Should you create a review, please give us a shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Says the letter that accompanies the new album by Polish Neuronia. So they can link it to their site. Well, once I am done with these guys, they don’t want to have anything to do with Lords Of Metal anymore. What Neuronia shows me of their skills on their sophomore album ‘Follow The White Mouse’ doesn’t spike my interest in their previous release. What an uninspired, spineless load of crap geriatric metal this is…
Let’s start with the title. Have you ever heard anything more stupid? ‘Follow The White Mouse’, it probably bears this kind of philosophical depth that we by capitalism poisoned Western Europeans don’t understand, or more probable they ran out of white rabbits so they thought to come up with another rodent. Although I have learned that rabbits aren’t rodents but grazers… Yeah right. As dumb as the title sounds so superficial is the music. They have made an official video for ‘Put Your Dukes Up’, I should advice you to listen/view it, and you might have heard the entire album.
As shallow as everything is recorded, so weak are the performances. The drums sound flat, no depth whatsoever in the sound and the guitars have this sound I produce when I am in the toilet producing gas while taking my morning dump and the vocals… Shall I be silent about vocals? I got a subscription to bands with singers that know how to screw up an album professionally with their mooing and barking that they want to sell for technical vocal parts… Given the fact that Poland is about 975 kilometers away from my home, that as long as they release it over there, it is far enough away for me. The sadness…

Rating: 30/100
Wilmar (
Issue 116
July / August 2011


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