But what do you think about me? I’m not a newbie.
Welcome to a lost album of Anthrax and Slayer from 1985. Listen to it. Yes .. exactly .. This is what Crusher is all about. They come from Ukraine, releasing their debut and they played great, old-fashioned, strong pure thrash metal music. Heavy guitar, drums that thrashing your temples and bass rattling like a machine gun. But here's a small, but fortunately the only complaint about this album. The vocals are a bit weak for this kind of music. It can be a mixing issue because sometimes vocals sound too much in the background… I don’t know. And that’s all, everything else is just fine.
Crusher’s debut album begins with a short-term intro which steals your breath and prefect only when the album finished. Get plenty of camphor cream, rub your neck well and have a nice Headbanging! The Crusher is here and I really hope they will stay.


Vibrations Of Doom

I thoroughly enjoyed the FUCK outta this little gem of a record from the Ukraine! Thrash metal might be in a "revival" stage right now, but this three piece plays this stuff fast and furious like there's no tomorrow! The first "proper" song (more on that later), 'On The Needle,' starts the record off with a bang (after a rather useless spoken word intro, hoever) and it's a blazing speed fest from the get go. The tempo here is aggressive and fast paced from the album's opening track to the last one, though many songs slow things down right around the choruses (and VERY flawlessly and effortlessly too I might add; it's obvious to me the band is VERY tight, controlled and has quite a few years of experience). The vocal work is quite aggressive, almost a Mille of Kreator mixed with maybe the guy from Canada's Sacrifice (best description I've heard yet). 'Den Of Iniquity' has some kick ass start/stop riffing, while 'Politishit' is just a funny song title. This tune probably contains the most slower, more "groove" oriented instrumentation, and while not their best tune, definitely isn't one to pass on. The title track rages all to hell, though it's Crusher's M.O. to start things off a tad slow instrumentation wise before cranking the speed PAST overdrive. The simplistic choruses will stick in your head as well, and the lead solos are some of the most insane on the disc! Speaking of solos, they're here in full force, and quite well done (well, save for a few odd moments on 'Living For...' You gotta love 'S(k)atanic Ride' as well; this was a video made for the thrashers who still love to skateboard! The Slayer cover 'Jesus Saves' sounds JUST like the original, save for the vocal work, and it's nice to see a Slayer song that hasn't been covered to death. CD ender 'Thrasher In Hell' contains some pounding percussion and sick thrash riffs, it's aggressive as fuck like everything else. I guarantee you, if you aren't convinced this is the real deal, check out the soundfiles. It's amazing to me also that for all the vicious and furious speed, every song seems to have an identity of it's own, what with all the crushing thrash riffs and the insane vocal work. If you decide to headbang to this entire album, you do so at your own risk, as many a neck is surely to be snapped. Vicious and raging thrash album from beginning to end, man what a ride!

Vibrations Of Doom

Behind The Veil Webzine

I think that one of the things that make heavy metal sound interesting is that although it is not a musical genre that is promoted by the mass media, you can find people and bands from all over the world that literary live for this sound.
CRUSHER are from the Ukraine; a country that personally I didn’t know that had a thrash metal scene. I know some heavy/power metal bands from that country, but CRUSHER must be my first thrash metal band from over there. As people are used to saying the first impression matters a lot and if that is true, then I have to admit that CRUSHER have impressed me. On “Endless Torment” CRUSHER present us a thrash metal sound that is both aggressive and yet melodic. Also the solos and the leads are well worked and give to the songs characteristics that make them recognizable and above all interesting for the metal audience. As for the band’s influences, I think that they balance between the U.S. and German thrash metal sound. In my opinion bands like SACRED REICH, SLAYER and KREATOR have played a key role to the sound of CRUSHER. It is true that thrash metal is back for good and I think it is logical when you have to deal with such quality bands like CRUSHER.

Nick "Verkaim" Parastatidis (Behind The Veil Webzine)


Moshing, mosh pits and more moshing! Crusher is a nostalic stepback into the 80's thrash metal with a raw energizing sound that leaves you craving for more. One of the few bands that manages to capture the real essence of what thrash metal is about in an entire album that include a kick ass cover of Slayer's "Jesus Saves". The guitar riffs and solos are solid, this is a thrashing sound with a lot of guts, a lot of influences in their music as well (Whiplash and Destruction for example), this CD is total annihilation. There is only one word for this one. INTENSE!

Paul Caravasi (AQUELARRE ZINE)

