Briefly I would call this phenomenon post death/doom. Here you can hear something from Convulse, something of Pyogenesis and Pungent Stench. But nevertheless NEURONIA has its own individuality which distinguishes them from the above bands.
Intro and first song past somehow but since the second song (a definite hit!) starts it’s becomes more amusing to listen to this orgy. Frequent change of rhythm, varied vocals (two vocalists in the band), unexpected melodic guitar solos (very droll moment a la sitar) and confident drums talk about teamwork of musicians and their extraordinary fantasy. As a result despite a few damp of sound - the album has turned out interesting and certainly not boring! Honestly this album called positive emotions and pleased me by simple but catchy melodies and exuberant energy. Unfortunately now is a little bit of such kind of music and NEURONIA - a band with great creative potential. We can say that Metal Scrap found the diamond. While not faceted but nevertheless a diamond!



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