Atmosfear Magazine #8

The second album of the Polish band NEURONIA released by Ukrainian label Total Metal Records (a division of Metal Scrap Records). I do not know how to call that play the Poles by one word, as there are mixed devil knows what. There are death metal, there is crossover, there are punk, but at some points open voice of vocalist sends us in to heavy metal, which is not quite true, but the idea is understandable. Plus is that all it sounds nice and monolithic and does not split into components. Of analogies: track "Make Them Die" recalls the avant-garde Slovaks LUNATIC GODS. The track "White Mouse" recalls project of such monsters as SEPULTURA and FEAR FACTORY, called NAIL BOMB. The track "Faster" can safely be attributed to punk. The album is fun and unusual.

Neophyte (Atmosfear Magazine #8)


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