Total Death zine #7

total death zine 7Kolejna wykurwista kapela znalazła się w katalogu Tolka, tym razem pod szyldem Total Metal records. No ma koleś nosa do wygrzebywani dobrych zespołów i huj. Co prawda krajanie szefa Metal Scrap, oryginalnością jeśli chodzi o nazwę zespołu nie grzeszą, wszak tych Crusherów istnieje już kilka na świecie. Na całe szczęście to akurat jest mały pikuś, bo w przypadku najważniejszego atrybutu czyli muzy, chłopaki dają ostro do pieca. Czuć w ich żywiołowym thrash metalu pasję do grania tego typu dźwięków, czuć również, że sporo nasłuchali się Slayer'a, co akurat chyba nikomu ujmy nie przynosi. Goście nie bawią się w jakieś pitolenie, tylko zapierdalają do przodu ze swoimi numerami, a że kawałki mają odpowiedni ładunek mocy nie pozostaje nic innego jak napierdalać baniakiem. Oczywiście nie jest tak, że przez cały czas Crusher ostro naparza i zasuwa niczym sam Ben Jonson na prochach. Owszem, sporo tu szybkiej jazdy, aczkolwiek w kompozycjach znajdziecie również zwolnienia, melodyjny riff, solóweczkę. Te przerywniki doskonale urozmaicają utwory i dają słuchaczowi odetchnąć przed kolejnym atakiem szybszych riffów. I powiem wam, że komponuje się to w całości doskonale. Ogromnym plusem „Endless Torment” jest świetne brzmienie, które nadaje kawałkom odpowiedni procent mocy. Niejeden sąsiad wymięknie przy odkręconym do oporu volume w odtwarzaczu. Każdy maniak thrash'owego łomotu powinien rozglądnąć się za tą pozycją.

Total Death zine #7

Extreme Underground Music Zine

Crusher are a band from Ukraine that plays a very old school form of thrash metal and this is a review of their 2012 album "Endless Torment" which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with only a small amount of blast beats, while the bass playing has a very strong and powerful sound with heavy riffing that dominates throughout the recording.
Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast old school thrash metal riffs that are very heavy and extreme sounding with a good amount of melody being thrown into the riffing, while the lead guitars are very old school sounding thrash metal guitar solos and leads.
Vocals are all extreme style thrash vocals that need use much in the way of melody, while the lyrics cover society and drugs, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy, and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.
In my opinion Crusher are a very great sounding heavy and extreme old school style thrash metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "On Th

OccultBlackMetal (Extreme Underground Music Zine)

Metal CD Ratings

Debut that’s a crossover appeal with a Slayer cover; for fans of Excel, Mayhem, early English Dogs and later Soothsayer.

MICHAEL (Metal CD Ratings)

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6

apocalyptic rites 6O tej kapeli nie wiem nic poza tym, co sprawdziłem na MA. Pochodzą z Ukrainy, powstali w 2007, a opisywany krążek to ich debiut poprzedzony EPką. Nasi wschodni sąsiedzi napierdalają Thrash Metal inspirowany najogólniej rzecz biorąc Slayer’em oraz starą dobrą Sepą. Stary dobry Thrash rządzi tu bezapelacyjnie. Przeważa szybki, rasowy, gitarowy łomot. Gitary tną do krwi, solóweczki wkręcają się w zwoje substancji szarej, a bębniarz napierdala po garach bez zbędnego filozofowania i udziwniania. Wokal jest agresywny, ale czytelny … właściwy po prostu. Panowie nie stronią również od zwolnień i melodii. W „On The Needle” zapachniało mi troszeczkę Ironami w kontekście wolniejszych partii. Natomiast w Politishit ściana gitar przypomina Metallicę z czasów „And Jusice …”. Zresztą nawiązań, inspiracji czy nawet zapożyczeń jest tu cała masa i każdy wychwyci sam, co i jak. Nic nowego, ale bardzo przyjemnie się słucha.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #6


MetalBulletin' Zine #38

metalbulletin zine 38In my opinion, thrash is good when a band sound direct, to the point, without an identity crisis. A thrash band that embraces the label, that rolls up its sleeves and gets to the business of thrashing is a band that I want to hear. Play fast, shred, unleash the solos, and for thrash’s sake, make it raw, nothing too polished.
The way that Crusher uses its high energy and attitude to play these songs made me like it instantly. Thrash from the gutter, played with lots of anti-system social critique discontent style. They cover Slayer’s “Jesus Saves,” and sound like they have been listening to lots of Nuclear Assault, Overkill, DRI, Kreator, Hirax …oh, you know, … you get the picture. Thrash. This does NOT sound like a bunch of demo songs recorded in a garage. If you like lots of thrash or are anything like the captain and commander J. of the Fuglymaniacs website, you are going to dig this. Crusher is impressive and surprisingly good.

MetalBulletin' Zine #38

R'Lyeh #11

rlyeh 11Młodzi Thrashersi z Kijowa atakują! Może i ten „atak” wieje z deczka amerykańskimi kapelami z okolic Bay Area lat 80- tych, ale czy to źle? Jest melodyjnie, skocznie, trochę agresywnie, ale nie w stylu starego SODOM na ten przykład: ugryźć by wyrwać kawał mięsa- raczej ukąsić i to niezbyt boleśnie. Tak ma się sprawa z muzyką CRUSHER. Fajnie wychodzą chłopakom zwolnienia. Tworzy się nieomal klimat rodem ze starych krążków MANDATOR, niestety wszystko ulatuje w niebyt gdy CRUSHER stawia na agresję. Brakuje tu brudu, zadziorności i podstawowego kopa w dupę. Szkoda o tyle, że grać chłopaki potrafią i to akurat słychać. Może za dużo tych rwanych gitar? Za mało fantazyjnych solówek (te, które się pojawiają są ok., ale np. tę w „Den Of Iniquity” można było dalej pociągnąć i byłoby w dechę!). A tak… „Atak” w sumie dość przeciętny mimo wszystko, tym bardziej, że możliwości są, niestety na tym debiucie nie wykorzystane. Nawet cover SLAYER jakiś taki bezjajeczny…

R'Lyeh #11



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